Nonsense Mistake - Episode 18 by Ngozi Lovelyn

After Ofoma called Chucks, telling him about Chidimma, he recalled Oluchi's threats.

"That girl was sounding serious, what if she is planning something? I better call Chidimma to stay put at where she is, Chucks will come there to meet her" he quickly picked his phone and began calling her

Chidimma who was already set to leave the hotel she lodged, began smiling looking at her phone screen.
"That's Ofoma, he is calling me back, he really can't wait to see me, and I can't wait to see him too." She said, tapping the acceptance note.
"Hello Baby, I am already set to leave"

"Baby, I think it will be best you remain where you are, Chucks will come and meet you there"

"O......k, but why?" She asked

Ofoma then began telling her all the threats Oluchi released.
"She is so serious and I'm suspecting she is planning something to make sure that nothing comes in the way of the wedding"

"Oluchi! Seriously, I can't believe that I was friends with such a person for a very long time."
"That is it. So in order for our plans to be successful, we need to tread with caution. So I will call Chucks now and tell him to come to that hotel and meet you. I will be calling you from here. Everything you will need is already set, I hired a lady who has been helping me with all the necessary things you will need. So all you need to do tomorrow is to see them all, if there is anyone you don't like, you request for a change immediately."

"Baby, I don't think I have any taste preference, having you back is enough for me. Even if I don't look good that day, it doesn't matter, since my happiness is by my side"

"You see why I love you so much, your simplicity. But this is your day we are talking about, you should look good my love, the make-up artist I hired is one of the best in town, the tailor that sewed your clothes for the trad, is also one of the best. Though they charged me a bunch, but you truly deserve them my Love"

Chidimma got shut listening to all Ofoma was saying, as tears rolled down her cheek. She was lost of the words to say.

"Are you still there?" Ofoma asked, checking if the network signal got interrupted.

And Chidimma replied in a faint voice "yes baby, I am here"

And noticing the weak voice, he asked her why he was sounding like that.

"No Baby, it's......its... just that I can't believe that this day would come, I......I.......I.." Tearful joy couldn't allow her finish her words..

And Ofoma was touched, his heart melted, he began blaming himself for putting her into so much stress, thinking that she had lost him forever.
"I am sorry my love for not carrying you along, it was a huge mistake on my part, you don't need to cry anymore, I'm here to shine a new light into your life, to take you to the next level of your life. You will rule my world with me, you are going to be the mother of my children and my earnest prayer is for them to be blessed with a good heart just like yours. I love you so much my Queen, my esteem treasure. So don't cry anymore, and please forgive me for keeping you in the dark, I will make it up to you on our wedding night, you can also beat me if you so desire"

So what he said made Chidimma laughed softly: "Hmm, that kind of beating...." She continued laughing and making Ofoma to laugh out loudly.

He laughed and forgot that Oluchi was still in the same flat with him.
"Oh my God! Baby, see what you are making me do. I forgot that Oluchi is nearby, she shouldn't find out that I'm talking to you"

On hearing that, Chidimma felt a bit jealous.
"Baby, can you swear to me that you haven't done a thing or two with that woman? I don't know why you allowed her to stay in your house"

"Come on Baby, you should know me by now and things I'm capable of doing. As I'm talking to you now, Oluchi hasn't entered my room since she came to this place."

"Hmm, is room the only place things can be done?"

And Ofoma laughed and said: "Baby, I'm assuring you, I'm still the way you left me, don't worry, on our wedding night, use your metre to check me, you will see that I'm still the way you left me"

And Chidimma burst into laughter, "check you with metre? Where can I find such metre?" She continued laughing... "But baby, won't she be hearing what you are saying?"

"No she can't, you know that the bathroom is very close the door, so I left the tap open"

"Really... You are so smart"

"Yes Love, I'm learning to be careful, you know that he who eats with the devil, eat with a long spoon" As he was still speaking, Chucks' call began buzzing his phone.
"Chucks is calling me now, let me answer him, will continue with our chat later, OK" he then ended the call.

Oluchi who overheard Ofoma's voice tiptoed close to his door to know if she could get a wind of his discussion, but the sound that was coming from the bathroom didn't give room for that.

"I'm sure he is on the call, but who could he be talking to? Are you sure Chidimma is not back?" She went back to her room, to call somebody to know if Chidimma had somehow returned.
And the person said No, that she hadn't been seen.
She then got relieved and said: "Chidimma, you better remain where you are and save me the stress of kidnapping you"

Ofoma's plan went exactly as he planned it. The tailor that sewed Chidimma's clothes for the traditional outfits got her size, just few amendments were made. And Ofoma had Chucks plan things for him, and making the men Oluchi stationed to follow him not to find anything unusual.

And finally, It's the day of the wedding, Chidimma was already set. Because of her extreme joy, she couldn't sleep a wink. As early as 4:15 am, she was already up, began getting ready for her day.
She then knelt and prayed for her wedding to be a success.
The presiding priest agreed to conduct the wedding for them by 8am.
About 6:15 am, Ofoma who had his main Suit at his friend's place lied to Oluchi that he needed to reach their wedding hall to make sure that things were in order.

"OK Baby, just do, it's very necessary." Oluchi replied, looking cheerful

"So Baby, the day is finally here, I cant wait for you to start answering my name. So please, get ready fast, we really don't need to be late to church" he urged, giving her assuring look that he was happy to be getting married to her. And she was so happy that her dream was finally coming through.

Immediately he left, she made a call asking if Chidimma had been somehow sighted, and they said "No".

"Good, that means, I was worried for nothing. Chidimma is a nobody, she doesn't even have any capabilities to push me into a panic, I don't know why I got worried in the first place, she can not even do anything. I wasted my money for nothing." She sighed

On stepping out, Ofoma noticed a Honda car that was parked close to his building. When he drove out, he also noticed that the car was following him.
"Is that car following me or what? OK, let me take this route to know if they will divert" and yet, they diverted. And later, he discovered that he was been followed.

"Oluchi, I know this is your handwork" he said, shaking his head and began devising a plan.

About 8:34am, Oluchi began calling Ofoma, to ask him where he was.
"He should be here to get dressed, what's keeping him"

To be continued.

Nonsense Mistake by Ngozi Lovelyn

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