My Sugar Baby - Episode 18 by Ngozi Lovelyn

Ugonna left rejoicing that his business was saved. That Dimma will no longer be a threat to him again. He then brought out his phone to call Diogor and narrated everything that happened.
"It's a lie... I can't believe you could handle the situation like that"

"My dear o, I can't just keep quiet and watch that girl ruin my life."

"But what has gotten into that sister of yours? Why is she behaving like that, you are her brother for crying out loud. I like the way you thought her a lesson, so that she will realise that you are her elder"
"Yes, she will soon learn the type of person I am and learn to respect me. Please, let's talk about us and forget that useless sister of mine"

"Yea Baby, I'm here, let's talk about us"

"I want us to see and discuss about our future"

"Really" Diogor already knew the area he was about going

"Yes my sugar Baby, it's time to start making arrangement, I can't wait any longer"

"Aww Baby, I can't wait to finally be yours."

" I will be coming to see your people this Sunday to collect list for the marriage rites, hope the day will be OK by you?"

"Yes off course, it's very perfect...... So happy to hear this baby... So it's finally happening. I can't wait to share this good news with my mother, I am so happy.."

"Yes my love, I'm happy you accepted to marry me"

"You are the only man that I love, the only man that I want to marry" She replied as they continued professing their love.

Mrs Edith who couldn't control her anger asked some of her workers to follow her to meet Dimma and teach her a lesson, but when she got there, what she saw melted her heart. She felt weak instantly.

Dimma's voice was heard echoing in the empty place, singing aloud to the Lord. Her eyes were tight closed, singing in spirit. She was oblivious of what was happening in her environment, that some people were standing at the entrance of the warehouse.

Edith couldn't help listening to her prayers.
The things she was asking God clearly opened her eyes to the kind of person she was.
The one that melted her the most was when she was asking God to bless Mr Jide and his family for giving her the place, that the good Lord will continue blessing him for helping the poor people.
Then, Edith began looking at her appearance.
"She look so descent, is that young man sure of what he said or could it be that my soft spot is trying to over shadow my judgement? No, I have to stop her this very minute" as she was about making another move, Dimma released another prayer that gave her goose bumps. She was lamenting to God how her brother had been treating her and also requested him to protect her from her brother's hatred. That she knew that he might be thinking on how to stop her business... And then, Edith realised that Ugonna was only trying to use her to destroy Dimma's business.... And then, she began pitying her and owed to help her.
My Sugar Baby by Ngozi Lovelyn..

Sorry it's too short today, the next chapter will start tomorrow...

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