My Sugar Baby - Episode 2 by Ngozi Lovelyn

My Sugar Baby - Episode 2 by Ngozi Lovelyn
When Dimma was trying to explain further, Diogor arrived the place.
She found Ugonna standing very close to his sister.
"I know she will try every means to make sure she get her way, I must stop her. Ugonna is all I got, she should rather disturb her own boyfriend and leave mine alone." She fumed in her heart, walking very close to them.
"Baby" she called, tapping him from behind.

On turning around, he said "Oh you are here?"

"Yes Baby, you asked me to come to the restaurant, right?"

"Yes...yes" he said and began dipping his hand in his pocket to bring out the money, but Diogor stopped him and whispered to his ear: "Not in her presence, can you come with me?" And he followed her.

When they reached to a spot away from the restaurant, she began advising him to stop giving her money in the presence of his sister, so that she won't start fighting against her.
"Don't you know that she might team up with your mother to put an obstacle to our relationship? She might start thinking something else if she sees you giving me money"

"You might have a point, but I know my sister, she can't do a thing like that"

"Baby, I know what I'm saying. She is a woman just like me, I know what a woman should think in such situations. OK, let's forget about that, can I have the money now?" Diogor asked, opening her hand in a receiving manner.

"Yes..., see it here. Hope the ones you bought are very beautiful?"

"Yes Baby, they are beautiful. I can't wait to wear them for you to see. You will admire me the more when you see them on my body" she cheerfully said

And Ugonna remained smiling.

"Let me get going now, and remember what I told you about your sister. She will try her possible best to persuade you, making you see reasons which are typical lies. Just don't believe her, she is your sister, she shouldn't be exploiting you falsely like that."

"OK Baby, thank you for opening my eyes on time. I am so angry with her for trying to do this to me, her own brother" Ugonna nurtured a faint anger for his sister.

"And that is very bad of her. I can not even do a thing like that to you. Never! I can't even think of exploiting you like that. That's very bad.....erm let me get going now. And one more thing, none of these words we discussed here should be relayed to her."

"Yes I know"

After Diogor bought the things she went to the market to buy, she happily went home.

"Mama, where are you ?" She called.

"Diogor my daughter, I am over here, come to the kitchen"

"There you are Mama, come and see the things I bought."

"Haa, looks like you bought the whole market, but where did you get the money from?"

"Mama, you are asking as if you don't know your soon to be in-law again"

"Haa! Ugonna, he gave you money to buy all these things?" Mrs Nneoma asked in amazement..

"Yes oo, and that's not enough. Here is your own. I bought this one for you"

"What? The money was enough to the extent of reaching me?"

"Yes Mama..."

"Oh my! That young man is very nice. He has not gotten married to you yet and he is already spending a great bunch on you.... Diogor my daughter, what are you still doing, when is he finally coming to marry you?"

"Very soon mother, he said soon"

"Diogor, men like him are very rare to come by, what are you doing to hastening his decision?"

"To tell you the truth Mother, I have tried everything within my womanly power to get him to come and meet my people, to seek for my hand in marriage, but he keeps postponing it"

"Diogor, I raised you up to be wiser than that. You have to do what every wise girl does to tie down a man... Yes"

And Diogor rolled her eyes, trying to figure our exactly what her mother meant.
"But Mama, can you please explain to me what wise girls does to tie a man?"

"Let him sleep with you and get you pregnant. When that happens, you will see him running around to marry you"

"Haaa Mama, is that not too much, what if he rejects the pregnancy?"

"I know his type, he is too responsible to reject his own child. Naa, he can't do something like that"

"You are right Mama, he is too nice. I don't even know what is delaying him, he is old enough to get married, but he keeps giving me excuses each time I raise the topic. And this morning, he was telling me something about his sister, buying JAMB form at the cost of N30,000"

"30 what? Diogor, you were saying something about him giving you excuses? I think this is one of it. He is saving money to send his sister to the university."

"I thought as much Mama and you know how expensive university education is? And besides, why does she want to further her education? She is supposed to be contended with her WASSCE results. She just want to waste her brother's money for nothing"

"Diogor, if you truly want Ugonna to marry you like today today, you have to prevent him from sending his sister to the university"

"Yes Mama, I'm already working on that" she said and began narrating to her how she was able to soil Ugonna's mind against his sister.

But the mother wasn't satisfied with her action
"Hmm, you tried, but she will still write the exam. What if she ends up passing it?"

"Mama, there is no way she will pass the exam without the help of special centres. She is always busy in the restaurant, she hardly have time to read"

"Forget that my daughter, there is something they call "luck", have you forgotten?"

"So you mean it's possible she will pass the exam?"

"It's very possible my daughter, so that is why you have to prevent that from happening. If he keeps delaying this marriage, who knows what might happen? Another girl might end up snatching him from you. I can't stand that from happening. Everybody in this village already knew that you two are together, so I don't want us to end up like losers. That's why you have to act fast, so that we don't loose him. And as for that his sister, who is planning on using the money that should be meant for your bride price, something urgent should be done about her. We should come up with a plan to separate the brother and sister relationship that exist between them."

"But how are we going to achieve that, Mama?"

"Follow me" Nneoma urged, walking out of the house.
"Follow you to where, Mama?"

"To Ugonna's restaurant to put a strain to his relationship with his sister."

"But Mama, how are we going to do that?"

"Come along, I will explain it to you on the way"

"Hmm, OK oo, but Mama, we have to be very careful so that we don't make a mistake, you know I can't afford to loose him"

"Yes, and that is what I'm trying to do, so that you don't loose him"

"Hmm, OK oo" she reluctantly agreed, following her mother's lead.

After Diogor bought the items from the market, the woman who owns the shop she bought most of the things from overhead her daughter, gisting to her friend about Diogor and her boyfriend, Ugonna.
She then interfered.

"Chinaza, you were saying that Ugonna, the one that owns "Lick Fingers" restaurant was the one that gave Diogor the money she used to buy all those things?"

"Yes mummy, you know she is my friend, she tells me everything about her life"

"But are they married?"

"Not yet"

"Alright my daughter. You can go back to what you were doing"

"OK mummy, but why asking?"

"Nothing much my daughter, just wanted to know if they are married without his mother telling me about it, you know I'm friends with his mother?"

"Yea, I know" Chinaza replied, returning to where she was sitting outside, calling for customers
"Um Please, if you see that Abacha woman, help me and call her" Mrs Onachukwu requested, relaxing inside her shop.

"OK Mummy, seems like I will also use the Abacha for lunch today"

The mother nodded and began wondering why Ugonna's mother was not able to buy the cloth they were tasked to buy for an outing their meeting members (social group/club) had.

"He has the money to give to his girlfriend, but couldn't give his mother N4,000 to buy the cloth we were tasked to buy? This is wickedness. Does his mother know about this? I have to tell Ngozi about this. She needs to know what her son is doing before she ends up loosing him completely. How can she allow her son to be going out with Nneoma's daughter? That woman is very evil and shouldn't have her son associate with them. Because she will end up exactly like her mother. I will see Ngozi this evening." She said and looked outside, saw her daughter busy, calling for customers to buy something from their shop.
"And speaking of that, I have to stop my innocent daughter from mingling with that Diogor girl before she becomes loose like her"

To be continued

My Sugar Baby by Ngozi Lovelyn

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