Steps of love - episode 13 by Ngozi Lovelyn

Steps of love - episode 13 by Ngozi Lovelyn 

Amanda was still walking back home,  weeping in her heart, lamenting,"If only Victor had understood my signs. He wasn't paying any attention."

Just then, Beat blocked her way, looking in her constant intimidating manner. 

Amanda looked up, fixing an angry look on her.

"You watched it. You saw everything, right? What if they had killed him? I left him, with the hope you are going to manage the situation, but instead, you watched those angry thugs beating life out of him. Are you truly his wife?"

"Are you done talking?" Beat asked, with her smokey eyes.

Amanda continued looking at her, looking extremely angry and helpless, as well.

"Amanda, you are a good actress. I saw everything. You know we were watching you the entire time and very closely"

"Yes I know, I also how your car was driving beside the tricycle I was in. But why go this length? There is nothing between Victor and I. We haven't spoken in years..."

"Yes, until... now! Amanda, you are a threat to me. Victor got married to me, but his heart has always belong to you. My speculations were confirmed after I saw your passport photograph in his wallet. That photo was so dear to him. I felt his rage after I burnt it. Victor has never stopped searching for you. I can imagine how broken his heart will be. The girl he spent his life searching ended up a,......should I say, monster. Because, only a heartless beast would deny a person in such a terrifying situation"

Amanda's heart continued crushing in pieces as, Beat continued blattering, piercing her the more.

"I have done what you asked me, can you now leave my friend? No harm should come near her. I assure you, I will never come between you and Victor and let alone, entering into any kind of relationship with him." Amanda assured, trying to leave, but Beat restricted her movement. 

"We are not done talking" Beat said in an authoritative tone

"Why blocking my way? I've done what you ordered me to and Victor is never going to forgive me, so what's more remaining again? Let me go please" 

Beat then stepped out of her way and threatened, "Remember, your friend's life is in your hands. Do anything stupid, she bears the consequences"

"And what would you do to her? Tell me"

"Just try something stupid first, you will find out"

Amanda then regained her movement. 

"And hey! Remember, your friend shouldn't find out about all these....or..." Beat added

But Amanda ignored her, continued walking and then stopped, returning to Beat.

"Are you not supposed to be with him in the hospital? You claimed you are the wife?" Amanda got inquisitive 

"I know your friend is there. But I'm not bothered, she is less attractive." Beat replied with a a faint smile

Amanda continued giving her a questioning look as Beat walked away.


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Steps of Love by Ngozi Lovelyn 

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