SHE trapped - Episode 5 by Ngozi Lovelyn (A Reality Story)

SHE trapped - Episode 5 by Ngozi Lovelyn (A Reality Story)
I observed his soft palm while getting the feeling, so I gently removed my hand.

"What was that all about or is it that I'm getting overwhelmed by everything? Hmm, let me not think meaning into it, it might be nothing" I then waved the feeling.

So we sat and began chatting.

When Omeogor was narrating his frustration to Unku, how he had lost his money, his business, how nobody cared to help him, I really felt for him.
Been good in encouraging people, so I dropped some few encouraging words, lifting his hope that oneday, he will bounce back to life, that he shouldn't loose faith, that the downfall of a man is not the end of his life
He was so pleased listening to me.
"Wow! Unku, you are so lucky man, you have just gotten an Angel."

But Unku did not utter a word, he only managed a faint smile.

"Thank you Ada, I really appreciate your kind words, I know that the God I serve will never forsake me."

"Yes, our God never disappoint, just don't stop praying, everything will be alright before you know it"

And Omeogor nodded.

So later in the evening, I asked Unku  for the permission to cook for them.

"You have the strength to cook?" He asked

"Yes" I replied and then said in my heart "Atleast, that will make him see me as a wife material and pop the question"
So I began imagining him kneeling down, asking me "Ada, will you marry me"
That thought forced a smile out of my mouth, attracting Unku's attention.

"Why laughing?" He asked

"No, I remembered something"

"OK, how much do you think will cover the expenses"

So I told him.

Few minutes later, he got ready and took me to the mini market that was close to his street.

While I was busy cooking, Omeogor entered the kitchen and began peeling the vegetables.

"What are you doing? You don't have to stress yourself. Just go and continue watching the match you were watching, I will soon be through"

"Ada, do you know you are too good and kind? Helping in the kitchen won't be a problem, at least let be useful"

While I was asking him to leave, Unku heard our voices and headed to the kitchen.

"Please can you tell your friend to leave, that I can do the cooking myself?"

He then looked at Omeogor who was busy peeling the vegetables.
I expected him to ask him to leave, but he said
"If he wants to help, then allow him"

And Omeogor looked at me and smiled.
"Now, let's get to cooking, so Unku just go and relax, soon, the dining will be filled with our special delicacies"

And Unku left, I expected him to laugh at Omeogor's funny gestures, but he didn't.

"He hardly laugh, is that his nature or is it that he doesn't love me enough?" I began wondering, sitting on the wooden chair

"Why the face, are you angry that I'm here? You really want me to leave the kitchen" Omeogor asked, noticing my moody look

"No, it's not that...Can I ask you something?"

"Go ahead?" Omeogor permitted

"Unku, is he always like that?"

"Like how?"

"I know I'm not supposed to be asking you this, but I'm worried"

"Ada, earlier, you were advising me about life, giving me hope which I have already lost, you rekindled it. And that moment, I took you as a sister and that is why I'm here in the kitchen, to help my sister out, so feel free and ask me anything, OK?"

"OK, it's about Unku, he hardly laugh, he is always mean. You are his friend and I'm sure he shares his secrets with you. Do you think I have a special place in his heart?" I asked, looking straight into Omeogor's eyes to see his reaction

The way he reacted looked like my question weakened him.
He then sighed, looking away from where I was standing.

So I got visited with fear instantly.
"Why did he turned his face away? Why is he not saying anything?" Questions kept ringing

"Ada, you want me to tell you the truth?" He
asked, while looking away

"Yes...yes....otherwise, I wouldn't have asked.

"See Ada, you are a very nice person, a cultured girl who has the fear of God. But why?"

"Why what?" That question threw me off balance. "Please tell me, why what?"

"Didn't you pray for direction before coming? You are virgin right? He told me that you are still a virgin"

I silently nodded. I never expected Unku to share such a thing with someone.

He then went to the kitchen corridor to make sure that Unku was nowhere close.

"Ada, I will be risking my life by telling you this" he said, as his face shown deep lines of fear

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To be continued

SHE trapped by Ngozi Lovelyn
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