Steps of love - Episode 10 by Ngozi Lovelyn

Steps of love  - Episode 10

Ifunanya really felt the urge to call Amanda but Victor forbade her to.

She regretted ever lying against Victor. She never knew that, her lies would create a difficult situation for him. She never predicted Amanda's robust behaviour. 

"No, this guilt is going to kill me if I don't rectify this mistake. What if Victor had died? And his blood will be on my head. Oh Lord, thank you so much for saving this situation. It would have ended terribly. And Amanda....I must tell her the truth. This is the right thing to do, and Victor, you won't stop me"

Ifunanya picked her phone and started heading outside. 

"I told you not to call her. Don't tell her anything" Victor ordered in a firm tone

Ifunanya burst into tears.

"Victor, it's all my fault. What if you had died? (sniffs) What if those guys had killed you? What if those police men did not arrive on time? I don't think I would survive with the guilt if something terrible had happened. Yes, I loved you the moment I set my eyes on you and I know I would be so engraved in jealousy if you married Amanda, but I think I will survive. It's better than allowing something outrageous to happen to you. Please, allow me rectify this mistake by telling Amanda the whole truth." Ifunanya pleaded. 

Victor gazed on her for some seconds and responded. 

"Yes, you lied to Amanda, but you did not force her to do what she did today. It was entirely my fault to think that Amanda is still that sweet babe I once knew, but just as passing of time, her kind nature passed away with it."

"No! Amanda is a very nice girl any man would want to be with. She was only protecting my interest based on the lies I fed her and I believe she has feelings for you"

"It doesn't matter any more" Victor reacted 

He then remembered how Amanda boldly told those guys that she doesn't know him and he felt more bitter.

Just then, the Keke guy entered his ward.  His bruises were all dressed up. He didn't sustain much injury. 

"How are you feeling now?" The Keke guy asked Victor. 

"I am fine. You were so brave standing up for me the way you did. Thank you so much"

"You are innocent, I felt the need to help. I couldn't stand, watching an innocent man waste like that."

"But how did you know I was innocent?" Victor asked 

"The stupid girl was laughing, gisting her friend about it. She was so happy that you were about to be killed." he said as Victor and Ifunanya exchanged glances 

The Keke guy continued, "some girls are very wicked. She was so mean"

Hearing all that, Ifunanya sat on the chair, still weeping. 

"No Amanda, you went too far. You really went too far"

Just then, Victor remembered his car.

"My car...And the key, did you see it?" Asking Ifunanya, 

"No..." Ifunanya replied 

"My jean....please hand it over to me" 

Ifunanya stood, picking up the jean and handing it over to him.

Victor rushed it, checking the pocket. 

"No, I did not see anything" Ifunanya replied 

"Oh no! It's not here! I fear, those thugs have stolen it." he said, tried standing up, but the pains were much, as he loose his stand.

Ifunanya rushed him, holding him from falling down as their eyes caught each other's.

Victor continued looking at her as new kind of feelings developed around his heart, but he couldn't interprete the nature of the feelings.

"Victor, it's a bad idea to leave this hospital bed. Just lie down, while I go get your car. The key must still be at the scene, I will find it and drive your car here. Just stay and get better ok" Ifunanya calmly requested. 

And Victor nodded, still looking at her. He didn't even understand anything Ifunanya just said. He was lost, trying to understand the feelings he just felt.

Ifunanya left, assuring him that, she would return with the car.


Steps of love written by Ngozi Lovelyn 

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