My Sugar Baby - Episode 22 (The End) by Ngozi Lovelyn

When Diogor met with her mother, she asked her about what she wanted to tell her about her past with Ngozi, Ugonna's mother.

"Yes, Ngozi used to be my friend, until Ugonna's father came into the picture. Their love then was so strong that I became envious. I cooked up a plan to snatch him from her. The plan was successful. He dumped her for me, so after 9 months, he began getting fed up with me. I tried all my possible best to keep him, but he got tired and returned to Ngozi. The next thing I heard was their wedding announcement. I felt like killing both of them then."
" she won? No wonder you hate her with passion." Diogor said

And Nneoma replied in her heart: "That was why I almost fell for his son, because he look just like his father"

"Mother, you are there?" Diogor tapped her..
"Yes...yes, so tell me, how is your husband? Is he bouncing back like you said?"

"Mummy, I'm beginning to loose hope o. I entered one chance marrying Ugonna."

"Hope I told you that that Ugonna is a total failure. Just look at you my daughter, your skin is no longer glowing as it used to. You are still wearing your former cloths, the one you used to wear when you were single. I can't believe that I allowed my beautiful Baby to marry a poor man."
"Nobody knew that he will turn out to be like this, though we saw the sign then, but we thought that he will be smart enough"

"Hmm, I heard that Nduka, Mazi Odogwu's son is back?"

"Yes, he even came to the house the other day to meet with Ugonna. They are very good friends, according to my husband."

"Are you serious?" Nneoma asked in a cheerful mode

"Yes, they are."

"Then our problem is over"..

"And....what do you mean by that?"

"You will have to marry Nduka, I heard he is now stinkingly rich?".

"Hello, have you forgotten that I'm married?"

"Diogor, won't you like to be the wife of a very rich man?"

"That has been my dream but it didn't work out for me, it's too late now"

"OK, let me ask you, if situations may have it, would you accept to marry Nduka?"

"Very straight, my answer is "yes" mummy. No girl wishes to marry into a place where she will suffer, and besides, I think he has a thing for me. I noticed the way he was looking at me the last time he came to visit Ugonna"

"Then it's settled"

"Do you have a plan?" Diogor asked

"See, we will have to lure him to your place, seduce him and make him make love to you. But this will be done around your ovulation period. Hope you are not pregnant yet?"

"No, I'm not, I told Ugonna that I won't get pregnant until I'm sure we are financially stable"

"Good.. So, the main action will begin after you are pregnant"

"But how do I get him to come to the house?"

"On the day we will carry out this task, we will make sure that Ngozi will not be home, and you also hide Ugonna's phone somewhere after switching it off.
Reason for this is that, you will call Nduka, telling him that there is an emergency, so that he will run straight to the house without  getting Nduka on the phone"

"Mummy, you are a genius! Wow!!"

And just like they planned it, Nduka rushed down to the house thinking that something tragic was happening to his friend's wife.
"I have been trying to contact my husband, but his number is not reachable, can you take me to the hospital please, I'm feeling cold and pain all over my body" she said, lapping her body against Nduka's, seducing him on the process. And Nduka fell for the trick.

After that act, Nduka began lusting for her, they began dating secretly.
Weeks later, she found out she was pregnant.
"Are you serious? It's not for me, right?" Nduka asked

"It's yours"

"Then you will have to get rid of it?"

"Never, I'm not committing any murder."

"But it's not a murder, you are simply removing something you don't want in your body"

"No Baby, I'm not terminating our child. I'm dumping Nduka for you for the sake of this child. I should be with the father of my child, please"

"What am I going to tell my people?"

"You don't need to tell them anything. My people will simply return the bride price Ugonna paid on my head and that is the end of it. I don't love him anymore, you are the one that I want"

"But Ugonna is my friend, I don't want to betray him like this "

"You should be thinking about your child, your own blood and not Ugonna who is not even related to you in anyway" Diogor was able to convince him and Nduka accepted to marry her.

