RUN - Episode 10 (THE END) by Ngozi Lovelyn

Rose then quickly called her friend, and began telling her what was happening.

"Jeez... This is serious. So, what are you going to do now?"

"I don't know and my husband might still find out."

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"Rose, I think it's better you tell him the truth"

"What? Do you know what that means?"

"Yes, it's better he hears it from you than him founding by himself"

"See, I think he is coming" Rose whispered and then ended the call
Emeka then entered the room and started apologizing on behalf of his brother.

"It's nothing Honey, I guess he is pained. Anybody in his shoes will still react the same way he did."

"All right Baby and thanks for your understanding" he appreciated, hugging her.

Rose who was feeling guilty said in her heart: "Honey, how do I tell you that, he is saying the truth? Dear Lord, please save me out of this. I have given my life to you, please forgive me. It was my past mistake and it should remain in the past where it belongs. Your words says, "those in Christ Jesus are new creatures and old things are passed away" My marriage is my life and I can't allow my past shatter it"

She then asked "Your brother, where is he now?"

"He is in the visitor's room."

"How much is he talking about? And tell me exactly what happened"

And Emeka began telling her the story, how everything happened.

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"But why didn't you tell me about all these?

"Because I was ashamed of sharing such story with you, my wife"

"Hmm.. If only I knew, dear Lord please forgive me." She said in her heart and then requested to see Vincent.

"You want to see Vincent?"

"Yes, I wish to see him, don't worry, he won't harm me." She began leaving.

"No, I forbid you from seeing him now, even if you should, it will be when his anger must have subsided" Emeka said, drawing her back.

And Rose accepted.

Later in the night, Rose called her husband, telling him about helping his brother and sister.

"Why don't we pay the remaining money to release your sister? Since we have more than that amount"

"I don't think that will be possible again. After my brother was jailed, I tried contacting Mr Ernest, the man that was holding her, but his number was no longer reachable and even my brother doesn't have a clue about him again."

"Then, how do we free your sister from him? Poor thing, I wonder what her life must have become" She paused and continued
"But Baby, I want to ask you something, what if your brother is actually saying the truth, what will be my fate and that of our marriage?"

"But is he?"

"I'm only asking to know how you will react if he is saying the truth"

"Hmm, seriously, it better not be, I'm telling you because I don't know how I will react"

And then, Rose became quiet, swearing not to tell him.

The next morning, Rose met with Vincent in his room.

"So what are you doing here?"

She first stammered and then began flowing freely

"I don't know why you think that I was the one responsible for your predicaments. If you look at me, you will realize that I'm a staunch Christian woman of God, I never lived that kind of life you are accusing me off. You are mistaking me to be her. There was never a time I lived such a life, otherwise, your brother wouldn't have married me. You said it was only one night? So, it's not possible for you to still recognise her face again" Rose continued convincing him that she was not the same person.

Later, she got successful. Vincent never believed that a prostitute could ever change and have a good life. That was the case of Rose. Her present life buried her past that nobody was able to discover the kind of life she lived before getting married.

She and her husband were able to help Vincent stand on his feet again. Two years later, he was rich again after establishing a business of his choice Emeka approved to set up for him.
He was then, completely convinced that, Rose wasn't the same woman. Because she was living a complete life that depicted an ideal Christian wife. He began wishing for a woman he will marry to be just like her.

But still, their happiness wasn't complete, they were still hoping on seeing their sister.

Three years later, they received a shocking call.

"Hello, who is this?" Emeka asked

"Oh my God! You still have the same voice"

"And who am I speaking with, exactly?"

"Brother, it's me, Udoka, your sister"

"Udoka? Please, are you for real?"


There was a wild jubilation in the family.
According to Udoka, her kidnap was a blessing in disguise.

After Ernest kidnapped her, he trafficked her to one of his clients in Australia.
The first man whom he introduced her to was very kind.
After he discovered that she was still a virgin, he was forced to ask her what she was doing in the country.
With a heavy heart, she began telling him her story.
So out of pity, the man bought her from Ernest and brought her to his house where she she was to serve as a house help.

"How come you did not call anybody?"

"Because, I don't have your number off heart and I considered it to be too harsh by requesting my boss to ask Ernest for your number"

"Oh my God! So how are you now?"

"I'm good. Reason I called is to invite you all over to Australia for my wedding."

"Your wedding in Australia?"

"Yes, I began developing sone feelings for my boss. Yea, we fell in love, though he is a little bit older than me, but I love him, he is the only man I see myself marrying, he is too kind, caring and understanding, and he is also rich and an Australian, but that is not the reason I'm marrying him. So, after he proposed, I then thought it wise to request him to get your number from Ernest"

Happiness erupted in their lives, though they lost their mother in the process, but they saw their sister's past predicament as a blessing in disguise.

36 years later, Rose was seen by everyone as a woman of faith, an ideal wife every husband desired to have. An ideal mother every children desired to have and also an ideal sister in-law, but then, she was dying. She was sick with cancer.

"Rose, you certainly can't die without confessing your sins" She told herself.

A night before she died, she gathered her family members and requested them to forgive her. She confessed, sharing how she carried the guilt for years.

But her forgiveness wasn't that difficult. Her life deeds as the wife of Emeka overshadowed her past deeds before she became his wife.
Everybody developed to love her and didn't even hesitate to forgive her.
Her one mistake never mattered anymore, all they were wishing for, was for her to get well soon so that she will return with them, but their wish never came through.

The next day, she died on the hospital bed at the age of 66.
She was mourned genuinely and got a befitting burial.

We can always change and become a new better and responsible person.
RUN by Ngozi Lovelyn

The End..

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