My Sugar Baby - Episode 5 by Ngozi Lovelyn

My Sugar Baby - Episode 5 by Ngozi Lovelyn
When he got to the restaurant, Bukky, his senior worker approached him and began asking him about Dimma.
That they were supposed to have gone to the market to buy the things they will use to cook the food they will sell for the day.
"We are also running behind time, Sir" she added.
Ugonna sighed, and began telling her that Dimma will not be coming.

"I know she won't come today. She really felt humiliated that yesterday. He went too far by hitting her like that, in fact she wasn't wrong at all, she doesn't deserve the treatment he gave her" Bukky said in her heart and then spoke up.
"Can I say something, Sir?"

"Go ahead" Ugonna granted her the permission to speak thinking she was about saying something that could solve their situation that day.

"Sir, I think you should apologize to her"

And Ugonna gave her a questioning look "Apologize to who?"

"You see, Dimma wasn't wrong at all that yesterday. She doesn't deserve the beating you gave her. It was that woman and her dau" she was still trying to finish her statement, and Ugonna cut in

"How dare you judge my actions? What's your business on who I should hit or not? Seems like you don't want your job anymore.... Are you tired of working here?" He flared

Seeing how infuriated her words made him felt, she began apologizing.
"Sorry Sir, please forgive me. I thought my opinion will create a meaning to you. Please forgive me"

"Then learn how to mind your own business"

"Yes Sir, I will learn, I won't interfere in anything that doesn't concern me again. Sorry, please Sorry"

"Enough! I have heard you."

He then requested her to gather all the workers.
When they were all present, he informed them that Dimma won't be coming.
"Bukky, you have been following Dimma to the market everyday to buy items for the food?"

"Yes Sir"

"Good. I'm sure going to the market by yourself won't be that difficult, right?"

"Not at all, Sir. It won't be difficult at all"

"So you will go to the market with Nkiru. See I want everybody to be in their best behavior today. I don't want any mistakes. Since Dimma won't be coming, I want you all to act accordingly so that this place won't notice her absence, do I make myself clear?"

"Yes Sir" they replied in unison

"Good" he said and smiled in his heart: "Shame on you, Dimma. You think that without you this business won't run? You will regret your actions today. Nonsense"
He was still sitting, and then remembered Diogor.
"Oh My Sugar Baby, I haven't heard her voice since morning. Let me call her now" he then dipped his hand in his pocket and and brought out his phone.

When her phone rang, Diogor wasn't around. She went to the toilet and left her phone in the sitting room.
Nneoma who saw the call, began nurturing her feelings for Ugonna.
"That is Ugonna calling, should I answer his call or wait for my daughter to return? But on a serious note, I am beginning to fall for that man. His body structure is what keeps making me go crazy. But Nneoma, what is your own naa? Why falling for your daughter's boyfriend? Hmmm, but having a taste of him won't be a bad idea naa, like two or three times, but if he is so good, we might extend it to forever." She laughed and continued: "When ever I have a fire for someone, I usually don't let it go away like that. Anyway, we will see how this goes."

On the second dial, she decided to answer it.
"Hello?" She greeted in a sweet tone, trying to make her way into Ugonna's heart.

"Hello, who is this?'' Ugonna asked, checking his phone screen to make sure he dialed the right number..

"It's me, Nneoma. My daughter is not around now."

"OK, good morning Ma"

But Nneoma wasn't comfortable with the "Ma" he called her.
"Ugoo, you can call me by my name. Nneoma.. OK?"

But he found her request a bit awkward.
"Ok, but what about Diogor, where did she go to and left her phone?"

But Nneoma skipped the question and began asking him something else
"Ugoo, I want to ask you something"

"Go on, I am listening".

"Am I too old? I mean, hope I'm still young, just like my daughter?" She asked and had a quick thought: "Don't be too forward with him. Don't let him know your intentions yet, just use style and be entering him"

"Eerrm, you are not old, Ma"

"There you go again"
"Oh sorry, Nnneeee......" The full name sounded heavy on his mouth.  "Ma, you are just like my mother, how do you expect me to address you by your real name? I just don't know how to do it"

Immediately he said that, she remembered how old Ugonna's mother looked.
"What? Do you mean that I'm that old?"

"Haa, what is wrong with this woman today? It's like I will have call back later"
he said in his heart, disconnecting the call.

"Wait o! He hung up? Did I say something wrong? He should go joor. What's his problem sef?.... But that man is making me go crazy. I can't wait to have a taste of him. I just can't wait. My feelings for him is going deeper. I must make him fall for me.. I must"

"Ah ah! Is this woman alright? Please, let it not be what I'm thinking." Ugonna said in his heart

The next episode comes in the evening.
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