Steps of love - episode 4

Steps of Love - Episode 4 by Ngozi Lovelyn 

Ifunanya who left Amanda in the living room was having her conscience bothering her if she was doing the right thing. 

"Yes, I know I shouldn't be doing this, but what other choice do I have? I love both of them. Seeing them getting married will create a difficult situation for me and I will be loosing them both. I just wish Amanda doesn't push through with this. I wish she just forget about him"

Just then, Amanda walked into the room.

"Ok, I am sorry for not heeding to your words. He insulted you and I should be mad at him. I was carried away by his sweet voice. But that's over now. You have been my best friend and the only person who always stand by me no matter how difficult my situation is. You are my sister, Ify, and I should consider your feelings"

Amanda warmly apologised, hugging Ifunanya from behind. 

But Ifunanya remained mute.

"I said, I am sorry naaa..."Amanda continued 

"Ok, I have heard you, but promise you won't talk nor ask about him again."

"Ok, I promise. Now, can I see a smiley face? Plsss" 

"Alright" Ifunanya replied, smiling. 

It was around 2:00am, Amanda is deep in sleep and delved into the world of dream. It was in a fancy restaurant. She saw her self wearing a white short gown, sitting alone, waiting for someone. Two glasses were placed on the table with a bottle of wine at the centre. She was feeling extremely lonely. She knew she was waiting for someone but she doesn't know who it was, just then, the other cup which was placed for the person she was waiting for disappeared. She screamed in fear, waking up.

She was sweating all over, and looked at the other side of the bed, Ifunanya was sleeping soundly.

She stood up, headed to the kitchen, and took a glass of water.

She started wondering what the dream meant. She then remembered Victor and started having the same feelings she was having for him earlier. 

", I promised to forget Victor, why am I feeling this way again?" 

But the feelings continued getting stronger.

She headed to the living room, sat on the chair, trying to block the channel the feeling was coming from, but she couldn't. 

"Victor is married, why all these? Oh God, I can't be anyone's sidechick. I reject it" She firmly proclaimed, meaning every words of it, but still, that doesn't help matter.

She started feeling this push to search Ifunanya's phone for Victor's number. 

"Ok, maybe, we can just be friends. Yes, that can work. We will just be friends and there will be no strings attached. After all, we have been friends before. But I'm not going to tell Ifunanya about this, she won't understand my feelings."

So she headed back to the room, and met Ifunanya still sleeping. She picked her phone, searched for Victor's number, but it wasn't there.

"She deleted the number. How do I connect to Victor now?"

Victor was in his own house, feeling restless. He determined to move on and forget Amanda, but still, he had his feelings failing him.

"Ifunanya is married, why am I not getting it? She also doesn't want to talk to me. I have never felt anything like this before." Victor tried, forcing himself to sleep and forget Amanda, but that was proving difficult. 

"Ok, we can be friends, yes, that can work. And besides, we used to be friends, so no no big deal. Let me call Ifunanya and ask her to send me Amanda's number" He picked his phone, dialed the number, but it wasn't connecting. He tried again, still not reachable. 

Ifunanya banned his line. So, he couldn't get through 

Amanda is still thinking on how to connect to Victor, she then remembered Facebook. 

"Yes, Facebook. I just pray he finally entered Facebook" she lay back on the bed, picked her phone, logged into Facebook and started searching for his name.

When they were in school, Victor was among the people who doesn't fancy Facebook. It never interested him. The main reason he joined Facebook was to search for Amanda and Ifunanya, but it proved abortive. 

There were so many Victors, having the same surname with him, but will Victor be active enough to see Amanda's friend request?

To be continued...

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