RUN - Episode 6 by Ngozi Lovelyn

RUN - Episode 6
"Please, don't answer the call" Vincent feared

"I said relax, I got this" Emeka assured, tapping the green button


"Emeka?" Ernest called in a deep voice

"Who is this?" Emeka asked,

"I need to speak with your brother, hand the phone over to him now" Ernest instructed, psyching him

"My brother, which of my brothers?"
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"Hey... Don't try to be smart because it's not going to save both of us"

"Answer the question Mr Man, which of my brothers?"

And Ernest chuckled in a mean manner and then replied "Vincent, I need to speak with him, give him the phone"

"Sir, I am still waiting for Vincent, he is supposed to be in the country by now and"

"Sshh..." Ernest interrupted him.; "I have heard you"

"You have heard what, you didn't allow me to finish?"

"Finish what? You already told me that, you haven't heard a word from him. Listen Emeka, let it be you are saying the truth. My contact told me that your brother entered the country last night. I don't want to have this negative thought that he wants to corner me. I know he is desperate to be rich, but advise him not to bite the finger that fed him, otherwise, this world will be too hot for him"

"Listen! I don't know who you are and why you are threatening my....." He was still speaking and Ernest hung up on him

"He hung up?" Vincent asked

And Emeka nodded.

"But it's too early for him to start suspecting anything, I just entered the country. Oh damn it! This man won't allow me to rest."

"He thinks you want to play a fast one on him. Vincent, you are in a whole lot of trouble now, he won't allow you be in peace. Don't you think that, we might be getting ourselves into trouble by taking you to my house?"

"Hmm, I think you have a point.. So I'm now on the run?"

"But why don't you call Ernest and explain what happened, that you lost the gold? Hiding from him won't solve matters. Just tell him the truth, he will think that you have the gold if you keep hiding this from him. So tell him the truth"

"He won't believe me, I know Ernest too well, he don't accept excuses"

"Tell him first. Here is the Sim card I got for you, insert it on the phone and call him"

"OK" Vincent reluctantly agreed.
Ernest made himself clear that he won't accept any excuses.
After he called him, he didn't even allowed him explained what happened. He developed the notion that Vincent was trying to play him and he then, threatened to hunt him down.

"You see, I told you that he won't believe me." Vincent said, looking stressed out.

"So going to my place is off point now. I think going to the village is the only option you have. But seriously, some women are something else. If I get the woman that did this, I swear, I will skin her alive." Emeka swore

After everything, Emeka dropped him at the park where he took a bus to the village.

When he got home, he embraced Rose so tightly.

"How are you my love?" He asked

"I am good Baby, you?"

"I am good princess, did you miss me?"

"You know I always miss you. So tell me, where did you go to this morning?"

"I told you that I left to get my brother who just returned to the country"

"Yea, so where is he?"

"He is on his way to the village now. He got himself messed up with a desperate pros. Seriously, I don't know what men see in all these dirty prostitutes, it baffles me. People who have their holes dug by different men on daily basis. Seriously, a mere sight of one disgust me." Emeka said, expressing a facial dissatisfaction

Rose just stood, watching him expressing his hatred for people like her.
"Rose, this is the more reason you should stop this street business. And thank God that I have that gold. Once I sell it, I will use the money to better my life" she said in her heart.

Chitto had been looking for Rose. After he lost sight of her, he returned to her apartment, waiting for her. He was so determined to lay his hands on the gold.
Emeka's reaction about "Runs girls" changed Rose's mood and she forgot the main reason she went to his house that morning and the box she wanted to show him.
While she was in the kitchen, trying to make breakfast, Emeka came to her with the box in his hand, asking her what it was, if she got a gift for him.

"Oh that, I forgot to tell you. It's even the main reason I came here"

"Oh really? OK, let's go to the room then" he requested as they entered the room together.

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So when they reached the room, he asked her if he should open it, that he can't wait to see what was inside. And she said "go on, open it"

Emeka who was looking excited began opening the box
RUN by Ngozi Lovelyn

To be continued

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