Steps of love - Episode 18 by Ngozi Lovelyn

Steps of love - Episode 18 by Ngozi Lovelyn 

Amanda couldn't stop thinking over what the woman meant by "let your present situation guide you"

"What is she trying to imply? No one has ever asked for my hand in marriage." just then, her mind struck on Victor. 

"It can't be Victor. He is married" She then picked her phone, searching for a particular number.

"His number is not here" she then, went to Facebook, started searching for Okwy and she found him.

She sent him a friend request.
15 minutes later, Okwy accepted. 
She thanked him and described whom she was.

"Offcourse I know you. Your profile picture is clear. How are you? It's been a long time"

"I am good. Please, there is something I would like to ask you." Amanda requested 

"You can go ahead. What is it?"

"You still remember Victor in our class, the one that dropped out in year....?"

"Yes, we spoke yesterday." Okwy cut in and continued "He called, asking for your number" Okwy said

"Really? Did you send it to him?" 

"Yes. It was later sent to him. Your friend, Ifunanya sent the number to Ebere. Ebere then forwarded it to me. And I forwarded it to Victor, exactly the way I received it" Okwy replied 

"Please, can you forward the number to me?" Amanda requested 

"Is there any problem? Ok, I know I shouldn't have sent your number without your permission, but he is Victor, he told me sometime ago that, whenever he is ready to settle down, that you are going to be the woman he is definitely ending up with. Then, he was searching for you all over the places"

"Okwy, I am not mad that you sent the number, not at all. Please send this number you said you forwarded to him...."

And Okwy sent the number 

Amanda couldn't believe what she saw. The number Ifunanya sent to Victor wasn't her number. 

"Okwy, can you give account of Victor's present personal life?" Amanda asked, requesting immediate answers

"Personal life?"

"I mean, if he is married.."

"No, Victor is not married. He is free as bird" 

Amanda got shocked, as heat lined her temple. 

"Please, send me his number"

"Um, let me call him first, I don't want to get queried by him, just as you are querying me now"

"Don't call him please, he won't find out you were the one that sent his number to me" Amanda pleaded 

"Is everything alright?" Okwy asked

"I will tell you later. Just send his number and yours aswell"

And Okwy forwarded Victor's number and that of his own

"Thank you so much" she appreciated 

Amanda couldn't believe what she just discovered. 
Then, her mind struck on what the Psychic said, that the person had already asked for her hand in marriage. 
And Amanda's heart got broken. She left herself on the floor, trembling in shock.
She trusted Ifunanya so much and she allowed her hurt Victor so badly.

She then remembered the dream she had.

"Ifunanya, so you are the one taking the second glass away? No problem, you think you can snatch what belongs to me?" She released a faint determined smile, tightening her face

To be continued....

Steps of love by Ngozi Lovelyn 
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