Steps of love - episode 16 by Ngozi Lovelyn

Steps of love- episode 16 by Ngozi Lovelyn 

Things were gradually working out for Ifunanya as she planned. 

Victor couldn't believe what he heard. He wondered how Amanda could be so wicked and mean.

He then, prevented Ifunanya from going to any hotel.

"No need looking for a place to lodge, you can come to my house."

"You mean I should come to your house?" Excited Ifunanya asked

"Yes......there is enough space here." Victor replied 

"I didn't mean to bother nor stress you......I....I...." Ifunanya stammered, pretending to be surprise at the invite 

"You took really good care of me at the hospital. So, I'm returning the favour. I will forward the address to your phone"

"Alright.....and thank you so much for doing this. You have saved me from unwanted stress" 

"You are welcome" he said, ending the call.

Ifunanya screamed out excitedly, and paused, to know if she was dreaming.

"Oh my God! It's happening real. Victor asked me to come to his house? I mean, I'm going to spend long nights in his house. Is this really happening? Everything happening for my good."

She then called Beat, to inform her of the latest development. 

"You are good. I gave you one job and you did it extremely wonderful." Ifunanya praised

"I'm glad the outcome was positive" Beat replied 

"I have another job for you" Ifunanya said

"Oya shoot..I'm all ears" Beat replied 

Victor was still wondering how Amanda turned out to be entirely different from the woman he once knew. He shuddered and then headed to the  spare room to make it set for Ifunanya. 

2 hours of waiting, Ifunanya arrived Victor's house, looking loudly appreciative. She never stopped thanking him.

"It's ok now. Why sounding as if I'm a total stranger. If not for anything, atleast for old time sake. Come let me show you to your room" Victor said, extending his hand as Ifunanya gladly responded. 

Victor was carrying Ifunanya's bag with his right hand, while holding her, by the left hand.

This gesture warmed Ifunanya's heart, as she imagined what the long night would be.
"Victor, I'm here now, to begin our love story together. You are every woman's dream, but that dream is only mine. And it's going to turn a reality, I mean, soon. Victor, I'm going to treat you in a way no woman has ever done before, not even your mother. You will fall madly inlove with me" Ifunanya swore in her heart, looking hopeful as Victor led her to the room

"Here....just make yourself at home." Victor said

"Thank you so much."

"You are welcome. Incase you need anything, I'm 2 seconds away" 


And Victor started heading towards the living room

"Um...I think I need something now"

"Ok, what is it?" Victor asked, returning to where Ifunanya was standing. 

"I only need this" She said, forcing a hug on Victor, pressing her breast so tight against his chest. 

Victor wasn't expecting it. He wanted to decline, but Ifunanya forced it on him.

"Did my hug make you uncomfortable?" She asked, observing his face, to know if she will be having a hard time wooing him.

He reluctantly replied "I'm ok", and then left.

Amanda was sitting on a sofa, thinking about the whole thing. The more she think about it, the more she hated herself. 
She picked her phone to call Ifunanya, but she wasn't answering. 

Just then, Victor's name sounded like a whisper to her ear. She turned, but no one was there. A different kind of feeling engulfed her. She stumbled out of the chair, wondering what just happened to her. 
And then she started feeling goosebumps. 

"What is going on? Why does it feel like I'm loosing someone so dear to me" She sat, to concentrate, but no clue. 

"Maybe, it's because I'm missing Ifunanya. She is my besty. I can't imagine life without her" She picked up her phone and dialled her number again, but she wasn't responding. 

"Ify pick up. I need you here. I'm all alone. This is the time I need you most. My conscience wants to tear me apart because of what I did to Victor. I need my friend now, please" she dialed the number again and Ifunanya rejected it.

Ifunanya had finished taking a bath, she stepped out of the room, asking Victor what he would like her to make for dinner. 

"You have rice, right?" 

And Victor said yes...

"You have onions, red oil, crayfish, salt?"


"Then I'm going to make local rice, just like old times"

"No" Victor answered 

"No? You don't want to eat rice?"


"Ok, what would you want me to make for you?"


"You are ok?" 

"Ifunanya, don't stress yourself, no woman is entering my new kitchen except my wife. It's a promise I made to myself and I intend not breaking it"

This reply shocked Ifunanya. No man has ever made such a promise to a wife he has not even seen.

"Ok, what if I end up being your wife?" Ifunanya asked jokingly, to see his response 

"Ifunanya, I have already ordered food. Don't stress yourself, you are my guest" Victor quietly stood up, to avoid  irritating his wounds and then headed towards the room.

When he got to where Ifunanya was standing, he said "Just make your self at home, food will soon be served"

Ifunanya released a fake smile and said Ok.

"And how are you feeling now?" she inquired about his wounds, faking to be concerned about his health 

"I am fine"

After he left the living room, Ifunanya tightened her face, wondering who he was referring to as his wife.

"Is he referring to Amanda? Ifunanya, this game is not yet over. And as for you Victor, that kitchen is mine. I said it's mine and no one else's"

It was around 2:03 a.m, Victor was in a strange place, wondering what he was doing there. Just then, he looked up a saw girl in white, crying bitterly. He went closer to find out what was wrong with her.

"We escaped so we can be together atlast, instead you allowed them to keep us apart, again"

"You said we? But I don't know you? We haven't met before" Victor replied 

"You don't know me?" The girl burst into tears and fell into a ditch. Victor tried to catch her, but he lost her. He looked around, but couldn't see her anywhere. He became scared. Just then, he woke up, breathing fast and sweating profusely.

"Victor are you ok?" Ifunanya asked. 

Shocked Victor turned, wondering what she was doing there and when she entered his room.

"What are you doing here, on my bed?" he asked angrily 

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Steps of Love by Ngozi Lovelyn 

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