SHE trapped - Episode 13 (The End) by Ngozi Lovelyn

SHE trapped - Episode 12 (The End) by Ngozi Lovelyn
I'm 5 months gone now, still hiding in the city, I don't know how to face my family. I was a victim of rape and upon that, got pregnant for it. What an ill fate!
Will I ever forget this?
I'm still finding it difficult to face the situation. That I'm still alive today is only by the grace of God, but that does not mean that I'm strong enough to face tomorrow, because this is too much for me.

How can I be pregnant for a monster who raped me? A monster who lied against me and made me look terrible in the eyes of Unku?
I wished he had believed me. He doesn't want to give me chance to prove my innocence.
I don't know the kind of life experience I will have with this child.
Having him will be a constant reminder of my horrible world.
A world I can do anything to have the memories erased from my brain. This is too much for me.
All I know is that, Omeogor will never know peace anywhere he is. For the rest of his life, he will be regretting ever hurting me.

My story still continues... I don't trust what I will do next because, I'm desperate.
SHE trapped - Ngozi Lovelyn
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