Why telling me to post it here, are you OK?

Can you show me a man who is doing a business and sells his goods for free? You that keeps asking me to "post it here", I really need you to show me one.
I always laugh at people who steal other people's works/books and share them on their social media pages, lying that they are the original authors, not knowing that they are merely placing curses on themselves.
If you have a clear understanding of how inspirations come, you won't even dare try such reckless act. Sometimes, in the middle of the night, enjoying your sleep, you will get a tap to wake up. At that point, you will have no other option than to respect the spirit that came to give you a message. Then, you will see yourself, grabbing your pen and began writing.
We are mere humans, we write stories according to the way holy spirit directs us. Have you ever wondered how a mere human can have the strength, ideas to write stories that will correspond to the exact real life events, have you ever asked yourself that? Sometimes, when I look at my works, I mashed with wonders.
And people in their sane minds will steal this work and be posting to their followers on Facebook for free, and these followers will be patronising these stolen goods. What difference does it make, are they not sharing the same curse? Stealing a book inspired by the holy spirit is just like, stealing from God himself. And such followers, when they come here, they will expect me to start posting for free, thinking that I'm also thief as well.

What will be my gain as the writer after all the sweat, cracking of brains, depriving myself of so many social activities, sometimes depriving myself of food and sleep just to make sure that I finish up the piece, just tell me, what will be my gain?
And you will want me to share it for free on Facebook so that I will become what?
You think I'm one of those people who steal from other people and share freely on Facebook?
You subscribe your DSTV, GOTV, you buy the movies you watch, the music you listen to, you also subscribe to stay online, so why do you want my own case to be different? I want you to tell me.

Last year alone, I wrote about 18 books, don't you know that I consumed a lot of time writing all those books, and you still want me to share them here for free, are you just OK? Or you are just following trends that kept commenting "post it here"?
Some even lie that their phones can't open the link, but their phones can open links of other people's sites. Why will my own case be different?

If you are selling your goods for free, I want you to tell me, maybe I will adjust my knowledge and begin sharing my books for free.

I am Ngozi Lovelyn, the author of so many books. I have accepted this as my career, that's why I ventured into movies to complete my talent.
If you expect me to go to other people's pages, steal their works and post here for you for free, then I am sorry to disappoint you. I have a reputation to build, I have my integrity to maintain and my pride to protect.
I don't want to attract any curse to myself by collecting glory for a work that doesn't belong to me. Who knows, the angel that inspired that particular work might be an aggressive one.

I want you to know that you are here, to read unique stories solely written by Ngozi Lovelyn.
Don't go about patronizing stolen stories, so that the blessings attached to the message the story brought will also shower on you.
Stories are just like holy books. People get inspired from them just like Bible does.
So be careful.... Don't tell me to beg in the street while sharing my talents for free on social media. God gave each and every one of us a particular gifts to help sustain us in life and when you appreciate and patronize other people's gift, supporting them in anyway you can, believe me, you are placing a very big blessings on yourself and also opening the doors of your own talents as well. God never relent in pouring his blessings on people like you.
So don't ever tell me to share my works for free, so that you don't block the doors of your own talents as well.
Sorry for this long post.... Just wanted to open our minds to some of the mistakes we make in life, blocking the favours that are meant to unlock our God given talents/gifts.
Let he who have ear listen..

From yours lovely... Ngozi Lovelyn.

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