RUN - Episode 7 by Ngozi Lovelyn

RUN episode 7 by Ngozi Lovelyn

While Emeka was about opening the box, a loud knock was heard from the door and Rose's heart flipped, she thought that Chitto had located her to her boyfriend's place.

"Who could that be?" He asked, standing up to open the door.

"No baby, don't open the door, the person will leave after he gets tired of knocking, let's continue with what we were doing" she tried stopping him from opening the door but the knock was getting stronger.

"Who the hell is that? Baby wait, I need to bash this person that is knocking on my door like that, is he paying the house rent with me?" He angrily left to know who it was that had the nerves to be knocking on his door like that.
Immediately he opened it, Ernest men kicked the door wide open, seeing themselves inside.
"What the hell! And who are you people?" He asked, stood in a challenging manner.

But the men ignored him first, moving inside to ransack his house.

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"What right do you have to enter my house and who are you people?" He continued asking

"Where is Vincent?" One of them asked, facing him, looking very mean

"Oh! So this is about Vincent, but I told your boss that I haven't seen him. He is supposed to be here by now, but he hasn't contacted me"

After searching and couldn't find anything, one of them threatened him, that if they find out that he lied to them, that he will feel sorry for himself. And then they left.

Ernest was burning in anger.
He thought that Vincent played him, he never bought the story he fed him about the hooker he spent the night with, been in possession of the gold.
About 1pm, in West African Time, he called Chief Ogbuefi to know if Vincent had in anyway contacted him yet.

"See Ernest, I don't understand the game you are playing. I paid the money in full like you requested, so what happened to my parcel? I don't like getting into trouble with anybody."

"See Chief, I am giving you my world. You will get the gold or we return your money. We have been doing business for months and I can't afford to ruin the trust we have built together, trust me"

And Chief Ogbuefi did not say anything again and then hung up.

"Mama, guess who is coming home now?" Emeka and Vincent's sister, Udoka excitedly asked their mother, Akonam who was just was lying on her bed.

"Vincent?" The mother guessed right because she knew about her son returning to Nigeria

"Yes.!...yes!.. Mama.. You guessed right!"

"But I thought Emeka said he will be staying in his place, that they will be coming home over the Weekend?"

"Yea, maybe he can't wait to see us. I am so happy Mama"

"Yes, me too but we are not prepared for his return. There is nothing at home now to prepare for him."

"Then, let's start preparing now. You know he likes roasted yam, so let me rush to Mama Okey's house and buy Ukpaka (oil bean), while you start roasting the yam for him. Then, later in the day, we prepare bitter leaf soup for him" Udoka suggested

"You are right my daughter." Akonam bought the idea

Hours later, Vincent stormed his village and got a warm welcome from his mother and sibling and other related family members.

He shared the goodies he bought for them, while the mother served him the roasted yam she prepared specially for him.

The next day, Vincent was outside, having a gist with Udoka who was throwing different kinds of questions as him.

"So brother, gist me, how is Australia."

"The country was fine when I left it"

"OK. So when are you taking me there? You promised to take me there, remember?"

"Yes, I still remembered"

"Yea, So when?"


"OK. But brother, you didn't change that much. You still have your face, just that your body structure changed. You now have bears."

And Vincent chuckled and said.
"I already have bears when I left Nigeria, just that I was shaving it off, I never liked it then. But how does it look on me now?"

"Good. It looks good on you. So when are you planning to get married? I have good friends you know, I will help you choose one"

"Um Udoka, I think we are done talking for today. Let me go and see Mama" he calmly arose, entering the room

"But Mama is over there and you are entering the room?" Udoka asked in an audibly tone but he ignored her

While Vincent and Udoka were discussing, Akonam was busy watching him, his expression depicted "moodiness".

"Vincent is not happy or is it that I can no longer dictate my son's moods? He looks worried and stressed." She then went to him in the room to see if she can ask him what was happening and then a loud cry was heard from outside.
It was Udoka, she was been grabbed by one of Ernest's men who came for Vincent.

"What is going on here? Who are you people, leave my daughter alone" she yelled in a loud voice

"Oh shit! He is here. But how did he find out that I'm here?" Vincent wondered

"Woman, if you know what is good for you, bring out your son here now. He stole what belongs to us"
"Then you are looking for the wrong person because, my son is not a thief."

And one of the men laughed and said:" this people think we are here for moon dance. A little drama will convince them" he brought out an axe, trying to use it to cut Udoka's fingers.
She screamed out in fear, and that made Vincent to come out, asking them to stop.

"Yea...good boy. That is sister's love" one of the men said

And the man holding Udoka flung her by the side and grabbed Vincent.

"Vincent, you know the rules, the punishment for those who steal?"

"What rules?" He asked

He was still about finding out and the axe landed on his fingers, cutting them off.

And a loud scream broke out. Udoka was terrified, watching what was happening to her brother.

"My son.... My son" Akonam rushed to the men, trying to fight them.

"Vincent, this is just the beginning. Bring out the gold now and we will leave here in peace"

"I said that I don't have it, the girl I hooked up with last night stole it and I don't know her name and I don't know where she lives"

"Vincent, the gold is 95million naira, since you don't have it, then you pay the money."

"What? I don't even have up to 10millon in my account, from where do I get that kind of money?" He asked, gnashing in pains

"Well, we are leaving with your only sister so you figure out how to get the money and as a warning, don't ever inform the police or she dies"

"Don't touch me. Leave me alone. Brother please do something, they are taking me away, please do something" Udoka cried out for help as the men dragged her away, while Akonam tried to get her daughter back, one of the men gave her a heavy slap and she collapsed on the floor.

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Vincent was in deep pains, he couldn't do anything, he only managed to call out for help.
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RUN by Ngozi Lovelyn

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