She Trapped - Episode 2 by Ngozi Lovelyn (A Reality Story)

She Trapped - Episode 2 by Ngozi Lovelyn
"I'm halfway to Unku's house, can I do this?" A voice kept ringing.
"Adaku, now take a deep breath, tell yourself you can do it."
I found myself splitting in two, giving my other self all the pushing words I could get from a friend.
It was a shame that I had no friend to share my new adventure with. I couldn't wait anymore for Mr right to appear with marriage intention. I don't know the planet the men of this generation popped out from. None of them wants to get into the sacred Union without first, eating the forbidden fruit. So, since they can't find me, I had to break away from my shell. Most of the girls who had a boyfriend then in school, the ones I sneered for living that sinful life are all in their husband's house enjoying the holy union, but me. What about me? Alright now, back to my story.

So I lifted my already sweating feet and quietly stamped them on the ground, stood straight and softly beat my chest that I can do it. Unku's house was just stone throw away and then my phone rang.

"Hey dear, where are you now?" He asked

"I'm in your street already, I'm standing close to a signboard with a peak milk advert."

"Perfect. Just wait for me there, I will come and pick you"

"To pick me?" My mind ushered in a quick flash, as my eyes rounded up the busy street.
"What if somebody that knows me recognises me here? What if they see me with a man?" This thought played in a peach of flash, so I obstructed him from hanging up

"No wait"


"Just remain in your house, no need coming out. I have the description." I quickly said and then hung up before he ask me "why".

So, I spade up and located his house. But yet, he didn't yield to my words. The moment I crossed the gutter that was in front of his house, I saw him coming.

"Oh dear! I told him to remain in his house, but he won't listen, what kind of man is this, that can not even obey a common instruction."

But he never understood my plight, my fears, he knew nothing. So the oblivious guy was smiling happily, walking boastfully towards me.
It was really a bizarre moment for me then. That awkward moment was terrifying for a newbie who just ventured into love affair. I had always dreamed of getting married without dating, but things wasn't going the way I expected and I wasn't getting any younger either. I abhorred the idea of returning to my father's house after school instead of my husband's house. I thought that, before my final year, I would be already married, but luck didn't line with my wish.

I know you will be eager to know what happened next. Just relax, because I have promised to share my story to the world, you will get to read everything.

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