SHE trapped - Episode 4 by Ngozi Lovelyn (A Reality Story)

SHE trapped by Ngozi Lovelyn Episode 4 (A Reality Story)
The mean Unku never understood anything, he does things as they pleases him.

"Wait a minute! Is he touching my oranges? What?" In as much I am enjoying the touch, I have to pull back."

Yes, I did pulled back immediately, but he drew me back, grabbing my left bo ob again, trying to plant his mouth on it.
I then felt disgusted.
"Is he crazy? He wants to suck my bre ast or what? Sucking br east is for babies, looks like this Unku is sick." I kept wondering

I found my bold voice speaking
"Please stop it, what are you doing with my br east? This is madness" I then slide my bo ob inside, feeling irritated that he saw my nu de bo ob. I felt like running away then.

"Ada, can you relax a bit? I understand you haven't done any of this things before, but I'm not trying to hurt you. I simply want to make you feel like a woman. This is the turning point for every woman. Just allow me do this for you, you will enjoy it, trust me. I'm not going to hurt you" he said, as his eyes looked convincing that he is harmless, then I allowed him have a try.

Yes, it was an adventure, I allowed myself to flow with the moment but  I swore not to have sec with him.
And romantically, he grabbed my oranges and buried the black dot in his mouth.
Ladies and gentlemen, I stopped breathing.
I felt out of this world. My heart was pumping fast, in fact I almost fainted, but thank God that I had the strength to push him away.

"Unku stop, just stop. I came because you asked me to, I didn't come for us to have sec, stop please"

He then released a soft smile.
"Ada, I have been dreaming of having you in my arms, forgive me if I can't get enough of you."

"I know but please, I don't want it to lead to another thing, please let's stop"

The next thing, the door bell rang.

"Somebody is at the door?" I said, hoping for him to answer the door.

And he stood up and began readjusting himself. I saw something that popped out from his boxer.
Yes, that was his joystick, that was my first time of seeing a stick standing erect like that without any support.
And that doorbell was my saviour at that moment.

"Yes, I forgot to tell you. I have a friend, Omeogor who is crashing at my house. He had a problem with his landlord, so he is staying with me for the mean time while he sort himself out" He said as the door bell continued ringing

So I nodded, looking at him as he left to get the door.

"Thank God for that distraction" I said in my heart, remaining sited thinking about the whole steaming moment. The more I think about his tongue rocking my lips, my nip ples, the more my veins tightened

"So Omeogor, this is Adaku" Unku introduced

"Ada, so I finally get to meet you. He has told me much about you. I must confess, you are more beautiful than he described" he said, extending his hand in greeting.

So I reciprocated, as our eyes clocked.
He gave me this deep look as if he was trying to explain something.

"Nice meeting you, Omeogor"

"It's a pleasure" he said, gently stroking my palm as he continued giving me this strange look as if something terrible was about to happen. I felt this goose pimples raining all over me as I tried to understanding that weird look.
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To be continued

SHE trapped by Ngozi Lovelyn

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