Steps of Love - Episode 2 by Ngozi Lovelyn

Steps of Love - Ep2 by Ngozi Lovelyn 

Babe, guess who I just saw today?" Ifunanya asked Amanda who was sitting down, knitting some pieces of fabrics. 

"Your mother?" Amanda replied casually 

" again..." Ifunanya looked cheerful 

Amanda observed Ifunanya's face, realising how happy she looked.

"Wait, you saw your ex?" Amanda guessed, laughing 

The response reduced the cheerful mood on Ifunanya's face.

"Are you serious? And why would I be this happy if he was the one I saw?" 

Amanda laughed, looking at how serious she made Ifunanya looked 

"I was only teasing you. So tell me, who did you say you saw today?"

"I saw Victor Emenike today looking so made" 

"Wait...what? You saw who?" Amanda got shockingly surprise 

"At first, I couldn't even believe he was the one until I got a closer look"

"Oh my God! How is he? Give me his contact number let me call him right away" Amanda requested, eagerly to hear Victor's voice.

"Um....about that, I want to ask you something?"

"That question should wait until I hear Victor's voice...Just give me his number, you collected his number right?

"Yes, I did, but until you answer my question." Ifunanya got more serious 

"And what's that serious look, did something bad happen? Did you meet him in a terrible condition?"

"Amanda, If Victor somehow asks for your hand in marriage, would you say "yes"?"

"Where is this question coming from? Wait, did he say something like that?" Amanda asked, giving Ifunanya a serious questioning look 

"Just answer me first" 

"Oook...I don't know. Victor was our best friend in school, and that's the only memory I have of him. I don't know how he looks now. I think this question should be after I see him. I believe he must have changed a lot, both in appearance and personality" 

"I have to stop Amanda from laying eyes on Victor. She is my best friend, she can't get married to him. That will certainly make me to start avoiding them. And that as well, will definitely consume me.". Ifunanya said to her self 

"Hello....hello..Come on, are you Ok? You look lost" 

"I'm fine" Ifunanya replied 

"And why are you not giving me the number?" Amanda continued asking for the number 

"When I ran into Victor today, I thought he was still the same sweet victor we knew, but he is now something else. Rude, pompous and aggressively proud"

Amanda got confused, listening to her

"As we got talking, I asked him to marry me"

"You did what?" Amanda burst into laughter 

"Yea, can laugh. But you needed to see him. He looked sweet and more bold. Victor is something else entirely"

"So, what did he say?"

"Instead, I got the insult of my life." Ifunanya said, paused, acting to be sad 

"Go on, please" Amanda calmly requested 

"He said he is married, that even if he is not, he won't settle for anything like us. That we were so insensitive towards his feelings back in school. That we were busy chasing other men, ignoring him, that we thought he was not aware of the numerous abortions we committed. Ifunanya, he said so many things against us. I never knew he was harbouring so much hatred"

"He said all that?" Amanda asked, getting confused 

"And lot more. You really don't need to hear the rest" 

"Now I hate him... I'm going to punch him in the face when I see him. How can he say such rubbish things about us?"

"I was shocked, I couldn't even believe those were actually coming out from his mouth. Though, he later apologized after realizing how hurt his words made me feel"

"And you forgave him?" 

"I had to.. He said he was sorry." Ifunanya replied 

No, I'm not going to forgive him." 

"I assured him that I have forgiven him. Amanda, he requested to hear your voice and I promised him that, you will call him once I get home"

"Well, you shouldn't make such promises on my behalf, because I'm not calling him"

"Amanda, just do it for my sake. I want to show him that we are not cowards like him and I'm no longer brooding over the nonsense things he spewed against us. I want him to regret his actions. Just call him please"

"And what am I going to say to him?"

"Just say "Hi Victor, Ifunanya told me she saw you today? Hope you are good? Um, I want to go and attend to my sweet husband now, he needs my attention. So bye and take care" Ifunanya suggested 

"Ok, that's fair enough" Amanda agreed, trying to get her phone

"Don't worry, you are going to call him with mine" extending her phone to Amanda


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