SHE trapped - Episode 12 by Ngozi Lovelyn

SHE trapped - Episode 12 by Ngozi Lovelyn
So he accepted to see me.
Only God knew what he thought was my reason for requesting to see him.

He then gave me the address of where he was staying in Aba and asked me to come by 7pm on Saturday.

On the appointed day, I went to the place. On getting there, it was about 8:20 pm. He was managing a room apartment.
He asked me to wait for him in the house, that he wanted to go and see a friend.
So I waited. He did not even care if his visitor will eat or not. He did not offer me anything.

Anyway, that was not my concern, but that is to explain more the kind of hopeless fool he is.
I hated myself for going to him, but what would you have me do? I can't abort the innocent child and I can't have a bastard at home either, I will die of shame.

So about 11pm, this guy returned and without asking if I was hungry or not, he tried touching me. Maybe, he thought that was the reason I visited him.
"Omeogor, I'm pregnant" I blurted.

So he pretended he didn't hear me.

"I said, I'm pregnant with your child" I repeated.

He then gave me this surprise look.

"What kind of stupid joke is this? Is that why you called me?" He asked in an angry tone

"You think I'm joking? OK, here, have the medical report, it shows that I'm 3 months gone"

Do you know the next thing this guy did?

He stood up and said
"Girl, I don't know if I'm the one responsible or not but you know what, I don't care. I want you to leave my house right now"

"You are responsible Omeogor, what do you mean I should leave your house? Don't you know the time? it's past 11"

"Do I look like I care? Stand up. I said, stand up" he ordered, dragging me up

I thought he never meant it.
But this guy was so mean to hell. He dragged me out of his house that night.

I cried, begging him to allow me stay for the night, that I will leave in the morning, but he refused, he shut me outside. I cried bitterly, begging. It was his neighbour who came to my rescue. She allowed me sleep in her room that night.
So the next morning, I went to his door and started knocking again.
But he refused to answer the door. I stood there for close to 1 hour, knocking, dying in shame because the neighbours were watching the drama.
He later opened the door, but not for me. He opened to leave.
"Omeogor, why are you doing this to me? It's not fair."

"Young Woman, do I know you? Have we met before? Why are you disturbing my peace this early morning? Don't force me to drag you out of this place and harm you in the process."

He then forced me aside, locked his door and left. I was so ashamed. I have not been humiliated like that in front of so many people.
I can not fight him, neither can I force him to accept me. So I quietly carried my sorry self and left.

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SHE trapped by Ngozi Lovelyn
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