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When you decide to live the life of lies, have all the assurance that it's exactly what life will be bringing back to you, you might not know it, but it's the reality.
Tolu, a young vibrant university graduate who survived the harshness of his school days with the help of series of sugar mummies he kept. When he graduated newly, the desire to struggle to make ends meet was far from crossing his mind. His wish was to hook up with a rich desperate lady who will take care of his bills and channel him into marriage, but that was far from coming. He tried fashioning his way into the lives of some rich single ladies he came across with, but none was ready to give him a chance into her life. And this got him wondering why he was so difficult to get a single desperate lady who will be ready to see life exactly the way he wished. He then decided to talk to his friend, Tino about it.

"I thought they are "desperate" for marriage, but why are they not ready to hook up with a serious guy like me? Getting a Sugar Mummy is just like a flip of finger to me, but why are these single desperate ladies proving so stubborn to get? Please Tino, can you tell me what is wrong with them?"

Looking at how worried Tolu looked, Tino burst into laughter, while staring at him.

"Tino, I am serious here. I am so serious, this is getting me confused"

"Tolu, we are through with serving our father's land. We are through with the "National Youth Service Corp", you can no longer rely on the allawee (Nickname for the Federal Government Allowance paid to Youth Corp members, the Nigerian university graduates serving the nation). You are now on your own, Tolu. It's time you hustle to make money."

"Yes Tino, what I am doing is still part of hustling. The economy is hard, I don't have strength to wait for that long before I can finally make it. Please, I am still waiting for your answer, tell me, what do you think is the reason behind the series of rejection I have been receiving from them, I mean the desperate chics?"

"But Tolu, you are so funny ooo. You are hustling for an already made babe but you don't even know the tricks on how to go about it, you amuse me, seriously"

"Tino, are you now insulting me because I asked you a simple question?" Tolu asked, looking playfully angry

"No Tolu. Ok, let me give you the reason. You see, girls have gotten wise this days. They know how to differentiate a gold digger from a real man. You are using the same style you use in chasing after married women to seek out for them. The difference between Married and Single ladies is that, the married ones are ready to spend, they only thing they want from you is to give them what they want, but this rich single ladies desire you to belong in the same category as them. At least, you should belong in their category and also have something to offer before they can even listen to you, so that they won't see you as a gold digger. So you now see the difference?"

Tolu who immediately understood what Tino said, jumped up from his seat, saying; "Off course! Off course Tino, you are so right, Tino. Oh my world! How come I did not think of this before? This is the reason they have not been able to look at me and let alone listening to me. Tino, I have met countless of them, but the disgusting looks they rain on me is something else. Damn it! But since this is exactly what they want, I am going go give it to them"

"Tolu, I am still advising you, you won't gain anything by living this kind of life. You began depending on sugar mummies for survival when you were in school, and now, you have become so lazy that you can no longer hustle genuinely as a real man. Go and look for a job like other men do and stop depending on women?"

"Tino, I won't lie to you, I am now addicted to their money. I think it's my destiny."

"Taa, get away you. How can you say it's your destiny?"

"Tino, please what we should be discussing about now is how to find a rich girl?"

"Tolu, you are not serious. Please I'm going inside to take my bath, while you continue dwelling in your fantasy" Tino said, getting up from where he was sitting.

After Tino left, Tolu began scouring for an idea....
He then remembered his friend, Gilbert.
"Yes, Gilbert, he is rich, but courtesy of his brother who is based in Malaysia. I can flaunt his cars, his house as mine and woo any girl I want. If I have known that this is what they want, I would have done it a long time ago. But the issue now is, will Gilbert accept to help me? Tolu, there is no need thinking, you have to make a move first. But I just hope he agrees"

So after relaying his wish to Gilbert, at first he declined to help him, but when Tolu promised to settle him, he then decided to give him a listening ear.
"Tolu, you know it's my brother's house and the cars also belong to him?"

"Yes I know, but when does he normally enter the country?" Tolu asked

"Hmm, just once in every 6 months, he is not married yet, so he doesn't have much thing bringing him into the country." Gilbert said

"But Gilbert, your brother has already made you rich, why are you still doing " Yahoo Yahoo business? And the money you are getting from there is already enough, why do you still want me to be paying you for using your brother's house and his cars?"

