Steps of love - episode 17 by Ngozi Lovelyn

Ifunanya was searching for a perfect excuse to give to Victor who was already looking furious. 

"Ifunanya, can you get up and leave this room? Leave!" Victor ordered, in a harsh tone.

And Ifunanya became emotional. 

"I entered your room and explained how scared I was, that I usually don't sleep alone, and you welcomed me to sleep in your bed"

"Ifunanya, I never welcomed you into my bed"

"Are you now calling me a liar? I entered, standing right there" pointing to a direction as Victor cut in

"I am not even debating with you..Just leave and never enter this room again. You are my guest, don't cross your boundaries next time. Leave! Please"

And Ifunanya, left the room, feeling disappointed and insulted.

Amanda was in a deep sleep, repeating the same dream she had before. 

Where she was in a fancy restaurant, waiting for someone. She was wearing a white gown as two glasses of cups, with a bottle of wine were placed on the table. She was looking happy.

All of a sudden, one of the cups disappeared. 

She got scared, standing up, wondering what happened. And then, she woke up.

"The same dream again? But what does it mean? I don't know how to interpret a dream" She then remembered a lady that gave her a number, claiming she was a psychic. 

She then picked her phone, searched through the contacts, to see if she still had the number.

"Thank God I saved the number. I will call her in the morning" she said, dropping her phone.

Ifunanya was still walking about in the room, feeling mad over the way Victor treated her. She was confused on how Victor had changed.

"I was his favourite back then in school. Sometimes, we slept on the same bed. Why is he now acting as if I did something we've never done before? Or is he still into Amanda? That can't be possible. No man can forgive such humiliation. He nearly got killed and I was the one who came to his rescue. He should be grateful and make me his wife. I think I need a more robust plan, Victor is proving to the difficult" 

She then, picked her phone and called Beat.

And she answered. 

"Change of plan. I will brief you in the morning" 

And Beat said Ok as Ifunanya disconnected the call.

Victor couldn't decipher what message the dream was trying to relay.

But one thing he was sure was the feeling he felt when he approached the lady.

"It was the same feelings I nurtured for years, searching for Amanda. Could she be the one?"

He paused, thinking hard.

"No, she can't be. They don't look alike" He then remembered Amanda in an emotional way. 

"Amanda, I loved you so much, why did you do this? I cherished every thought I had of you and that was what kept me going. I searched for you for years, only to get humiliated, disgraced, and almost killed, Amanda why?" He wept, searching for answers to his rhetoric questions

"Why Baby....Why, why Baby....." he continued weeping 

He paused, wondered if he just referred to Amanda as "Baby"

"No, I never said that, because I'm not stupid. There is no way I'm ever going to forgive that heartless being"

It was around 5:12am, Amanda couldn't wait for the day to break fully, she grabbed her phone and dialled the woman's number and luckily for her, it went through. 

"You were wearing white, with glasses and wine on the table?" 

"Yes" Amanda replied 

"Ok, here's what it means. I see celebration, happiness, fulfilment,  marriage, but they were cut short because, the person was taken away and this person has already asked for your hand in marriage"

"But, no one has ever asked for my hand in marriage" Amanda replied, refuting what the psychic said

"Are you sure?" 

"100% positive"

The woman got confused and said, "Well, I have already told you what I saw, you are the one that holds the answer. Your present situation should guide you" the woman said, ending the call

"My present situation? My present situation? But no man has asked for my hand in marriage" She tried to think, but no clue was forth coming.

She then regretted wasting her airtime calling the woman.

"She has even got me more confused. Maybe, it's only a dream, I shouldn't think much about it"

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Steps of love by Ngozi Lovelyn 

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