Steps of love - episode 12 by Ngozi Lovelyn


Steps of love - episode 12 by Ngozi Lovelyn 

Amanda continued standing there, lost of the courage to face Victor. And finally, she walked into the room, standing opposite him. She couldn't look him in the face. She faced down as tears continued flowing. 

Victor tried to see if he could let go atleast, a little bit of the anger he had for her, but the more he tried, the more his hatred was building up. He faced so much humiliation and also, his car. The fear of not finding it was making him hating Amanda the more.

"Amanda", he called, as Amanda raised her head up, anxiously waiting to hear the next words that will come out of his mouth. 

She felt even more broken, as he kept mute, looking at her with a bold rage.

"I'm sure not going to forgive you if I end up not seeing my car" he bitterly said in his heart as he turned over, facing the wall, ignoring Amanda's tears.

She observed his body, how badly he was wounded, she wished there was something she could do to make everything alright again. 

"You should be mad. You have every right to. But I wished I never saw you there. I wished you never came there." She carefully scanned the room, to see if there was someone there. 

And then continued: "I wished you had understood my......."

And Ifunanya interrupted her.

"I am sorry, I couldn't find it." She said, looking disappointed. 

"Amanda, you are satisfied right? You are happy now? All because of your wickedness, I'm going through a lot today. I curse the day I met you" Victor raked

"Couldn't find what?" Amanda asked, fearing to hear the worst. 

As she waited to hear what it was, she earnestly prayed for it not to be a news that will add more pressure to the guilt she was already feeling. 

Victor struggled to sit up as Ifunanya rushed to help him up.

"Can you hand me my phone?" he requested.

Ifunanya picked up the phone, looking at how damaged it looked.

"Are you sure it's still working?" she asked

"I need to call someone. My car is missing, I need to do something!" Shouting out of frustration. 

"Yes!! Your car. I have it. Here is the key. I recovered it from the guy who tried to steal it. Luckily for me, he can't drive manual." Amanda said, feeling a bit relieved that she saved Victor's car and hoped for her effort to alleviate the situation and make Victor less angry of her.

She went closer to him, extending out the key, but Victor ignored her. She then placed it on the bed, beside him.

Ifunanya continued looking at them, to see what Victor's reaction would be.

"I'm glad I protected your car. Thanks to Ifunanya who thought me how to drive with her father's car." She smiled, looking at Ifunanya who was looking very serious and her faint smile went away. 

"This doesn't change a thing." Victor said, raising his head up, looking straight into Amanda's face.

He continued: "Thank God I never ended up with you. It would have been a terrible mistake I will end up regretting all my life"

Amanda's heart is shattered hearing all that.

"Victor, if only I could tell you what is going on. I'm in a stiff situation where I'm paralyzed down" Amanda wept in her heart.

"Can you please help me to the bathroom?" Victor requested, warmly looking at Ifunanya. 

"To the bathroom? You want to ease your self?" Ifunanya asked, looking a bit uncomfortable.

"Is there something wrong with that?"

"'s go" Ifunanya accepted, giving him a hand.

"Easy...easy...." Ifunanya urged, helping Victor who was feeling pains all over his body. 

Amanda stood motionless, watching Victor and Ifunanya heading towards the bathroom.

"What stopped you from informing your wife? Is she not supposed to be here, helping you with this bathroom stuff?" Amanda interfered 

"Amanda..." Ifunanya tried to speak as Victor cut in

"I said, you should keep shut, is that too much to do?" 

"Ok" Ifunanya obliged as they entered the bathroom. 

Amanda stood, watching them. 

"My stay here is not welcomed. I better take my leave. And thank God he is in safe hands. Ifunanya will take good care of him" Amanda felt relieved that Victor didn't sustain grave injury. 

"Yes, he will live. Soon, his wounds will heal.

"But what about the permanent wound you inflicted in his heart?" Another thought dropped in.

She then became more sad, and quietly walked out of the hospital. 

Steps of Love by Ngozi Lovelyn 

warning! Copyright protected. 

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