SHE trapped - Episode 8 by Ngozi Lovelyn

SHE trapped - Episode 8 by Ngozi Lovelyn
"Hope you are ready?" He asked, looking scared.
His face was so innocent, circled with deep lines of emotions that was buried in fear. Who could believe that, he was only pretending to be scared.

'Yes, I am" I replied, looking determined to save myself from the evil Unku he made me believe.

He lifted up a glass of juice he placed on the side table and asked me to drink so that I will build enough energy for the battle ahead.
So, I quickly took it from him and gulped without break.

"Very good, let me get my torch light" he said, giving me this fixed look.

I interpreted him to be an angel God sent to rescue me from evil, but I was oblivious of the desperate desire in his heart.
Oh, how would I have known?

The drug was so strong, that it was able to weaken my veins in 4 minutes.
A spiked juice, right under Unku's roof? He must be so desperate.

After taking the juice, I began hurrying him to be fast, that he was wasting time with the torch. That we can use my phone's torch light if he can't find his own, but he kept telling me to give him one second.

Then, I began feeling my legs getting colder, my energetic body turning weaker and dizzy, as my visions turned blurred. That was it, my body gradually gave in to the world of unconsciousness.

The next morning, was the day I will never forget in my life.
Unku was so disappointed at me.
He kept pushing me out of his house.

I did not even know what was happening, why he was dragging me out. He only waited for me to wake up before expressing his anger.

"What is happening to me?" I blurted.
I was feeling weak and also having pains below my waist, I couldn't even understand anything. Unku kept shouting at me.
So I remembered last night, but still wondering what happened next, how I slept off in Omeogor's room. So when Unku pushed me up and I made a step, that was when I realized that Omeogor had done something terrible to me

"Omeogor, what did you do to me?" I asked with sheer confusion running all over my head.
"God, please let it not be what I'm thinking" I quickly wished in my heart.

So I continued: "Omeogor, did you spike the juice you gave me last night?

And there he went again, hiding his face in glass of innocency.
"What do you mean by what I did to you? What you should be asking is, what you did to me. I was here sleeping peacefully, the next thing I saw was somebody who was on top of me. So in my sleepy mood, I rocked you hard, making you to be so weak and finally slept in my arms."

He then turned to Unku and began apologising to him.

"Unku, I'm sorry that I did not stop her, I only thought I was dreaming, but before I could realize what was happening, we were already deep that I couldn't control myself. You are a man, I'm sure you understand situations like this, we hardly control ourselves."

But Unku appeared not to be interested in what he was spewing, he kept giving me this painful look. I could tell how hurt he felt, how disappointed he was. His eyes turned teary.
He must loved me so dearly for him to have wept like that.
But I was innocent, so innocent, my heart yearned for God to come down from heaven and reveal what happened.

 Despite Unku's mean and bold look, his heart is wrapped in emotions. I saw the expressions on his face.
So I had to defend myself, I can't loose such a man without putting up a fight.
"You are liar. Everything was your plan, were you not the one who....."

"Who did what?" Omeogor cut in.. "I know you will say that I was the one who deceived you, but how come you are in my room? Answer me? How come you are here? And Unku, let me tell you, she is not a virgin she claimed she was. Her ***** is so wide and deep like a well, I'm telling you. You don't deserve such a cheap sl*t like her, you deserve someone better"

I screamed "Jesus", as my hands found their ways up my head.
"Omeogor?" I blurted his name, searching for the words to ask him why he was accusing me so dirty.
But truly, I was dumbfounded and trembling on what Unku's next action will be.

SHE trapped by Ngozi Lovelyn

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