My Sugar Baby - Episode 4 by Ngozi Lovelyn

Nonsense Mistake - Episode 4 by Ngozi Lovelyn
"And because of them, he forgot that you are his ister, that you are the reason that shop is blooming. He forgot all that for a moment. Not to worry, he should do and comeback. He also has some questions to answer to me. Could you believe that your brother spent close to N30,000 on that girl today after telling me frankly that he doesn't have any money?" Ngozi said, narrating how Onachukwu came to the house and informed her about it.
"What? On a girl who is not even his wife? Brother Ugonna has lost it completely. That girl is playing him with a remote control."

"He should just do and comeback, he will explain to me why he hit my daughter the way he did"

"Mama see eeh, I will never cross that restaurant again if brother Ugonna did not apologize for what he did to me" Dimma said, and walked inside

About 10:32 pm, Ugonna returned from the restaurant and saw his mother sitting outside.
He quickly knew that she will descend on him for hitting Dimma.
"I really had a hectic day, I don't have strength for any issues now" Ugonna said to himself.
When he reached the entrance door, he greeted his mother and began walking in.

"Ugonna, come back here" Ngozi requested in a harsh tone

"See Mama, as you can see, I returned very late. Thanks to your daughter for leaving the restaurant the time she did. I just want to go in and have some rest. And besides, I already knew what you want to ask me. Dimma deserved the beating I gave her today, next time, she will learn to respect people and mind her own business"

And Ngozi shook her head in pity, looking at her son. In a teary eyes, she asked:
"So because of them, you hit your own sister who has been toiling day and night to make sure that the business flourishes? Have you forgotten that practically, Dimma owns that business as well? And you are saying she deserves the beating you gave her in the presence of the customers and the workers there? Ugonna my son, why do you want to send me to the grave before my time?"

"Mama, I told you that I don't have strength for all these things now. I need massive amount of rest, please"

And Ngozi continued:
"Ugonna my son, you told me that you don't have money to give me for the uniform we were asked to buy, I respected that and didn't bother you again. But how come you have money for Nneoma and her daughter? You neglected your own mother's needs for total strangers, Ugonna why?"

"What is all this now? Mama, so you are now listening to gossips abi? Please, I'm not in the mood for all these nonsense questions, go to the person who fed you the information to give you the full details of what happened." He walked inside, ignoring his mother who was calling for his attention.

"Ugonna, are you not the one I'm calling, I said come back here!" But she was ignored.
"I have lost my son o. I have lost my son. Papa Ugonna, where are you? Come and see what your son is doing" she cried bitterly.

Then, Dimma was already deep in sleep, she doesn't know when Ugonna returned.

The next morning, about 6:12 am, Ugonna was listening to know when Dimma will be leaving for the restaurant, but he didn't hear any sound.
7:am, still no sound of her getting ready for work.

"Haa, this girl is trying me oo. She doesn't want to go to the restaurant? And time is running out. Should I ask her why she is still at home by this time?" He began leaving his room, but stopped on the way.
"She wants me to apologize to her abi? Never, that will never happen. Hmm, but that yesterday, I shouldn't have hit her the way I did. If she refuses to come to the restaurant, there will be a disaster, and a very big one. Which means I have to apologize to her"
So when he came outside, he saw Dimma in the kitchen, boiling water.
He expected her to greet him first, but she didn't and that angered him.
"What an insult! And how should I talk to her without her greeting me first? Never! So she thinks that, without her, my business will not run again? Can you imagine" he angrily left the house to his restaurant, thinking on how to handle situations on his own.

My Sugar Baby - By Ngozi Lovelyn

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