My Sugar Baby - Episode 8 by Ngozi Lovelyn

My Sugar Baby - Episode 8 by Ngozi Lovelyn
"And what could that be?" Ugonna asked, sounding so interesting.

And Nneoma spoke up: "I have a friend who is a very good cook. You can hire her to start working at your restaurant"

"Oh, I haven't thought of this before. And I think it will be a very good idea. Other restaurant owners also do it. Yes, I think it's exactly what I need right now. Thank you for this idea"
"It's nothing." Nneoma replied

"So this your friend, where can I find her?" Ugonna asked

"Finding her won't be a problem, I only suggested the idea to you to know if you will be interested"

"Yes, I am very much interested. But does she know how to cook restaurant food very well? You know cooking at home food is different from commercial ones?"

"Yes, you can trust her on that. She knows how to cook very well. I have already spoken with her before you arrived here, and she gladly accepted, saying that she is willing to serve you. I can get her to come to your restaurant for interview, if you find her worthy, then tomorrow, she will start work immediately. Her name is Ebube"

"Then it's settled. Wow! You have eased my worries. I can't thank you enough for this"

And Diogor was happy. She also thanked her mother for thinking out a solution quickly...

Ugonna and Ebube later met, and he was convinced that she will do the job.

Later in the night, when Ugonna returned home, his mother called him and began giving him reasons why he should stop seeing Diogor.

"Listen Mama, that you suffered the same fate does not mean it will also happen to me. And besides, that woman you are
talking about helped me a lot today. Something you could not even do. You called your self my mother, but you have failed in your motherly duties"

"My son, why are you talking to me in such a rude manner?" Ngozi felt sad

"Yes, you hate me, Mama. You prefer your own daughter, that was why you supported her decision to do what she did today. Yes, her wish was granted, but Nneoma saved the situation."

"She saved the situation, how?"

And he began narrating how everything happened and how he hired Ebube.

"Wait my son, did you say her name is Ebube Ikpendu? She is tall, fair in complexion?"

"Yes Mama, it's like you know her very well"

And Ngozi stood in shock, placing her hands on her head.
"Why is history repeating again? Lord, why? Why my son? What have I done to deserve all this?" She then turned to her son and began urging him not to hire the woman.

"I don't know what you are talking about Mama. I just told you that I hired her today, she will start work tomorrow morning"..

"My son, you don't have to allow your anger to get the best of you. You shouldn't have arrived at that conclusion without first, discussing it with your own mother. I'm still alive my son, don't treat me as if I'm dead. Don't allow that woman near your business, she will destroy you"

"Mother, are you the one speaking or the anger in you? Why feeling jealous about this? Dimma made her decision and you failed to do something about it, so I have made mine, and you are trying to stop me, why?"

"I will talk to her this night, she must hear me out this night and resume work tomorrow morning. Just don't allow that Ebube near your business, my son please"

"No Mama, there is no need for that anymore. I don't want Dimma near that restaurant again. Better tell her that, you hear me?"

"Oh my son, don't talk like that, don't be stubborn, she is your blood sister. Can't you see what Nneoma is doing to us, she is turning you against your own family. I love all my children equally and you know that"
"Infact, I'm off to rest. I didn't tell you all this to seek for your permission, I'm only informing you. I want to go inside now"

"Ugonna, where are you going? We are not done talking, come back here" she urged authoritatively, but he ignored her.

"God, why me? And Dimma, she has seen what she caused now. Now, my children will become enemies all because of that woman. This is the kind of thing I was trying to avoid." She hurriedly went to Dimma's room and began telling her what happened.

"Is that why you are worried, Mama? He made his decision, there is no need stressing yourself about it"

"Dimma, if you fail to do something, that woman and her daughter will destroy your brother without showing any mercy"

"Then, that's his problem, not mine. It's the path he chose to follow, so why should I get worried? Mama, I have exam coming, so I'm getting prepared. I was reading before you entered" Dimma said, looking at the text book she placed on the table.

"Dimma, seems you are not understanding me. I want you to return to that place tomorrow morning and resume your work. Don't give any woman chance to handle your brother's business. Have you forgotten that you two started the business together?"

"Yes, and that was the part Ugonna chose to forget"..

"Oh! You are calling him now by his name? I see"

"Yes, his name is Ugonna, or does he have any other name?"

"You have to know that writing this exam without your brother's support will just be a waste of time. Have you thought of who will sponsor you in school?" Ngozi asked with teary eyes, looking at her to know what her reaction will be.

And Dimma looked at her, as their eyes clocked together.

To be continued..

My Sugar Baby - By Ngozi Lovelyn

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