RUN - Episode 3 by Ngozi Lovelyn

When Rose reached her lodge, she rushed inside and continued panting.

Ebere who was sleeping woke up, watching her panting and sweating profusely.

"Ebere, you are here, didn't you meet with your client again?" Rose asked, fanning herself

"No, we didn't meet again, we rescheduled to meet tomorrow. But why are you panting like that, don't tell me you have stolen again?"
"Ebere, I promise, I won't steal again. Never again! And for this business, I swear, I won't go back to it again and you too, should do the same. Let's find something useful to do with our lives"

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"Rose, you have not yet answered my question?"

"OK, you see, after I took one box belonging to my catch, I successfully ran out from the hotel and jammed what could have been my end." She paused and then continued
" I ran into a clash between two......two.... In fact, I don't know, all I heard was gun shots coming from different angle. Even the Keke man(tricyclist) that was carrying me was hit by a stray bullet and he died on the spot and nobody was controlling the Keke again, so I had to jump out and I took cover at one corner until the sounds of the gun became faint. And then, I thought it wise to took off. Ebere my friend, I kept running until I got here"

"You see your life, I warned you to stop this stealing of a thing. Just thank your stars that you are alive."

"Yes, just that I'm in pains now, I sustained some injuries after I jumped out from the keke" Rose said, nurturing the wounds on her arms

 So what's the stuff you said you stole?"

"I lost it oo, I lost it at that spot I jumped into. Ebere, as from today, I'm giving my life to Christ. 'I no do again'. What if I was killed by a stray bullet, what will I tell my God that I was doing? Thank God I have somebody like Emeka, I better concentrate on him. Let me call him now" she said, grabbing her phone.

"I just hope he picks his call" she wished, dialing his number.

"Hello..... Baby, see I didn't mean to disturb your sleep, just want to hear your voice" she quickly explained her reason for calling at that hour

"Baby, you are not sounding cool, is everything OK?" He calmly asked.

"Baby, do you love me?" She asked

"Off course I love you and you know it?"

When she asked him the question, Ebere tapped her, asking her what she was doing, if she was about telling him about her secret life, but Rose ignored her.

"Baby, I want to become a better person. I want to repent and be a good girl " She said, crying.

"But Baby, you are a good girl, I have known you to be a good girl, what are you trying to say? Or is there another side of you that I don't know?"

"You see..... Baby, I.... you, and I don't want to loose you. I want you to show me the reasons to continue loving you. I don't want to regret choosing you over everything. I will be a good girl if you promise me that you will love me forever"

"Baby, you are a lovely girl, I have made up my mind to love only you. So, I want you to stop worrying yourself over nothing, OK? Your man here loves you so much."

As they were still speaking, an incoming call began beeping Emeka's phone.

"Baby, I will call you back OK, I have to answer this call"


"Rose, is it because of this encounter that you are getting too emotional, shivering like a baby?" Ebere asked, flaunting a questioning look.

"Ebere, you won't understand. I promised God that I will serve him for the rest of my life if he help me return home safely and which he did, so it's upto me to fulfil my promise. You don't know what it is to come face to face with death."

Vincent was no longer himself, he couldn't wait for morning to reach to storm Rose's place.
"Help me with the money, I will give it back to you next tomorrow. I'm out of cash here" he begged his younger brother who based in Nigeria and had been expecting his return.

"So you haven't stop this your attitude with women? You lost that gold out of your own carelessness and please, count me out of it"

"But I'm your brother, you want Ernest to kill me? Please, do this for me."

"I have heard you, but how sure do you trust that guy? Don't you think he might be a fraudster?"

"Do I have a choice? I don't think I do. It's worth taking the risk than doing nothing"

"OK, so where are you at the moment?"

And Vincent replied him, giving him the name and address of the hotel.
"Please, start coming now. I don't have much time, there is ATM behind the hotel, we can use it"

"I am coming" the brother said, dressing up, heading out with his car keys.

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After they got the money, the young guy who said that he knew Rose's apartment joined them in the car and began leading them.
RUN by Ngozi Lovelyn

To be continued

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