RUN - Episode 9 by Ngozi Lovelyn

RUN - Episode 9
"Baby, guess who just called?" Emeka asked Rose


"My brother, the one I told you about"

"The in Australia?"

"Yes, he is in Nigeria now... I'm going to the Airport to pick him up" Emeka said, leaving the house.

Emeka did not tell his wife about what happened, he was so ashamed of revealing such a thing to her. He was too conscious of his moral life and doesn't want Rose to believe that he had a brother who lived a callous life.

1hour later, they were on their way home.

"How is she? Beautiful?" Vincent asked

"My wife? She is fine.. We have been expecting you, everybody is, both your nephews"

"Wow! So happy for you. Ernest ruined my life, I would have had my own family by now, but look at me, just look at my age, I have no reasonable thing attach to my name. I'm miserable now"
"You don't have to continue dwelling in the past. You have to forge ahead, that's the only solution. After I lost everything, I thought that my own world has finished, but God used my wife to restore all that I lost. Everything I am today is all thanks to her. She is a God sent"

"You are lucky then. Some women can be a blessing, while some are curse."
He paused and continued
"Hmm, I still remember her face, the mark on her fore head"

"Just believe in God, everything will be alright now, what about Ernest and our sister?"

"We still need to release her. But all I know is that, she is still alive."

Minutes later, they were at home. Rose was prepared for their arrival.

"Honey.... Look who is here, brother in-law, Vincent"

"You are welcome Sir. I have been hoping to meet you" she greeted, but did not recognize him.

Vincent stood, looking at her face, saying that she was familiar.

Then he sighted the mark on her fore head and recognized who she was.

"Emeka, what is the meaning of this?"

"Meaning of what?" Emeka asked back, looking at him wondering why he was looking at his wife like that.

"You?" He forcefully held Rose on the neck, trying to strangle her.

"What is it?" Shocked Rose asked, struggling to remove his hand from her neck.

"Vincent, what is wrong with you? Why attacking my pregnant wife" He asked, dragging him away from Rose
He held Rose, asking him if she was OK..

"Yes, I am but why is he attacking me?"

"Oh my God! Emeka, you said she is your wife? Mehn! Me and you now, who is better? You warned me against hooking up with a prostitutes but you ended up with one"

"What nonsense! Vincent, I didn't bring you here to start insulting my wife."

"I will not only insult her, I will make her vomit the gold she stole. She is the same girl I have been searching for. She is the thief that the gold, she is the reason for Mama's death, the reason for my predicament"

"Baby, why all these now? Why is your brother accusing me with things I did not do?"

"Vincent, seems you are tired, I suggest you go and rest. You certainly don't know my wife. I suggest you go and rest."

"Why is she shouting at my mother? You are a bad uncle. Daddy kick him out of our house" their 4 year old son requested.

"Honey, take the kids inside" Emeka urged as Rose quickly took the kids inside

When she stormed the room, she began panicking.
"My past is coming to hunt me. What am I going to do now? Hmm, no matter what, I will never accept that I have met him before. But how how come my husband did not tell me anything about him?"

To be continued..

RUN - By Ngozi Lovelyn

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