Steps of Love - Episode 1

 Steps of Love - Episode 1 by Ngozi Lovelyn 

It was a very busy road, with the sounds of vehicles zooming up and down. Ifunanya was in a tricycle, heading towards supreme supermarket. 

As she alighted from the tricycle, which is popularly known as Keke in Nigeria, she spotted a man that looked exactly like Victor, coming down from an exotic car. She quickly paid the Keke rider and hurriedly walked closer to have a clearer look. 

"Wait a minute, that's him. That's Victor Emenike, that's Victor" She said aloud, in a joyful mood. 

Victor turned, and couldn't believe whom his eyes were seeing.

"Ifunanya?" He called as they embraced widely.

Victor was a very tight friend of Ifunanya and Amanda back in the university. They were inseparable friends until Victor dropped out in their third year after having series of carryovers.

"Oh my God! Ify, today is a blessed day. I finally found you. I can't believe my eyes. You are looking more beautiful" he praised

"Thank you so much. I am happy to see you too. Wait, is that your car?"

"Yes, I got it last month"

"Wow! You are doing good for yourself. Congratulations, I am happy for you"

"Thanks beautiful"

The word "beautiful" created a new kind of feeling in Ifunanya's heart. At that spot, she started developing a feeling for Victor. 

"Victor, you left without giving us clue to your whereabouts. All our efforts to connect with you went in vain."

"I was so ashamed, you know. I wasn't a good student. I know you guys tried alot to help me restore my GP, but I wasn't worthy" he said with a faint smile

As he continued explanning why he couldn't keep contact with them after he left the university, Ifunanya got lost in her thought, 

"I can't believe I'm falling for him. He was our best friend, how come I never felt something for him back then? If he doesn't ask me out, I'm going to throw the question. He is looking so cute now. Wow!"

She then, resumed listening to Victor 

"But I tried reaching you guys, even on Facebook, but it seems you are off from social media. And your numbers, when I call, another person will answer it"

"We are on Facebook, but with different names. And our former lines, we lost our phones, and couldn't retrieve the numbers, because you were the one who got it for us. Our names and pictures were not on the data. The process of retrieving them got more stressful, so, we decided to abandon it and then, got new lines" Ifunanya replied, blushing, expecting Victor to notice she is having a love feeling for him. 

"Ok, now I've seen you, having your number again will make me happy" Victor requested, with a calm charming smile

"With all pleasure" Ifunanya said and started wondering in her heart "What does he mean by that? Is he falling for me too?"

"And how is Amanda? Please tell me she is not married, please" Victor asked, keenly waiting to hear a "no" answer 

But the question wasn't what Ifunanya was expecting. 

"And what if she is married?" She asked

"Ify, I've seen women, but to tell you the truth, none has appealed my heart like Amanda does. God has finally answered my prayers by leading you to me. I believe you girls are still friends. Please, can I have her number?"

Ifunanya continued looking at him without knowing what to reply him

Victor continued 

"I can't wait to hear her voice again. Her kind smiling face hasn't left my heart. I still hear the sounds of her laughter each time I'm alone in my room. I only realized I was inlove with her years after separating from you girls"

"No Victor, don't do this to me. How can you be inlove with my friend?" Ifunanya became sad, without showing it.

"Ifunanya, you are quiet, does that mean, you are not friends with her anymore?"

"We are friends, but I don't think Amanda is the woman for you. She belongs to another"

Victor gave her a strong questioning look.

"Yes, Amanda is happily married" Ifunanya added

Victor got weak, as he maintained silence for about 31 seconds.

"But, why is my heart keep telling me that, Amanda is the woman for me?" He sighed deeply "Guess, it's time to move on from the feelings I have for her" Victor said, looking disappointed. 

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