RUN - Episode 2 by Ngozi Lovelyn

After their minutes of enjoyment, Rose then pretended to be highly intoxicated and then slumped on the bed, acting to be sleeping.

Vincent was trying to be very careful, because be knew quite well that he too was exhausted, the girl might wake up before him.
"I don't know if she is a kleptomaniac or not, but I rather be careful. I rather remove the gold from the bag and hide it under the bed, her mind won't reach there. I don't trust her, my bag is not that big, she might decide to carry it and run away" he said in his heart, looking at Rose who was pretending to be in deep sleep.
He then went to his bag, unzipped it, and then took out the small box that contained the gold.
He quietly took it to his own side of the bed, and then got convinced that he had the situation under control.

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"Like seriously, what was all that for? That small box must worth a lot. Oh Rose, it's like you have won yourself a lottery this night. I will leave as soon as he starts snoring"
Few minutes later, Vincent began snoring and Rose stylishly tapped him to know if he will wake-up, but he didn't make a move.


She then stood up and hurriedly dressed up, searched Vincent's pocket and took all the money she saw there.

"Here comes the box, Rose you have to be very careful, don't make a sound"

She sneaked to where the box was, silently bent, dipped her hand under the bed and took it. She tried shaking it to know if she will hear a sound but she was able to stop herself.

"I better leave now"

And then she took off.

Vincent heard the screeching of the door, but it wasn't strong enough to hit him to conscious immediately, but been that his mind was already attached to the environment, the sound he heard kept ringing on his mind which knocked him off his sleep.
The first place his eyes went was, the other side of the bed to know if Rose was still lying there.

"Is she in the bathroom?" He asked in his heart, wondering.

"Are you there? Girl, are you in the bathroom?" He asked, walking towards the bathroom

Rose was still in the building, rushing to make her way out.

Vincent had realised that she was no longer in the room, after checking his pocket and found out that the money he had in there was missing.
"I knew it! I knew it!! Good thing I removed the gold the time I did" he said, bending to pick the box but got shocked to the bone.

"Oh no! Where is it? No! No!! This can't be happening." He quickly rushed out of the building, shouting "Stop the girl. Stop the girl!"

Then, Rose was already close to the gate. Immediately she left the hotel premises, she ran off.
"Stop that girl! Help me stop her, she is a thief. She stole from me" Vincent kept shouting, but then Rose was already out of sight.

The security men ran out, trying to see if they can see her, but all proved negative.

"I am finished. I am finished. What have I gotten myself into. Who asked me to carry a woman. I an finished. What am I going to do now. Does anyone know how I can locate her? Does anyone know? What she stole worth more than life itself. She took my money but I'm not bothered about that one, but.....but... Oh God! I'm going crazy here"

He was acting like somebody who was about loosing his mind when one of the men who saw him with Rose earlier called him by the corner and told him that he knew where the girl was living.

"You do? Please tell me brother"

"Relax man! I know the girl perfectly well, she lives in my street. When I saw you two together, I already knew that something like this might happen. I was already prepared for this moment"

"Then what are we still waiting for? Let's go get and catch her immediately"

"Yes, I will take you there but this is Nigeria, nothing goes for nothing, you know"

"I don't understand?"

"What's wrong with you? Don't tell me you don't know what I am talking about" the man asked, seriously looking at Vincent.

"All right, l can't give you anything now because the girl took all my money, but tomorrow morning, I will contact my brother, he will give you N20,000. Let's go get the girl now, please"

"20 what? You think I'm playing here? See, before I will help you do anything, I will see the money first and I'm not going to collect any 20k."

"See, if you really want to help me, just do. OK, I will give you 30k, can we start going now?"

"No, you will make it 50k..."

"50! For what?"

"Well, maybe you can go get the girl yourself and good luck with that." The guy said, trying to make a move.

"All right. Deal! So can we go now?"

"Go where? I'm not going anywhere until I see the money."

"But I said that I don't have enough money with me here, tomorrow morning, you get your money, please. Can't you see that I'm desperate here? I am going to die if I did not get that girl now. They will kill me, please help me, brother"

"You think I'm playing here? You are doing your business and I'm doing mine. We will wait till tomorrow morning then"

"But the girl?"

"She is not going anywhere. I told you she lives in my street. We will storm her place after I lay my hands on the money"

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To be continued..

RUN by Ngozi Lovelyn..

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