My Sugar Baby - Episode 14 by Ngozi Lovelyn

Ngozi hurriedly went to the eldest member of her husband's family and narrated what happened to him.

"Are you sure of what you are saying? I can't believe that Ugonna would do such a thing to his own sister. I don't believe that, it's certainly not possible"

"It's what happened, I'm short of words myself. I'm even ashamed telling somebody that my own son got his own blood sister arrested based on a fabricated story. Please, I need you to help me get her released. I don't want my daughter to spend any more minute in that police station"

"If my brother were to be alive to see his son this moment, he will skin him alive. Who doesn't know how sweet and hardworking Dimma is, she won't fall to that level, certainly not an armed robber. Don't worry, let me wear my cloth and inform my brother. Dimma needs to leave that place with immediate effect" Dee Ikenna assured, entering inside to get dressed.
Nneoma and Diogor were still harbouring their fears, on what will happen if the police take the matter further.

"Mother, please come up with an idea naa. I'm scared, I don't want Ugonna to find out, because if he do, I will loose him forever and no man will marry me again in this village"

"Keep shut for one minute Diogor and stop interrupting my thinking. Are you not a human being? Use your own brain for once please"

"I am sorry mother, just that I'm nervous. My brain can't think of anything right now"

And Nneoma hissed and continued thinking on how to get Ugonna to release Dimma.
Ebube was no longer herself. She kept her eyes fixed at the entrance, thinking on when the policemen will come to arrest her.

"What is Nneoma still waiting for naa? She ought to have come up with an idea by now. As for me, I won't smell the walls of that prison cell, never! I need to run away from here, but before I do that, let me call her first to know what's still keeping her." She then called and her number was " busy"

"Number Busy? Maybe, she is talking to Ugonna. Let me wait a little"

Truly, Nneoma was talking to Ugonna, asking her to release Dimma at once otherwise, she won't allow him see her daughter again.

"Ugonna, I can't believe that you could get your own sister arrested, are you that mean and wicked?"

"But Ma, she robbed my restaurant?"

"Then you caution her or punish her in any other way you can and not getting her arrested. Wait a minute! Is that the way you will be treating my daughter after you marry her?"

"No Ma! It's not like that. This case is different, it's a criminal case."

"Listen Ugonna, I won't have you maltreat my daughter in the future. For doing this to your own sister means that my daughter's future happiness is not guaranteed. You won't hesitate to maltreat her at any slightest provocation. Please, don't call her again. I won't have her going out with somebody like you, because you are terrible and wicked." She hissed and then hang up

"Oh damn! Which means I'm not supposed to have Dimma here. I better get her released so that I don't loose Diogor"

He was still thinking over the call he received, Diogor's call came in.

"Hello Baby" she greeted and began crying.

"My Sugar Baby, why are you crying? You know I don't like it when you cry like that?"

"Baby, my mother is planning to separate us because of your sister, please I don't want to loose you. I can't live without you. Please, release your sister. Release her please, I beg you" she continued crying

" Sugar, that's what I'm about doing now. I will withdraw the case right away. Stop crying my Sugar. Stop crying OK... I never knew that my actions will stir up her anger like that, I'm sorry about that"

"Just do it now Baby, please. Making Dimma miss the exam is enough punishment, you went over board by getting her arrested. You were extreme and my mother is worried on the kind of husband you will become. Please do as she said, I don't want her to become an obstacle to our relationship"

"You know I love you from my heart, you mean everything to me, so your wish is my command, I won't allow anything to come in between our happiness. So, I will get Dimma released at once. I'm withdrawing the case now."

"Good, when you do that, just let me know so that I will inform her"

"Alright my Sugar"

He said and then ended the call.
And Diogor burst into laughter............
"Mother, I can feel him panicking, shivering not to loose me...... He is releasing her this very minute"

"You will be a very good actress o, why not enroll as one? The cries sounded so real" Nneoma said, smiling

"Abi! I think I will do great as an actress" Diogor replied, smiling along

Now let me call Ebube and give her the latest development.

Ugonna later withdrew the case. Before Ngozi and her husband's elder brother arrived the police station, Dimma was already outside, trying to return home.

"Mama, Dee Ikenna, you are here?" She asked, standing by the side of the road

"Yes my daughter, we came to release you."

"Hmm, he withdrew the case but Mama, my exam, I missed my exam. He intentionally did it for me to miss the exam. Mama, I will never forgive your son. From this moment, I have lost a brother named, Ugonna. He said that I should thank my stars that Nneoma and her daughter pleaded for my release, that if not for them, I would have rotten in prison where I belong."

"He said that?"

"Yes Mama, I think it's a combined effort of Nneoma and Diogor to make me loose my exam. So after the incident in the restaurant, they still vowed not to see me happy. I heard all the accusations they levelled against me. But not to worry, we are still in this world, we will see how everything goes." She was still talking when Ugonna approached.

"Oh Mama, you are here. I withdrew the case and your daughter couldn't even say "thank you". See how disrespectful she is" he said, expecting a response from the mother, persuading Dimma to thank him, but he was ignored. Instead, she calmly grabbed Dimma's hand and said:
"Come my daughter, let's go home."

"Can you see that? My mother siding with her daughter." He said, complaining to Dee Ikenna

But his uncle shunned him. "If my brother who was your father were to be alive, he would have disowned you this instant. I am highly disappointed at you, living under the advice of a strange woman...that Nneoma and her witch daughter. Shame to you..... I can't believe that a son born of my brother would get manipulated by a woman. Ugonna, trust me, you are not a man. You are not man enough.. Shame"... Dee Ikenna left, to catch up with Ngozi and Dimma.

"Hey! Dee Ikenna, even you? You did not even know what the matter was and you are scolding me. You are not so different from me too. You are believing what my mother said, is she not a woman as well? Infact, join them, support them instead of supporting your brother's son. Nonsense...." He fired at his uncle and began murmuring in anger "I don't know why Nneoma asked me to withdraw the case, Dimma should have allowed to remain in prison for the rest of her life. Who knows what she will do next. I better guard my restaurant"
My Sugar Baby by Ngozi Lovelyn

To be continued....

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