RUN - Episode 4 by Ngozi Lovelyn

RUN - Episode 4 by Ngozi Lovelyn
Earlier before they left, Vincent's brother refused to give the guy the complete money, that the money will be completed after they get the girl.
And the young man flared;
"What is this now? I don't like this sudden change of arrangement at all. He agreed to our deal, so who are you to change things here?"

"My name is Emeka and this guy here, is my brother and I won't allow you dupe him."

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"Then you go and get the girl yourself since you won't complete the money" The guy said, trying to walk away from them, to see if they will change their minds.

"Hey listen, you are walking away? That means I'm right, that you are a fraud, you want to dupe this man because you saw that he is desperate. You shouldn't be walking away if truly you are real, you don't have any reason to be angry that I changed the earlier agreement, I am just trying to be careful here, your money is still here, nothing has changed. So now, it's time to go get the girl. Let's go, trust me, your money will be given to you as soon as we find her"

And reluctantly, the guy entered the car after the part payment was given to him.

On their way, Emeka asked Vincent what he had in the box that he couldn't forfeit.

"I will tell you about it later, but the worst of the matter is that, Mr Ernest was the one who gave it to me to deliver to his colleague"

"What? Ernest, the one I know, that dangerous man? Oh my goodness! You mentioned the name before, I never knew you were talking about that drug Lord"

"Yea, you see why I'm desperate to get the box back? I'm dead if I didn't find it"

"But I thought I warned you to stay away from that man? That man is too dangerous"

"Yes I did, but I don't know how he figured out that I'm leaving Australia, and besides, it's a normal thing over there. We are like a community in that country, we see Igbos who are there as brothers and sisters. And we usually beg the ones traveling to help us deliver messages to our families here in Nigeria, just like I did with you sometimes"

"Hmm, but you shouldn't have collected anything from him, what if  he had planted a drug in it?"

"Yes, I know what is in inside, it was raw gold." He replied, forgotten they had a stranger with them in the car.

"What? Gold? Like seriously? Wow! No wonder he is too desperate. What if I use it to blackmail Rose and we then share it together or rather, corner her and take the entire gold myself, after all, she is just a woman, what can she do?"
He said, began cooking up a plan in his heart;
"Okay, I know what to do now"

"We are in her street now. You see that house down there, that's her house" the guy said, urging them to stop so that they can trek to the building.

And Emeka stopped, as they were alighting from the car, the young guy spade off, Emeka and Vincent tried pursuing him, but he was too fast, and the locality was dark. There were no street lights and they couldn't fathom the area he entered.

And then, Vincent stood still and began nurturing the fears that Ernest will kill him.

"Let's go to the building he pointed, maybe we can ask people around"

"Ask people, ask them with which name? I don't even know her name, I didn't find it necessary to ask her. Now, Ernest will think that I intentionally took the gold for myself. He won't even buy my story because I made him believe that I won't screw up"

"Vincent.... Vincent.... You brought this upon yourself. Women have always been your Achilles heels, when are you ever going to change? You knew you had something like that, what's the point of bringing in a woman into that room?"

"I was very careful, I don't know that she will..... she...... Oh my God, I am finished"

"Here, all the prostitutes are thieves, so desperate and can kill. Because, any woman who has the mind to be sleeping with all kinds of men for money can do all shocking things. I wonder what you see in a harlot, you should be feeling disgusted about them and not dipping your cock in their dirty holes. A hole even mad and dirty men enter. That was why you didn't come straight to my house after you arrived the country because you knew that I won't allow you bring in any prostitute into my house"

"Enough now, I accept that I made a mistake, can we resume finding the girl now, please? Let's go to the building he pointed" Vincent urged

And when they got there, they couldn't find anybody in the building.

"Vincent, are you seeing what I'm seeing? Seems the house is under renovation. That guy played us, you see why I was against giving him the complete money?"

And Vincent was no longer himself, he began imagining how Ernest will destroy him if ever catches him.

Rose and Ebere were still sleeping when they heard a loud bang on their door.

"Are you expecting someone?" Rose asked, looking scared, thinking that maybe, the gunmen saw her and located her house;
"Oh my God! They are here, they are here to kill me. Please don't open the door".

"Rose, I know you are in there, it's me Chitto, open the door"

"Chitto, that bad guy, what is he doing here?" Ebere asked in a low tone, looking at Rose

"I don't know, let's open and see why he is here"

After the door was opened for him, he entered and began asking Rose about the gold;
"Rose, I want my own share"

"Your own share of what?"

"Hey, don't take me for a fool because I know everything, I know about the box, I know about the gold and the hotel. And let me tell you, I have the guy's contact. And see this 25k, I collected it from him, agreeing to bring him to your place but when I heard them mentioned 'raw gold', I then thought it wise to change my plans. Right now, I'm your new partner. So, where is the gold?"
"The gold? Chitto, I'm sorry to disappoint you, I lost the box, and besides, I never knew that, gold was the content. Just look at my body, you see bruises? I ran into a shootout, it was only by the grace of God that I'm still alive"

"Rose, don't act smart with me, bring out the gold or"

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"Or what?" Rose cut in "You think I'm lying? You think I'm scared of you? I went through all that stress for nothing. I lost the box while running for my safety. If you think that I'm lying, you can search the house, I bet you, you won't find anything"

"All right then, let me call the guy to come straight here so I can collect my balance, since we don't have any business" Chitto said, bringing out his phone pretending to make a call, because he was not with any of their numbers.
RUN by Ngozi Lovelyn

To be continued

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