Steps of love - Episode 3 by Ngozi Lovelyn

Steps of love - Episode 3 

So Amanda collected the phone from Ifunanya.

"It's ringing already, place it on your ear" Ifunanya said

"Yes, I know but you are the one forcing me to do this. I don't feel like talking to him"

" are on call, you want him to hear you?" Ifunanya shouted in a very low tone

Amanda was still having words in her mouth when Victor answered the call.

"Amanda? Oh my God. It's still your voice, it hasn't changed a bit" Victor said from his end, feeling excited hearing Amanda's voice

Amanda who was filled with anger got a calm breeze after hearing his voice.

She then looked at Ifunanya, looking stunned. 

Ifunanya who noticed the calm look on her face wondered what was going on. She expected Amanda to feel irritated hearing Victor's voice.

"Amanda, are you there? I know it's you, it's still the same voice which has been my companion all these years. Yes, I know your voice and the sound of your breath" Victor calmly said

"Vi..Victor, how are you? Um.. long time" Amanda startled

"Yes, long time. It's so beautiful to hear your voice again. And by the way, I kind of overheard you talking to someone about not feeling like talking to him, hope you were not referring to me? Because I'm ready to apologise for not keeping in touch after I left school"

Ifunanya wasn't comfortable with what was happening. She expected Amanda to have ended the call.

Amanda was having confusion running all over her head on how calm Victor was sounding. She expected some kind of rude attitude from him, but he was sounding cool.

"What's happening, just end the call. Don't allow him to sweet talk you into seeing him as a good person" Ifunanya ordered in a low tone

"Amanda, you are not saying anything. Are you not happy to hear my voice?"

"Um, Victor, can we talk later?" Amanda requested 

"No, don't end the call. Just tell him you want to attend to your husband" Ifunanya reminded her in a very low tone

Amanda nodded, returning to the call, but still found it difficult to lie she was married "I....I.....Victor, I...."

"Yes, you miss me right?" Victor asked

Amanda felt a gentle breeze brushing the hairs of her skin hearing Victor.

She quickly ended the call.

"What was the meaning of that?" Ifunanya rushed a question 

"I couldn't find myself lying to him. I lost my voice after hearing his sweet calm voice. 

"Thie is not good at all" Ifunanya said in her heart, feeling bitter as she continued looking at Amanda who was explaining how strange she felt after hearing Victor's voice

"To tell you the honest truth, I was so mad at him. I only made that call because you requested I do so and I was also planning on mentioning that I am married, but those anger left my heart the moment I heard his voice. He is sounding so sweet. Oh my God! I miss him so much. Wait, why is my spirit so elevated?"

Ifunanya doesn't like what was happening

"You never told me you have feelings for Victor?" 

"I never did until now. I am so excited. Ify, are you sure he is married? Maybe, he lied just like you did."

"What are you saying? Does it mean you did not hear everything I just explained to you?" Ifunanya asked, raising her voice 

"I am sorry, I didn't mean to upset you. Just that he doesn't sound like a married man to me. And he doesn't sound like someone who has an atom of rudeness in him. He sounded like our best friend, Victor. A friend we missed so much" Amanda tried explaining her self

"You are choosing him over me now. I told you how he mistreated me today, instead, you are saying nice things about him and taking his sides. I thought you are my best friend, you should consider my feelings. I won't forgive him for insulting the woman in me and so will you" Ifunanya angrily said, walking inside the room.

"Wait, but I thought you said you have forgiven him?" Amanda asked as Ifunanya continued walking inside without replying her

Amanda sat on the chair, thinking over everything. The story Ifunanya narrated and her brief chat with Victor. 

Victor was in his room, still waiting for Amanda to call back and was wondering why his feelings for her was still strong even after hearing she was married. 

"And that background statement, who was she referring to? Oh! Now I get it, Ifunanya told her about my feelings and she is trying to avoid me because she is married. Well, I will grant her that. I think it's time I killed this feelings before I engage in some acts I will end up regretting" Victor concluded, determining to burn every feelings he ever developed for Amanda 

To be continued 

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