Nonsense Mistake - Episode 19 (The End)

"Oluchi, I will show you today that you are nothing but a fool. You sent some guys to track my movement, abi? No wahala. This is my game and it will go according to my plans" Ofoma said in his heart, controlling the steering.
But before the men could know what was happening, they lost him.
So instead of telling Oluchi about it, they kept it to themselves so that she won't start bugging them to look for him and besides, she had already balanced them their remaining money that morning with hope that nothing would get in her way again.

The time she was calling Ofoma on the phone to come and get ready, he and Chidimma were already in the church having their wedding. And she was getting worried.

9:40 am, Ofoma had not been seen.
Oluchi was no longer herself, she became anxiously desperate.
"What is going on? And he is not answering his calls? What is really happening?" She feared, continued calling him.

Thinking of how humiliated she will be and broken if Ofoma didn't show up for the wedding, she became more desperate.

She then called the men she paid to track Ofoma.
When they answered the call, they told her that they had already left town for another business.

"What and you couldn't tell me before leaving, is it because I have completed your balance? Please, I want you guys back, my whole world is about to collapse. Ofoma is not here, he is not here"
"Well that is your problem, you told us that the business will expire today, so we are done." The gang leader said

"Listen here you moron, I said once Ofoma and I exchanged our marital vows, then you can leave, is that not our initial agreement? The reason I paid you in the morning was because, I will be very busy through out today, and won't have the time to complete your balance"

"You are now insulting me? Thank your stars that I'm not there, I would have mapped a slap on your face. Go deal with your problem" he said, disconnecting the call

"Listen to me..listen" Oluchi tried saying a word, but the gang leader hung up on her: "he hung up? What's going on here?" She furiously went rhetorical.
Checking the time, it was 10:05 am.
She then slumped on the chair.
Her make up artist urged her to get dressed incase Ofoma shows up.

"I don't think he is coming here, my enemies has succeeded in destroying my happiness. It was her, it was Chidimma. I knew she was planning something."

"Who is Chidimma?" The makeup artist asked

And just then, her phone rang..
"Oh my God! It's him...." She screamed answering the call

"Baby, where are you naa? I'm in the church now, but you are not here, what's still keeping you?" Ofoma asked

"What? You are in the church, but how come?" She asked, feeling relieved from her fears and worries.

"Baby, there is no time for questions, quickly do and get here please or don't you want us to get married again?" Ofoma asked, laughing in her in his heart.

"Off course I do, it's the only thing I wish for. Just give me 5 minutes, I will join you in the church" in deep joy, she disconnected the call, rushed her wedding gown and began heading to the church.

The moment she left, Chucks with Ofoma's apprentice began gathering her things.
When she reached there, she saw Ofoma and Chidimma on wedding attire taking pictures with some of their family members.

She couldn't believe her eyes. She began approaching them slowly, wondering what was happening.
When Ofoma sighted her, he nudged Chidimma.

"She is here, but Baby, let's mind how we approach her, we don't know if she is armed or not. Remember you said you had some men following you" Chidimma suggested

"That's why I have the policemen here, so she can't do anything"
They were still talking and Oluchi asked in a loud angry voice: "Chidimma, what are you doing here wearing a wedding gown?"

But Chidimma didn't utter a word, she kept looking at her approaching their direction.

When she got closer, she tried dragging Ofoma away from Chidimma. "Baby, let's go inside, the priest is waiting" she then got a flash from the wedding band on Ofoma's finger and quickly looked at Chidimma's finger and saw the the same wedding ring.

"You are shocked, right? What do you think, that I will leave Chidimma for you? So Oluchi, let me introduce my new wife to you. This is Chidim...."

But Oluchi interrupted him: "Ofoma, let's go inside for our wedding. You can't be joking with things like this" she requested, as her legs were already shaking, wishing for Ofoma to tell her that he was only joking.

"Yes, how can I be joking? I called you here to witness this union between me and my beautiful Love, the Angel of life." Ofoma said, as Chidimma cut in: "Yes Oluchi, how are you feeling now as you are having a taste of your own medicine? You see your life, you think that you own the world, that things will go according to your ways. No Oluchi, the world doesn't operate like that. The love Ofoma and I share is genuine and real.."

"Shut up your dirty mouth" enraged Oluchi cut in, raising her hand to slap Chidimma as Ofoma freeze it on the air.

"What do you think you are doing? Today is her wedding and you want to soil her makeup with that stinky hand of yours? Better respect yourself and return to that city you came from."

Oluchi who was burning in anger began threatening Ofoma.

"You won't get away with this. You two decided to play me, humiliate me in front of everyone. Ofoma, if I didn't make you regret this, then know that my name is not Oluchi"

"Yea yea...go on, keep talking, I have policemen here, and they are already recording all you are saying which will be used against you in the court of law in case any harm comes to us. So Oluchi, just know that you are now being watched by the law. if I were you, I will pray that nothing happens to us, otherwise you will have the law to deal with. And you think that I don't know about the touts you paid to follow me, to track my movement, but where are they now?" Ofoma asked, laughing mockingly

And then Oluchi knew that she can't do anything again, she burst into tears, leaving herself on the floor.

Her own family members began hurling insults at Ofoma and Chidimma for causing their daughter pains.

"Well, you all can insult us as much as you want, if only your daughter could tell you the truth of everything. She is the reason for what is happening to her now." He said, leaving, taking Chidimma by the hands.
"Ofoma, this is not over yet, I will be waiting for you guys at the house."

"Which house again? You don't even have any shame at all. For your information, you have been evicted from that house. Just wait for few more minutes, all your belongings will be brought to you here. And one more thing, I don't want to see you anywhere near my flat again, you get me? Off course you should, because I'm no longer using L in place of R again. Hmm, oh dear, I'm enjoying this show, revenge is always sweet mehn..." Ofoma laughed, entering the car.

Oluchi who couldn't take it tried to stop them, but got wedged by the policemen.

"They are leaving... He is leaving.. Ofoma please come back, the priest is waiting for us inside, sir please stop him, don't allow Chidimma to take him away, stop them please... Ofoma please come back!" she wailed in a deep angry voice, watching the cars leaving the church premise.

The moment they left, Chucks drove in straight to where Oluchi was sitting, crying.
"These are all your things in Ofoma's house. We took our time to bring everything here, none was left behind."

Oluchi felt her world collapsing right in front of her.
After everything she did to have Ofoma all to herself, but true love prevailed. True love always prevails.
In life, we loose some few things to get the desired things we want.
When Oluchi left Ofoma, he felt bitter, thinking that his world has finished, that he can't live without her, but little did he know that Oluchi's exit paved way for his true love, Chidimma. If she hadn't left, he wouldn't have had the opportunity of having the person of Chidimma in his life, a girl who turned out to be the exact woman he had always wished to have as a wife.
Let this story be a form of consolation, courage, strength and faith builder to anybody passing through any kind of heartbreak, disappointment or rejection.
Just know that things happen for a reason, and for the children of God, it will always be a blessing in disguise. It will always end in praise.

I still remain your humble writer, Ngozi Lovelyn.

The End of Nonsense Mistake Season 1

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