His question made Gilbert laughed softly and he said: "Tolu, nothing is free in this world. So you think that the cars and the house are the only thing you will be using? Don't you know that I will be lending you my designer cloths as well? You have to appear rich for them to have the conviction that you are well to do. You don't have to worry, I know of a night club in Abuja here where you can meet rich and desperate ladies who will not even mind spending huge sums of money for you to have them as a wife"

"Please where and when are we going? I can't just wait Gilbert, I am so desperate." Tolu asked

"Calm down Tolu, you will get to meet them soon" Gilbert said

Stephanie, a young graduate, a professional Runs Girl who had joined her friends in Abuja.
She went there to continue with her hustling business..
She also see life in the same perception as Tolu. They don't believe in genuine aspect of life. She wants to survive through shortcut means. She spent her university days, dwelling on sugar daddies for survival. And another thing she had in common with Tolu was "lies". They were skilled in lying their way through. They will make you believe that a black colour has suddenly turned white. And while looking at it, you will easily believe that the colour is purely white. Steph made it clear to her friends that she had graduated, that her main reason of coming to Abuja was to hook up with a rich guy who would take her to the alter.
She also believed that, rich guys only go for rich girls, and won't mingle with poor girls. She had the notion that they see them as "gold diggers", that's why they go for their likes.

They both happened to be present at the night club Gilbert took Tolu to.
And these fake duos met each other, with Tolu lying skillfully, making Steph believing he was a multi millionaire business man, while Steph lied as well that she was a rich entrepreneur.
They never knew that they both came from a very poor background.


"Babe can I borrow your car for tonight? I promise, there won't be a scratch on it" Steph begged her friend, Floxy.

"But Steph, why not call a taxi?" Floxy asked

"You know the reason I came to Abuja, so using the car will hasten things for me. And I heard that some important men will be hitting the club tonight, why not join me?" Steph asked

"No Steph, I have some important work I need to take care off this night, you can go and please, drive carefully and handle the car with care, I don't want any story." Floxy calmly warned.

"I know babes, you don't have to worry" Steph assured

At the club, Floxy was on solo, enjoying a glass of wine. She wore one of the designer attires one of her sugar daddies bought for her.
Steph was a poor girl who appeared classy. She can pose for Africa, and can form her way through.
The moment Gilbert sighted her, sipping her glass of wine, he quickly concluded that she was made.

He then nudged Tolu.
"Guy, I think I have found the right girl for you"

"Where is she sitting?" He asked, looking at the direction Gilbert fixed his eyes.

"See her over there." Gilbert said, looking at her as well.

"You mean the one on yellow outfit?" Tolu asked

"Ye......sssss, she is"

"But Gilbert, how do you know she is the type I'm looking for?" Tolu asked, still looking at Steph

"See the wine in her hand. A glass of it cost 75 thousand naira, and looking at her, nobody bought it for her. She is all alone"

"Oh boy! Are you for real?" Tolu asked, trying to make a move

"But where are you going?" Gilbert asked

"To meet her off course, before another person does"

"No Tolu, you can't meet her like that. You have to go with a glass of the wine too"

"What? But you just said that the price is 75k"

"Yes, you have to buy it"

"Guy, you are not serious. I believe the girl will accept me, weighing the expensive wrist watch I'm wearing, the expensive cloths, and also the car key. I will flaunt it for her to see, she will definitely fall for me, just watch out" Tolu said, stepping out to meet Steph.

"Tolu, you don't know how things operate here in ABJ. If you don't want to listen to me, then go. But don't say I did not warn you. You will be there talking to her, another man approach, carrying a glass of the wine on his hand and she will ignore you and concentrate on the guy"

"But Gilbert, that kind of money is too much for me to spend. I can't just waste it on a drink I did not even bargain for"

"Tolu, think of what you will gain after getting her. The girl is made, so don't fall your own hand here. POS gadget is here, use your ATM card and get your own glass too"

After seeing some senses in what Gilbert said, Tolu reluctantly went to the Bar stand and ordered for a glass.
"Oh God, I hope I won't regret spending this money" he was still calculating how much that will be left in his bank account when the bar attendant presented him with his own glass of the wine.

He then stylishly carried it and began approaching Steph.

Steph who saw him coming began mesmerising in fantasy. She began calculating the things he was wearing and then wished for him to come to her table.
'Oh mehn! This guy is just made. Where is he going, please come to my side, just come please," she wished

As she desired it, Tolu ended up on her table.
"Hello beautiful Lady, can I please join you?"

"Hmm, Ok.. you can" she replied with a faint smile

"Thank you Beautiful" Tolu said, sitting down, dangling the car keys for her to see.

"What car key is that? I can't see anything, but the design of the key shows that he is riding a very expensive car. So Steph, tonight will be your lucky moment, better play your game well" she said in her heart

After Tolu sat, a discussion ensued.

