Steps of love - Episode 19 by Ngozi Lovelyn

Steps of love - Episode 19 by Ngozi Lovelyn 

Amanda still doesn't know the best approach to take.

She tried calling him, but wasn't courageous enough. 
For 2 hours, she was still sitting on the couch, looking at her phone, contemplating whether to call him or not.
She then took a deep breath, picked up the phone and dialled the number. 

As it started ringing, she heard her heart beating so fast.

Immediately Victor picked it, she disconnected it.

"Hello....Hello" Victor said, and then realized that it had been disconnected. 

"Oh Lord, I heard his sweet calm voice. I need all the courage in this world to fight this. Make him believe me, Lord" Amanda silently prayed, looking at her phone, as she was struggling with decision on whether to call him back or not.

Victor wondered who the person was. As he dropped his phone, that special feeling engulfed him again. 

"Could that be Amanda?" he asked himself 

And he  started dialing the number.

As Amanda saw the call, she jumped out of the couch. She wasn't expecting a call back.
"What am I going to tell him now?" 

Victor was still holding the phone to his ear, waiting for the person to answer, but Amanda did not respond. 
And he got convinced that she was the one calling, as the feelings got even more stronger, as if she was standing right there with him.

Victor was still mad with Amanda, but each time he remembered her, the anger dropped by 10%. His feelings for her was getting strong. This was made possible because, Amanda had started reciprocating, making their love to grow even more stronger. 
Amanda's knowledge that he was interested in marrying her paved way for her own part of the feelings to develop.

As the call ended, she quickly picked her phone and dialed the Psychic number. 

While she was still dialing the woman's number, Victor tried calling her again and it said "busy" and he then thought, she was calling him back. So he held his phone, waiting for the call, as a mild excitement enveloped his heart.
While waiting, he scoffed, laughing at himself. 

"This girl messed you up and you are here, sitting excitedly, waiting for her call?" his mind flashed on the horrible incident and then, he began feeling bitter again. He hissed, dropping the phone.

Amanda was still on the phone with the woman who confirmed to her that Victor was her true love.

"Your love story is very old. Older than your grand parents" the woman said

"Since you said, he is my true love, no need fighting for anything, he will surely come back to me"

"Not possible. This love is in your destiny to make it work and also lies in your hands to destroy it. If you don't fight for it, you are going to loose him and end up loveless, because your destiny is designed to have only one true love in this lifetime. You two came to this world for each other"

What the woman said, got Amanda scared. She love "love" and wouldn't want to end up loveless. She then built up a massive courage to help her fight the battle of love.

"I see battle. Strong forces that will challenge your love. And any slightest mistake you make can shut your door forever" the woman warned 

"Never! I said, never!.....That won't happen. This I promise myself" Amanda vowed, as her zeal started building up high.

As she ended the call, she knelt and made a short prayer, asking God for help to winning her love.

7 minutes later, Victor's phone started ringing again. 
Amanda's heart was beating very fast, wondering how Victor would react.

Victor who was feeling bitter earlier, saw himself, rushing his phone. He picked it, without saying anything. 

Amanda on her own side, doesn't even know what to say.
She opened her mouth to speak, but no word was coming out.

Victor knew she was the one. He could feel the sound of her breath, as goosebumps filled their whole body.

For 2 minutes, the call was still on, Amanda was speechless, while Victor still held onto his phone, reminiscing over the wonderful imaginations he created for himself when he was still searching for Amanda. While those imaginations were playing, he longed to hold her in his arms. 

Amanda felt a particular portion of her heart opening up, as the feelings started growing even more stronger.
"Oh God, I have always loved him all this while, how come I never realized this?" She asked in her heart, while still holding the phone to her ear. 

Amanda was aware Victor coded she was the one calling and wondered why he wasn't saying anything. 

"Victor" Amanda called in a warm loving tone.

And Victor's heart melted.

"You are still angry with me?"

Victor didn't say anything, he was mesmerised by the sound of her calm voice 

Amanda continued "I didn't do it intentionally. I was manipulated." she paused for 10 seconds and said, "I love you, Victor"

And Victor who was overwhelmed with the whole thing, ended the call. 
Hearing Amanda say, "I love you" froze his heart, he couldn't bear the emotional eruption.

Ifunanya who was by the side, seeing what was happening, quickly concluded that, Amanda was the one on the phone. And she started burning in anger. 

Steps of love by Ngozi Lovelyn 
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