My Sugar Baby - Episode 12 by Ngozi Lovelyn

My Sugar Baby - Episode 12 by Ngozi Lovelyn
"Dear Lord! Not again?" Ngozi screamed, rushing out from her room.

"What is it again this morning?" She asked trying to enter Diogor's room

"Mama, is that you?" Diogor asked

"Yes my daughter, what is it again this morning? Open the door first" she requested.

"Mama, is it not Ugonna, he locked me inside, demanding that I give him his money otherwise I won't go anywhere today"
"What? What all this nonsense about?" She angrily walked to Ugonna's room, but couldn't find him there.
She then went to the sit out and saw him polishing his shoes.

"Ugonna, what is the meaning of this? Why did you lock your sister inside the room? Don't you know she has exam to write today"

"Mama, you are here to question me again, right? I told you to question your armed robber daughter last night and persuade her to return my money that she stole from my restaurant but you didn't. And you are here questioning me on why I'm taking actions by myself. See, I have not even started and I don't care if she writes the exam or not, what I'm interested in now is "my money"

"Ugonna, what did those people gave you to eat? Ever since you began dating that girl, your life has turned worse. You are no longer my son, Ugonna. Can't you see what is happening to you? They are manipulating you against your own family, can't you see your life. Nneoma and her daughter are bad company. Haven't you noticed how people are avoiding them like a poisonous snake, can't you see? Responsible people in this village don't associate with them, I don't know why my own son decides to neglect all this fact."

"What are you insinuating Mama, that Nneoma lied to me?"

"Exactly, they are lying to you. They are lying to you. Your sister was here throughout yesterday, reading for her exams. She didn't step out"

"Mama, you are pampering that girl too much and you will regret it, I assure you, you will. Your motherly love is clouding your eyes from seeing the truth. And as for Nneoma and her daughter, I won't allow you insult them again because they will soon be your in-laws"


"Yes, you heard right."

"Over my dead body will I allow you to marry that girl."

"Then get ready to die, if that is what you want. As for Dimma, tell her to return my money or she won't like what will come her way today. Whenever she is ready, she should call my cellphone number" he said, wearing his shoes and began to leave.

"Ugonna, come and open this door this instant. I have exam to write, come and open this door" Dimma called out, began crying.

And Ugonna went to her window side and began asking her if she was ready to give him the money.

"What money are you talking about? I don't have your money, I didn't steal anything. You know that I'm not a thief, I haven't taken what does not belong to me before, so how can I start now?" She asked, looking helpless, crying for mercy.

"See, your tears won't save you. Since you are still pulling strong head, no problem
but don't blame me for not making it to the exam center." He left, as Dimma called out for him, crying.

1 hour later, Dimma was still inside looking for a way to open the door, but it was so difficult for her.

"Mother, I need to write the exam. What am I going to do now?" She asked

"What if I call Okoro, the carpenter to open it for you?" Ngozi suggested

"Yes Mama, let me call his cellphone" Dimma said and then called Okoro's cellphone's number

"OK, that's better" Ngozi said, hoping to see her daughter leave for her exam.

"Hello Dee Okoro, good morning Sir"

"Good morning Dimma, how are you? Please, listen, I know why you called. Your brother called me earlier and warned me not to try opening the door for you otherwise, I will be the one to provide the money that you stole from him"

"He told you that?

"Yes, he did. But Dimma, how could you do something like that? I didn't know you to belong to that nature"
"Dee Okoro, this is not the time to explain anything to you, but all I can assure you is that, I'm not a thief" she then ended the call, slumped on the bed, began wailing bitterly.

"My daughter, stop crying. Your brother is not doing this with his right senses. Those women are manipulating him."

"Mama, how can I stop crying when the exam will be starting in the next couple of minutes."

"Your tear is breaking my heart. OK, if Okoro won't come, then let me go and look for a carpenter that will help open the door. Let me go and look for one. Will be right back" Ngozi rushed out to look for a carpenter.

Diogor was rejoicing over what Ugonna told her on the phone.

"Mama, our plan worked perfectly. As I'm talking to you now, Ugonna is at the police station to demand for the arrest of his sister."

"To arrest her? She won't be at home by now, she must have left for the exam. Our main purpose of doing what we did was for him to stop her from writing the exam"

"No Mama, she is in her room right now and can't leave the house. He locked her inside and left with the key to get the police"

"Are you serious?"

"Yes, that's what he just told me. I like what he is doing. That girl thinks she can destroy plans for me. This is very good" she rejoiced
My Sugar Baby by Ngozi Lovelyn

To be continued

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