Steps of Love - Episode 14 by Ngozi Lovelyn

Steps of Love - Episode 14 by Ngozi Lovelyn 

Minutes after Beat left, Amanda was still battling with her mind on what's best to do.

She gave in to fear after Beat approached her with a mean ugly looking guy, threatening to destroy her best friend, Ifunanya if she ever speak with Victor again.

Their threats looked so real and she gave in to their manipulations. 
While she was still thinking about it, Victor approached her, trying to make her understand his feelings for her. There wasn't enough time for her to think the whole thing through, to know how best to handle the situation. 
And while Victor was still stressing to have Amanda give him a listening ear, Beat was by the side, making threatening gestures. 
She loved Ifunanya with all her heart and she then did the next thing that came to her mind, which was pushing Victor away and denying him in public.

Things escalated too quickly and she played as they unfolded, without knowing what the repercussions will be. She never knew, those guys could be so mean to the extent of trying to kill Victor.

"Fear is an enemy of man. If I had remained courageous, things wouldn't have gone out of control. But, not anymore! Yes! Beat, you warned me not to tell Ifunanya about anything.........This time around, I'm doing the right thing"

Amanda then, made a you turn, tightening her face, determining to tell the whole truth about what was going on.

Her hopes were so high that Victor would forgive her after he hears her story.

As she stormed the ward, Ifunanya and Victor were sitting in a close position, as she patted his arms.

Amanda observed them, but never had any negative thought about them. Her mind told her that, she was only helping to calm the pains.

Victor and Ifunanya were looking at her, expecting to hear what she had to say, as it was already showing on her face that she didn't come for a cordial visit.

She stepped a bit further, close to Victor's bed.

Victor then turned his face away. He couldn't stand her presence. 

"Ifunanya, can you please tell your friend to leave? Her presence is irritating my wounds" He requested

Ifunanya then stands, trying to approach Amanda. 

"Victor, I am not a bad person. I acted under someone's instructions" She paused, expecting Victor to turn and look at her face, so he can give her a listening ear, but he didn't, so she continued. 
"Ify, I know I should have called and told you what was going on, but things escalated too quickly. I wasn't able to think out a plan before Victor approached, and situations got out of control. Ify, you can tell Victor, I am not a terrible person. You know me too well. We have been friends for ages. Pls tell him." She pleaded, crying. 

But Ifunanya ignored her, giving her a serious look. 

Amanda then turned to Victor and continued: "You remember how I was signalling you to go away? I was making a sign, that some bad persons are watching me. Pls try and recollect pls. Think" 

But Victor still didn't respond, nor look at her.

Amanda, then moved close to the bed where Victor was sitting and knelt, holding his legs.
"Please Victor, just think...I want you to take your mind back to the scene. Remember how unsettled and terrified  I looked. Please try and remember. You said you love me....I believe your instinct doesn't lie to you. Just consult him, I believe you will find out that I'm saying the truth"

Victor continued burning in anger, as flashes of everything that happened kept playing in his head. 

"Yes, I remembered...." he said in a deep low tone.

Ifunanya sighed a relief, thinking that Victor was finally understanding her side of the story, she never expected what came next.

To be continued......

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Steps of love by Ngozi Lovelyn 

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