My Sugar Baby - Episode 6 by Ngozi Lovelyn

My Sugar Baby - Episode 6 by Ngozi Lovelyn
When Ngozi came outside, she saw Dimma carrying bucket to fetch water.

"Ah ah! My daughter, you are still here?"

"Yes Mama. I want to go and take my bath"

"Are you not going late to the restaurant?"

"No Mama, I won't be going there today. I want to go and register for JAMB"
"Oh, I even forgot you said something like that. So has he given you the money?"

"No mother, I will use my savings for it. I don't have any other option."

"But he promised to give you the money, why not wait for him to give it to you?"

"To give me what? N4,000? Mama, he made it clear yesterday that he will be giving me only 4,000, so what's the need of waiting for him?"

"Don't tell me you are still angry with him over what happened yesterday, you know he is your elder brother, you shouldn't be angry that much"

"Mama, like I said, I won't talk to him again until he apologize to me"

"No my daughter, don't talk like that, he is your elder. Don't expect him to apologize, don't do that please, it's not a sign of respect."

"But I'm also a human who deserves some respect as well. That he is my elder doesn't mean he should disrespect and treat me like a trash all because of that Diogor or whatever they call her"

"It's OK my daughter, I don't want you to carry this anger to bone. I want you to branch at the restaurant first before going for your JAMB stuff, you know you are the chief Cook there, don't you think that things will be a mess if you are not around?"

"Yes Mama, that is exactly what I want, so that he will realise how valuable I am in that place. I know how much I suffered to build that business to that stage, so I want him to realise all that today. He is enjoying the prosperous nature of the business without knowing the main person involved. So I want him to.."

"To realise all that today" the mother cut in, completing the sentence: "But what is your gain now? Keeping malice with your brother? Challenging him? Tussling power with him?"
"I'm not challenging him mother, I am making him understand that I also own that business. What he did yesterday was highly despicable. I was humiliated in front of the workers and the customers."

"I don't like this at all. I train all my children to be more than this, what is all this now?"

"Mama, you have to relax, nothing is happening, let me go and bath now" she said working towards the bathroom.

Bukky had bought all the items for the food, what remained was to cook it.
When she returned, she expected Ugonna to be around, at least to direct them on how to prepare the food. When she called him on phone, requesting for his presence, he asked for the reason.

"I stepped out to take care of some things. Are you back from the market now?" He asked

"Yes Sir, so when are you coming back for us to start the cooking?" Bukky asked

"Don't you know how to cook again? Didn't you learn anything from Dimma?" He asked, sounding harsh

"Off course, I did."

"Then start the cooking immediately"

"OK Sir"
And they ended the call.
Bukky then called her fellow workers and informed them about the latest development.

"Are you sure we can do this?" One of the workers asked

"Though, I have been doing it together with Dimma, learning from her, but I am not yet prepared."

"Well, we have no other option that to start cooking. Though Oga made a mistake by hitting her yesterday, but she is also making a mistake by taking her anger out on the innocent business. She is supposed to be here." One of the workers said.

"OK, let's start" Bukky urged.

Hours later, they were done. They ran behind time that very day, many customers who came on time left without buying anything.

So when they were ready to sell, it was a chaos in Lick Finger's restaurant.
"What is this?
"What is this poison?"
"Who on earth will eat this?"
"Who made this shit and call if food?"
"No, this is no longer lick finger"
"This will be my last time of coming here."
"Are they trying to kill somebody or what?"
"Where is Ugonna? Sorry to say this, I won't ever come here again to eat"
"Tueh....tueh" spitting out the ones they had in their mouths.

These are some of the things the angry customers were saying. Many angrily left without paying.
Ugonna who returned and saw what was happening felt devastated.
He rushed to the kitchen to have a taste of the food they prepared, and got surprised that somebody in her right senses prepared a food like that for the public..

"I am sorry Sir, if the food we prepared wasn't good. But we tasted it when we finished cooking it, and it was nice, I don't know why they are spitting anyhow, claiming that the food wasn't good. Don't mind them Sir, they are only doing this so that they won't pay for the food they bought. Don't mind them Sir"..

"Shut up your mouth you imbecile. You are irritating me. How can you cook a shit like this and call it food?"

"Sir, I know how to cook oo, I'm the best among my siblings, just that I don't know how to cook public food. Please Sir, don't sack me, don't sack me Sir. I beg you in the name of God, don't sack me"
"Bukky, I asked you if you know how to cook, and you said yes, why didn't you tell me that you don't even know how to boil ordinary water? See, you have just wasted all these food."

To be continued

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