When she told Ugonna that she was no longer interested in the marriage, he thought that she was joking, that it can't be possible. He was dwelling on the love they shared together.
But when he found out that she really meant it, he nearly ran mad.
"After all we have been through, you are saying you want to leave me?"

"Ugonna, marrying you was a mistake. I'm not cut in for this kind of life, I can't continue living like this, It's over please."

"Have you forgotten that you and your mother are the reason I'm in this position? Have you forgotten?"

"That shows you are not man enough. A woman is telling you what you should do? I'm going biko" She said, leaving, dragging her bag along with her while Ugonna cried, asking her to come back, that he can't live without her. He continued begging. When the mother saw what was happening, she prayed it to be exactly what she was thinking.
"Let it be she is going for good"

And when he sighted his mother watching them, he felt horrible and ashamed. Her words against him marrying Diogor came ringing on his head.
Finally, Diogor left. It was as if the world had ended for him. He couldn't believe it, he wept bitterly. His mother didn't bother to ask him what was happening, she was glad that Diogor treated him that way so that he will regret all his actions, how he treated his family because of her.

Ugonna lost the courage to face his mother and ask for forgiveness. He began thinking how Diogor came into his life and ruined his relationship with his family.
The next day, still thinking about his life, his eyes caught a leaf that was under the bed.
He bent and picked it up and was shocked.
"She is one month pregnant, but how come? For the past two months, we didn't do anything, how come she is pregnant? No, she will have to explain this to me. I must go to her house and find out why she hid this from me"
But when he got there, he was dumbfounded to see Diogor and Nduka standing close together, kissing as they were about entering the car.
When they sighted him, they hurriedly entered the car and left, because they knew he will react aggressively.

Ugonna felt like committing suicide at that spot. He continued looking at Nneoma who was also looking back at him to know what he will say or do. His mind then flashed to when his mother was telling him that Nneoma is not a good woman to make in-laws with.

Knowing that he won't do anything, Nneoma hissed and went inside her house, jamming the door.

Ugonna did not know what to do next, the only thing that came to his mind was his sister.
Out of heavy heart, he ran straight to Dimma's restaurant, saw her discussing with somebody. He knelt in front of her, not minding the people that were around

"Ugonna, what are you doing?"

"Ezigbo nwa Nnem! My precious sister, emejogom gi (I have wronged you) I want you to forgive me. I am the biggest fool that has ever lived. I allowed a woman to destroy our family's relationship. Now, that woman has dumped me for my friend, after all I did for her" he continued crying, begging, saying that he won't stand up until he receive forgiveness.

After everything, Dimma and his mother forgave him and they began living happy again. Ugonna was able to recover from the heart break with the love of his sister. Dimma later helped him and secured for him to travel out of the country.

Diogor later got married to Nduka but got divorced two years later.
Nduka brought her back to her mother, saying that he can't continue keeping her as his wife, that she doesn't have any wife material qualities in her.
She never stopped crying after she heard about Nduka marrying another woman.
6 years after Ugonna travelled, he became rich and then thought it wise to return to his village and marry the woman his mother found for him.
When she heard the news of Ugonna's return, she made plans of going to his house to beg him to accept her back, that she was willing to be a good wife to him, but she was disappointed. Ugonna already had a fiancee.
On the day of Ugonna's wedding to his new wife, Diogor began fighting her mother, Nneoma, that she was the reason for her predicament. That she failed to be a good mother to her.
"And now, I will end up miserable and lonely just like you. You will regret this, God will punish you, I swear" she continued to lay curses on her mother.

Dimma's Dish continued flourishing, giving births to new branches in different states of the country.
Yea, she too later got married to a wealthy man who never stopped been proud of her.
Ugonna never stopped seeing his sister, Dimma as his idol who made him what he was.
Everybody was happy except Diogor and Nneoma who lived on the mat they set for themselves.

Life is a lesson, Ngozi Lovelyn is a teacher. Don't stop grabbing the messages her stories bring.

What did you learn from this story,
My Sugar Baby by Ngozi Lovelyn?

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