SHE trapped - Episode 3 by Ngozi Lovelyn (A Reality Story)

SHE trapped - Episode 3 by Ngozi Lovelyn (A reality Story)
His action depicted that of a man who was trying to show off his girlfriend to a majority of people who cared to watch.

"What is he going to do if he approaches me? Is he going to hug me? Is he going to kiss me? Ash! That will be worst! How do I tell him not to try any of that?" I continued struggling with the situation

While I was busy trying to understand his moves, my eyes never stopped studying the faces of the people who were chatting in front of the building. Do you know the evil part? They were all looking at me as if I'm one alien that just fell from the sky.
"Unku, please, don't kiss me, don't hug me, just act as if you are my brother. I might disgrace you and fall to the floor." All these I wanted to say, but as I was about to open my mouth, he zipped it with a hug.

"Adaku, he just hugged you, the next step will be a kiss, are you going to allow him kiss you? Can you stand it? His body language is clearly showing it, do something to stop him now"

Unku never understood the hardship I was facing.

"I want to use the restroom, I'm press I can't hold it anymore" I blurted, creating a body language that aligned with what I said

"Oh... Ok, come" he led me as we walked up to his flat.
"Pheew! Did I tell you how relieved I felt then? Yea, I escaped that one. And was also glad that nobody knew me there. Yea, so I thought.

6 minutes later, I was still in the convenience, doing nothing, only thinking on how to avoid him asking me for se x.

"Are you OK now?" he asked, fixing his eyes on my body.

"Why is he looking at me like that, did he suspect that I lied?" I asked myself, replying him: "Yes, I'm OK now."

"OK, come and relax on the couch let me get you something to drink."

So, he offered me a soft drink and then sat beside me, asking about how I saw his place.

So, I circled the living room with my eyes and replied him, that it was nice.

"Yes, that's the least I can do since I'm still a bachelor, it still needs a woman's touch. The entire house needs a feminine touch to bring out some sparkles." He continued

"What is he saying? Is he talking about marriage? Is that his style of asking me to marry him? Oh Lord, are you finally answering my prayer?" I got lost in thought.

"So what do you think?" He asked, tapping me

Then, I was brought back to reality

"Yes,...  I mean yes"

"You mean, yes? Have you been listening to me?" He gave me this serious questioning look

"Sorry, what did you say?"

"Seriously, you mean I have been talking to myself all this while?" He asked, as his face tightened.

"No, just that I can't help it, I can't believe that I'm your house and.....and.....and....." I stammered, searching for words to complete my lie

The next thing, he moved closer to have his arm balanced on my shoulder and then, I stopped blabbing.

He lifted the drink to feed me.

"What are you doing? I'm not a small child you know, I can drink by myself, you don't have to embarrass me" I interrupted him with a visible smile so that, he won't get irked, thinking that I was been rude.

But he didn't say a word. Remember I told you that, he has this mean face, he hardly laugh, but I liked him, I never knew why.

So he ignored what I said and began putting the glass cup on my mouth as if he was forcing me to drink.
Then, I was gripped with fear.

"Why is he forcing me? Did he spike the drink? Lord, I'm scared. Is he going to rape me?" My mind kept battling with questions.

As I was struggling to resist the drink, he quickly planted a kiss on my lips.
Hmm, finally, a kiss.

Yes, a kiss. He was so fast with it. You want to know how I felt at that moment? OK, I will tell you.

I lost control of the moment. It was like the world froze in seconds. I felt my heart tickling my stomach, I couldn't understand what was happening to my body system. The electric flash blurred my vision for few seconds. So people, I finally got a kiss.

After the quick kiss, his eye balls gave me this romantic look that seized my body.
Then, his face softly connected with mine, as his mouth opened my mouth as if he had a key to it.

"Adaku, you are doing it? You are finally getting a kiss from a man. Look at you? Are you not a hypocrite? Have you forgotten those stupid and nasty attitudes you displayed, discriminating against girls who have boyfriends. Shame on you. What if any of them sees you now? Those promises you made about keeping your virginity, what is happening now?"

Aaaar! That conscience, it never stopped soiling my moods, it never stopped. It kept reminding me about my past.
I almost felt into regret and as I was about to pull back, my other self prevented it with strong assuring words.

"Come on girl! It's only a kiss and nothing more. It's not like he is deflowering you. Unku is a gentle man. He won't go there. So enjoy the moment. See what you have been missing, so enjoy girl."

So my other self won and I allowed my body to feel the moment.
But little do I know that, men have things they do with their hands when they are kissing a girl.
That part I never knew.

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To be continued...

Story by Ngozi Lovelyn
All Rights Reserved

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