SHE trapped - Episode 10 by Ngozi Lovelyn

SHE trapped - Episode 10 by Ngozi Lovelyn
So after I requested him to follow me to the hospital, he stood up, looking at me.
I quickly rejoiced in my heart that he had agreed to follow me, but I was disappointed.
The next thing I saw, he began pushing me out.
So when I realised that there was no point begging him anymore, I requested to bath and change before leaving.
"No, you are not bathing here. I can only allow you change your cloth and that will not be in my room. Do it in the room of your hopeless lover. And as for you Omeogor, I want you out of my house as well. I'm giving you ten minutes to get your ungrateful self out of this house."

"But why? It's not my fault. I did not do anything" Omeogor pleaded

"It's not your fault? Why didn't you stop her when she crawled into your room?" Unku asked in sheer anger

He was shocked, he never expected it. What was he thinking? That Unku will ignore his own side of the drama?
No man in his right mind will allow such a person to continue living in his house.

"Please Unku, don't do this. You know I don't have any other place to go. I will leave your house, but not yet please, you know my condition, please don't do this, I promise you, what happened last night won't repeat again, it was a terrible mistake, I should have stopped her"

But Unku had made his decision.

Finally, I left the house with my heart broken, I was shattered. I felt like committing suicide. The idea of how he devoured me kept stinking my mind. Getting deflowered has always been a memorable experience for every woman, but I didn't know how mine happened. Women share experiences of how they got deflowered, but how mine happened, I have no idea. Was it painful? Was my hymen broken before? Did I release blood or was I among those whose hymen got broken from other physical activities? Omeogor denied me all these experiences.

What was my crime? Where have I gone wrong for God to punish me like that?
Can I ever forget this unforgeable experience?
But it never ended there. I got ushered in into another shocking moment. Dear Lord!
This is too much for me.

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SHE trapped by Ngozi Lovelyn

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