Gilbert who had been trying to take a good look at Steph was finding it difficult to see her face. The dim lights never gave justice to that.
"I can't see the girl's face clearly, but from the little view I can grab from here, she is beautiful." Gilbert said, waiting for Tolu to finish.

The discussion between Tolu and Steph was progressing and Tolu was rejoicing in his heart his prayer was finally answered.

After the meeting, Tolu and Steph exchanged contacts. They were so happy that they had gotten serious with the type of person they want.
After that night, they began speaking with each other on the phone. Building a strong relationship based on pure lies.

After 9 days they met at the club, and calling each other on the phone, they booked for a meeting.

"So Gilbert, you will have to leave the house, so that Steph won't get to see you" Tolu said, looking around the house making sure that everything was set so that nothing will burst his bubbles.

"Tolu, you funny die. Don't you think that you need me here? You should present me as your errand boy or a domestic servant"

"Oh yea! Gilbert, you are always full of ideas."

"Yes naa, since the girl will be staying for the Weekend, where do you expect me to be sleeping then?"

"Yes Gilbert, I did not even think of that. I will say you are my errand boy then"

"Correct" Gilbert affirmed

"Soon, Stephanie will be here, and thank you for doing this for me. Thanks for helping out" Tolu appreciated

"You don't have to thank me, na your money naa. Have you forgotten my settlement? I'm not doing it for free, you know" Gilbert reminded

And Tolu hummed and said: "Yea, I know."

About 1hr later, Stephanie arrived.

On sighting her face, Gilbert got entangled by her beauty.
"Oh my world! I don't know that this girl is so beautiful. Choi! And on top that, she is extremely rich too. Tolu, you got yourself a gold. What a beauty"

"Gilbert, you see she is beautiful like an Angel?" Tolu asked Gilbert who was still lost admiring Stephanie's beauty.

"Guy, no be you I dey ask? No dey lost after my woman o.... And besides, have you forgotten your role as an errand boy? Behave yourself this minute naa.." Tolu said in a low tone

And then, Gilbert returned to his senses. He readjusted himself and appeared like a real errand boy, standing beside Tolu, waiting for Steph to park the car well.

When she finally alighted, Tolu approached and gave her a warm embrace.
"Welcome to my small home" he said

"Welcome Madam" Gilbert greeted, bowing low

"That's Gilbert, my errand boy" Tolu introduced.

"Welcome Ma" Gilbert greeted again

"Errand boy? I see! Here, my bag, carry it" Stephanie said, throwing it at Gilbert, acting like real boss ladies do.

"What nonsense?" Gilbert exclaimed in his heart.: "What an insult! Stephanie, thank your stars that we are targeting at something, otherwise....... Hmm...."

Tolu who saw what happened, signalled Gilbert to relax and act along.

Stephnaie then began questioning herself if she did the right thing by throwing the bag at Gilbert like that.
"I don't even know why I did that. Anyway, that's the way some boss ladies behave, I have to give him the impression that I'm rich. But Stephanie, you have to be very careful so that you don't blow up your cover"

When Stephanie entered inside, she admired the interior decoration of the house.
"Oh wow! See house. Stephanie, believe it, this will soon be your house. Claim it, it will soon be your house" she said in her heart.

She then looked at Tolu and said: "Your house is nice"

"You mean here? Don't worry, you will get to see my new house soon. It's already in the completion stage, I will be packing in there in few months time"

"Oh my God! Stephanie, you don hammer. This guy is the real deal. Who knows how this his new house will be? Stephanie, better behave, so that you will end up as his wife" Stephanie said in her heart.

And Tolu who was busy creating lies kept looking at Stephanie's facial expression to know if she was buying all he was saying, and the way Steph was reacting proved to him that she was accepting all he was saying.
After the introduction and all that, Tolu took Stephanie to the room.

Later in the night, around 2am, Gilbert's phone began ringing, he then looked at the unknown number and began wondering who could be calling him at that time.
When he answered, he heard his elder brother's voice who made an emergency exit from Malaysia.
"Brother?" He called, looking at the number he called him with again and found out that it was truly, a Nigeria number

"Brother, you are in Nigeria? How come, you did not inform me before arriving the country?"

"Gilbert, I am already in a Taxi, I will explain when I get to the house"

"OK...kkk.....k, be...coming" Gilbert said, stammering and then ended the call.. "This is not good at all, this is not good."

He then rushed to his brother's room to inform Tolu the unexpected development.
He knocked for Tolu to open the door, but he was not opening. He and Steph had too much to drink.
He continued banging the door, but there was no response and Gilbert was becoming anxious that his brother will soon get home since the airport was not that far from their house.

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