My Sugar Baby - Episode 16 by Ngozi Lovelyn

When Dimma returned in the evening, her mother informed her that Ugonna requested her to see him once she returns.
She said OK and headed to her room.
Ugonna heard when she returned and also heard the mother giving her the message, he then began expecting her in his room.
1hour later, he was still expecting her, but no sound was heard from her.

"What's still keeping her or is she expecting me to come to her room instead? Hmm, that girl sef, she is so stubborn. She loves challenging me, she has forgotten completely that I'm her elder brother, that I deserve some respect. Let me give her few more minutes to show up here"
Ngozi was also listening to hear when Dimma will be entering Ugonna's room, but no sound was heard.
"Does it mean she did not hear the message I gave her?" She asked entering inside, to Dimma's room. She found her writing something.

"Dimma, have you answered your brother?"

"I will answer him" she replied

"You will answer him, but you are still here?"

But Dimma ignored her and continued doing what she was doing.

When she noticed that Dimma really don't want to answer Ugonna, she tried scolding her, but she was interrupted.

"Mama, don't pretend like you don't know what is happening in this house. If your son wants to speak with me, he should come to me instead. Right now, I'm busy, please"

"Hei! Chineke Nna!(God) When will all this end? Dimma, have you forgotten he is your elder brother, how did you expect him to come to you?"

"Oooom Mama! You are distracting me, I will leave this room for you now"

Seeing how flared she felt, she decided to let her be and then went outside.
Pride did not allow Ugonna to meet Dimma in her room.
"She wants to open a restaurant business, right? Let's see how she will succeed without me. She is proving stubborn abi? We shall see, she will regret ever riding on her brother. She is proving to me that she has grown wise, but she is nothing, she is a foolish girl who doesn't know anything, stupid thing" he continued insulting her boldly to her hearing, expecting her to react, so that he will get the opportunity he was looking for, but Dimma kept mute. No sound was heard from her.

"Can't you keep quiet, don't you know that it's night, and neighbours might be hearing what you are saying?" Ngozi tried calming him down..

But Dimma's silence was becoming an insult to his personality.
"Can you imagine how this girl keeps insulting me? I have totally lost my respect from her. Imagine Dimma, ignoring me as if one deadly disease. When did it get to this stage?" He said in his heart, searching for means to have a word with Dimma, but all his efforts were abortive..

Days later, Dimma succeeded in finding a space that will be suitable for her business, but the location was a shock to everybody.

"Guy, how far" Mr Vincent greeted Ugonna, who was sitting in front of his restaurant.

"I dey, what's up?" He replied

"Nna, obodo di tight, walahi" (things are hard, seriously)

"It's everywhere my brother, there is nothing we can do, na aka Chukwu ka anyi no (we are in God's hands) "

"Nawao...abeg what's on your menu today" Vincent asked

And Ugonna told him...

Vincent then placed his order.

"Ehe, that reminds me, I just saw your sister, Dimma cleaning that warehouse that is down there" Vincent said, pointing the direction

"Cleaning it for what? Is she now a cleaner?" Ugonna asked

But Vincent was shocked at the question. Dimma told him that it was her new restaurant, so he expected Ugonna to tell him something similar.

"I thought it's your new branch? Because, Dimma told me that it's the place she found for the new restaurant she will be opening soon"

And Ugonna wasn't happy about it.
"That girl wants to ruin me!"

"You want to tell me that you don't know anything about it?"

"She said she wants to establish her own business, but not knowing that she will be finding a space that will be very close to mine. This girl surely wants keep me out of business"

"Which means, it's not your new branch?

"No, not mine"

" You know, when she told me that it's her new restaurant, I was asking myself if your thinking faculty was still complete, that you should have gone to another place and establish a new branch and not a place that is very close to your former one"

"I can't be that foolish naa" Ugonna replied.

"Guy, this will spell doom for you o. You know how people love Dimma. Once they find out that she now has her own restaurant, to tell you the truth, you will loose all your customers, they will stop coming here. And I must be frank, including me, except you will be giving me food for free." Vincent said, releasing a joking smile.

What Vincent said pushed Ugonna up from his seat. He began breathing heavily.

"Guy, what is it? Did I say anything wrong?" Vincent asked, looking at Ugonna who was standing, looking furious.

"Dimma will never succeed in disgracing me in this village, that thing she is looking for, she will surely get it. It's now obvious she wants war with me, her own brother. I need to meet with the Landlord of that place"

"Meet the Landlord, but for what?"

"Dimma will loose that place and also the money. She will loose everything. Let me see how she will stand to challenge me again... I will tell her that I sucked our mother's breast before her..."

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My Sugar Baby by Ngozi Lovelyn

To be continued..

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