My Sugar Baby - Episode 3 by Ngozi Lovelyn

My Sugar Baby - Episode 3 by Ngozi Lovelyn
When Mrs Onachukwu left her shop, she headed straight to Mama Ugonna's house.
"Anybody at home?" She asked.
"Who is there?" Ngozi asked from the backyard.

"It's me oo, Onachukwu"

"Ow, is that you? Please come to the back yard" Ngozi requested

And she did. After they exchanged pleasantries, Mrs Onachukwu began telling her her reasons for coming to her house.

"No, I think you are mistaken, it definitely can't be my son. Do you know what you are saying? No, I don't think my son is the one she is seeing. He made it clear to me that he doesn't have such amount of money because of some unplanned expenses he made and besides, Ugonna has always been my loyal son, he can't place such importance on that woman's child over me. And besides, who doesn't know Nneoma in this village, he won't allow himself associate with her and her daughter"

"Ngozi, that was why I was surprised. Ugonna can't be friending her with his clear senses. Reason I am telling you this is because of your inability to buy the uniform we were asked to buy the other day, I remembered you telling me about your son not having any money at the moment"

"Yes, that was what he told me, but this thing you are telling me now is about elevating my blood pressure. Do you know what that means, that my son is about to abandon me, his own mother"
"Ngozi, let's hope it won't come to that. When he comes back, try and talk some senses into him, I believe he will listen to you. Trust me"

"Hmm, he must o, he must listen to me o, he must. That girl is not yet his wife, and he is already treating me like this, what will happen if he end up with her? That means, he will throw me and his siblings out of the house so he can live alone with her" she continued
"Hmm, may God forbid bad thing. But why them?Does he want to die before his time? Why Nneoma and her daughter? Upon all the nice girls in this village, why them? So that she will kill him like her mother killed her husband"

"Hmm, Mama Ugonna, you have to do something before it gets late. I came as soon as I found out what is happening. You are not a troublesome person, so it won't be nice for such trouble to near your home."

"Thank you for telling me this, you really did well, my friend."

"Good. I have to get going now, I have a program to attend in the church."

"OK my friend. Take care" they bid goodbye

Ngozi was sitting on the corridor of her house, waiting for her son to come back, but got confused seeing her own daughter, Dimma entering the compound, crying bitterly.

"Chinekem eeh! My daughter, crying?" She immediately ran to her.
"Mama, brother Ugonna has lost his senses"

But her cries couldn't allow her get a hold of what she was saying.

"Can you please calm down? Ok come here, come and sit down first and explain to me what happened, why you are crying like this"

And after settling on the chair, she began narrating how Ugonna hit her at the restaurant.

"Mama, is it not that woman and her daughter"

"Which woman?" She quickly remembered Nneoma and Diogor.
"Is it Nneoma and her daughter?"

"Yes.... But how did you know? Who told you?" Dimma asked, thinking she had heard
"No, I was informed of different thing. Now tell me what happened"

"I was in the restaurant and Nneoma and her mother entered. I greeted them o, but they didn't respond. The next thing I saw was Diogor, entering the kitchen and dished food for themselves without asking for any permission. Then I wanted to react, but I remained quiet, watching her doing what she was doing. As if that one wasn't enough, she went inside and got another food again, stocking it with plenty meat, went to the fridge, brought 4 bottles of Beer and stored two in their bag. Then I was about to explode in anger, but I still managed to control myself, waiting for brother to come back. But when things got out of control was when she went into the kitchen again with their big food flask and began mountain rice, and as if the meat in the stew wasn't enough, she went to the glass and began picking out the fried chicken and Turkey that were inside, then I knew that I had to do something. That was one when I attacked them, asking them to put all those things back, that the one they had were already enough. All of a sudden, my brother appeared from nowhere and began asking what was happening. The next thing I saw was Diogor, crying, pointing that I have been beating her ever since she came there, that I refused to sell food to them, that they only came to buy food, but I refused to sell to them. That they came with money to buy food from our restaurant. She then showed brother the money she had in her purse"

Then, Ngozi was burning in anger, she continued listening, asking Dimma what happened next.

"She told him that when she saw that I wasn't selling anything to them, she then tried going to the fridge to get drinks herself, that I couldn't take it and then began beating her"

"Lord, hope you are listening?" She lamented: "Hmm.. Go on, and what did your brother do?"

"Without listening to my own side of the story, he began hitting me in the presence of people that were there. When some people who saw what was happening tried explaining things to him, he obstructed them and ordered them to mind their businesses."

"Oh my God! See me oo God! Why did my son had to mingle with that woman and her daughter, why my son, Lord? Why him?" She then looked at her daughter and asked her to continue.
Don't worry, the next episode comes in the evening...
Thanks for being here... Remain blessed.

My Sugar Baby - By Ngozi Lovelyn

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