Steps of love - episode 15 by Ngozi Lovelyn

Steps of love - episode 15 by Ngozi Lovelyn 

"Yes Amanda, I remembered and I'm never going to forget the pains, humiliation and your rejection"

Amanda gazed into his burning eyes as Victor continued. 

"Stop trying so hard, it's not working."

At this point, Amanda realized that, there was nothing she could do to make Victor believe her. 

"Amanda" Victor called.. 

"Yes" She answered 

"Get up" he requested in a calm angry tone as Ifunanya stood by the side, watching what was happening .

After Amanda stood up, Victor requested her to leave, that he doesn't want her to show her face around him again. 

"There is no place for you in my heart anymore. You carefully chose your path and I have chosen mine, so go. Leave from here"

"And that is it....My plans finally paid off. Nothing is ever going to come in between Victor and I, now. Oh dear Amanda, sorry that I made you play this dirty game just to have Victor all to myself. You are no longer an obstacle." she smiled in her heart, hiding her excitement. 

"I wish I'm outside, so I can scream out my victory. Beat, you really did a great job, girl" Ifunanya continued praising her plans

Amanda was still pouring out tears, praying silently, wishing for God to come to her rescue, but help wasn't coming. 

In order not to look suspicious, Ifunanya decided to plead on Amanda's behalf. 

"Victor, what if she is saying the truth?"

"You were not there, so you don't have much to say here" Victor replied 

Facing Amanda, Ifunanya requested, "Amanda, can you please leave now? He doesn't want you here,  just go?" Ifunanya requested in a bit ordering tone

Amanda got shocked, wondering if Ifunanya was the one who said that. She expected her to continue pleading on her behalf. 

"Ifunanya, this happened all because of our friendship. Those guys planned killing you if I don't do what they asked me. It was my fear of loosing you that pushed me into reacting without even thinking things through"

"Stop lying Amanda, nobody would threaten you with stuff like that. And why were they threatening you? With what reason exactly?" Ifunanya asked

"Ok...since nobody wants to believe me. I never wanted to say this, so that I don't create tension between you and your wife." She paused, as Victor looked at her, to hear what she was about to say.

"It was you wife who ordered me to do it" Amanda blurted 

"To deny him? To get thugs to kill him? Amanda, what you are saying doesn't hold water. I think you have said enough now. Start going."

Victor shook his head, feeling disgusted at Amanda as Ifunanya kept dragging her out. 

"He doesn't want you hear. Just go, I will meet you at home"

"Leave me!" Amanda ordered "I know my way"

"Then leave already" Ifunanya commanded

Amanda observed Ifunanya's face, trying to figure out what was happening, why such strange behaviour towards her. She then looked at Victor and said, "I hope you don't regret not listening to me one day"

She then left. 

Victor did not think for a moment, if Amanda was actually saying the truth or not. 

He was really hurt and regretted ever knowing her. 

"Seems like I don't know Amanda any more. Lies, upon lies, all she kept saying. People can change in a minute. Her actions and the way she denied you in public is unforgivable. No man in his right senses would forgive such outrageous behaviour." Ifunanya kept soiling Amanda's name, to make Victor hate her the more.

4 hours after Amanda got home, her mind was still battling with what transpired at the hospital. She was still shocked at Ifunanya's strange attitude.

"And everything I did was all because of her. People can be so unpredictable. She owes me some huge explanations"

Just then, Ifunanya returned, facing Amanda, who was standing restless, waiting for answers.

But ignored her and headed towards the room.

"How is Victor?" Amanda asked, walking behind her

"He is fine. He has been discharged"

"Ok...That's good to know." Amanda said, looking at Ifunanya who was busy gathering her clothes.

"We need to talk" she added.

But Ifunanya ignored her, still picking some of her clothes.

"Are you travelling?" Amanda asked

"Yes, I'm leaving this house. Away from you, before you kill me too" Ifunanya rudely, replied 

Amanda felt more disarrayed.

"I did it because of you. You are my best friend, don't treat me like this"

But Ifunanya continued what she was doing. 

Amanda tried all she could to calm Ifunanya and make her stay, but Ifunanya had a plan of her of her own.

And Amanda became more aggrieved and alone.

After Ifunanya left the house, she called Victor, pretending she was asking after his health.

"Hope you are not having much pains now?" 

"Yea, I will live" Victor replied and continued, "And you? Where are you? I'm hearing noises" 

"I'm looking for a cheap hotel I can lodge" Ifunanya replied, pretending to be sad

"What happened to your house?" Victor inquired 

"It's Amanda oo. She asked me to leave her house, just because I failed to support her. How did she expect me to support her lies? I tried everything to plead with her, but instead, she threw my things out of the house" Ifunanya said, sounding as if she was hurt badly

To be continued...

Steps of love by Ngozi Lovelyn 

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