SHE trapped - Episode 6 by Ngozi Lovelyn (A Reality Story)

SHE trapped - Episode 6 by Ngozi Lovelyn
"Ada, you are a nice person and it will be a curse if I allow something terrible to happen to you. I think you are the next target. Been a virgin is such a curse" he said.
He never stopped looking back to know when Unku will enter the kitchen.
Then I was getting nervous for him to complete what he was saying.

"Omeogor, I'm still listening, what do you mean by "a curse"?

"You know what? Forget it, may the God you serve protect you."

I then held him by the arm and asked him to explain what he meant.

"Ada, being a virgin, you shouldn't have come here, it's a mistake and a curse"
He still repeated the same statement, I then remembered in school how my mates used to taunt me for been a virgin. That I locked myself in a cage, depriving myself the good things of life. And that rounded up my guess that maybe, he was going the same direction and I flared up.

"Omeogor, You know what? I think I have heard more than I should, I shouldn't have asked you anything about Unku. It was my mistake"

So, he began leaving the kitchen. On the fourth step, he turned back and said
"Ada, I don't know, but my conscience is disturbing me, saying that I should help you......."

I cut in: "Please Sir, I said enough, I can't be a curse. It's never a curse to be a virgin, OK, please leave me alone"

"Don't say I didn't warn you. And don't you think that, I'm risking my life trying to open your eyes? I know you will not believe me but I want you to be on the alert, keep observation of every little movement he makes, you are their next target. You better leave this place now, I know it's already late but I can help you get to your destination. I will be waiting for you outside" he said and left the kitchen.

"What have I gotten myself into? Why did I asked Omeogor about Unku's feelings for me? No, it's not true. He can't be saying the truth. I think he is looking for a way to separate me from Unku."
I then reminisced the way he stroked my palm earlier.
"That is it! That Omeogor is not a nice person. He is up to something. If Unku is truly bad like he claimed, I will know about it. I will feel it"
I then made up my mind that Unku was never evil like he claimed.

So later in the night about 10pm, Unku was bathing and I was in the kitchen washing the dishes, Omeogor sneaked in

"You are still here? You didn't run away when you had the chance? Now, your faith has been sealed. I stayed outside, waiting for you, but here you are, taking care of the ritualist that will end your life"

"What is it again? Omeogor, please enough. Enough please! I can never believe this rubbish you are spewing. I thought you said he is your friend, why are you trying to ruin his relationship? Why painting him evil? And what are you still doing in his house since you know about his evil tendencies?"

"I'm not painting him evil, he is a ritualist and I can swear with my life that he is one. Reason I'm here is because, I don't have any other person in the city. I never knew about this part of his life until I began sleeping in his house. OK, you know what? I will give you a clue. Every night, he wears his black robe and he leaves his room once it's 2am. He does this every night." He paused, observing the environment and then continued
"See, Unku will never have sex with you, otherwise the charm will not work. It only work with virgins. "

"Omeogor" I cut in "do you want me to tell Unku about all these things you are telling me?"

"No, please don't, otherwise he will kill me"

"Then leave me alone"
And he began leaving, murmuring "God, I have done my own part, my conscience is clean now." He then turned again and blurted
"Ada, if you notice anything suspicious, don't hesitate to come to my room, I will protect you"

"I don't need your protection, please leave me alone" I said, raising my voice and he quickly ran out of the kitchen.
He got me irritated, while having the feeling that he was up to something.

So after everything, Unku and I retired to the bed. I was already feeling nervous that he will disturb me for sex but he did not, we only kissed and he held me in his arms and slept. That was so unexpected of him.

"Could it be he is a perfect gentleman or that Omeogor was right?" My head kept aching in confusion coupled with fears. I was still thinking and then got blown away by sleep.
About 2:10 am, I found myself awake. I wasn't having a sound sleep because of all the things Omeogor starched to my head.
The moment I opened my eyes, I discovered that Unku was not there on the bed. And then, the whole fears became real, I never knew when I flung myself out of the room.

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To be continued

SHE trapped by Ngozi Lovelyn
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