My Sugar Baby - Episode 7 by Ngozi Lovelyn

My Sugar Baby - Episode 7 by Ngozi Lovelyn.
Bukky continued apologizing, fearing to be sacked.

Ugonna weakly sat down, began regretting his actions.
But was more angry with Dimma.
"Dimma, so you want to tell me that, without you this restaurant won't function, right? OK then, you have gotten your wish done. I will have to make up for the way I treated you." He then brought out his phone, about to call Dimma, and Diogor's call came in.

"Hello Baby" she greeted
"Hello" he responded and remained quiet

On noticing how calm he was, she began asking him what the problem was.

"My sister has proven to me that, this business can't move forward without her. Oh yea, she won, I accept it. I was about calling her now before your call came in"

"What? Can you imagine the kind of sister you have? So, she is now tussling power with you, that without her, you are nothing? Baby, trust me, it's time you do away with her. You don't need her in that place anymore. Does she want you to start worshipping her or something?"

"But there is nothing I can do. You needed to see the mess the workers made here today, it was terrible. And if things continue like this, that means my business will be locked up for good"

"Baby, a great man once said, if you want your business to prosper, remove family affair from it. You are thinking that your business won't prosper because of your sister's absence? You have to get rid of such mind set. Do you know what? Come to the house, I will tell you what to do.
Just come OK, we will think out a solution" Diogor urged.

And Ugonna agreed.

Diogor then went to her mother and began telling her what was happening.
"See the kind of sister he has. She is trying to prove a point now and with this thing that happened today, Ugonna won't be having the mouth to scold her again if she misbehaves"

"That is it Mama, that girl is so rude. Once I get married to Ugonna, I won't have her live under the same roof with me, I will make Ugonna throw her and her mother out of the house. I will make him throw everybody out from the house. Because, I don't have the strength to have people like that live with me in the same house, especially, that his mother. You know how much I detest dirty environment? The day he introduced me to his mother, the woman was smelling terribly. The odour that was oozing out from her body was something else. Dimma could not even advise her mother to be bathing properly."
And Nneoma continued laughing, listening to her daughter's disdain feeling towards Ngozi and her children.

Ngozi was just sitting at the front of her house, thinking on the day Ugonna introduced Diogor to her.
Then, she never knew that Diogor was Nneoma's daughter.
She also thought then, that they were mere friends, because that was what Ugonna told her.
"Ugonna my son, why that girl? Upon all the responsible girls in this village, you decided to choose that girl? I better advice him before it's too late. He should start making up his mind to leave her before she traps him forever. My son shouldn't suffer the same fate as I did" she feared in her heart, anxiously waiting for when Ugonna will return home.

When Ugonna reached Diogor's house, he was warmly welcomed by Diogor who kissed him deeply as he was still wrapping her in his arms.
"Baby, it's OK now, we will get through this, OK? We have come to find a suitable solution to this problem. Dimma has made one mistake she will stand to regret her whole life, so come in my love" she ushered him in

While they were standing in a romantic manner, Nneoma who was standing inside, was busy lusting over him.
She began imagining Ugonna on the bed with her.
"This man is just the type my body needs, how do I get my way into his body? I just want to know how. It won't be easy but I must surely get him, it's just a matter of some plans and be will fall right into my heart"
"Ugonna, you are here?" She asked

"Yes, good afternoon Ma" Ugonna greeted

"My daughter told me what happened, how Dimma wanted to make you regret what you did. So she want you to start worshiping her now as a goddess?"

"That's what it looks like o, I can't even believe that my own sister can be this wicked"

"I hate people who disrespect their elders. And your mother also, she failed to address the situation. She shouldn't have allowed her remain in that house in the morning. As a good mother should have done, is to force her out of the house. It means that she prefers her daughter to you. She hates you. That is so bad of her, so bad. She is not a good mother, at all. Loving one child over the other"
And Diogor added to what her mother said

"My mother and I love you very much, we can't stand seeing you in pain, and that was why we have come up with a lasting solution to this problem"

To be continued in the evening.

My Sugar Baby - By Ngozi Lovelyn

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