My Sugar Baby - Episode 10 by Ngozi Lovelyn

After Ngozi finished preparing dinner, she dished out some for her daughter.
"Dimma has been busy reading since morning. Lord please, see her through in this exam. Give her excellent marks. Don't allow her efforts to be in vain" she prayed in her heart, carrying the plate of food to where Dimma was reading for her exam.

"My daughter, it's time for you to eat. Just close that book and eat OK"

"Mama, you should have allowed me get the food myself naa, you shouldn't have stressed yourself."

"How can getting food for my daughter be a stress? It's nothing my dear, you are reading to make the family proud tomorrow. So the least I can do, is to make sure that your stomach doesn't lack oil" Ngozi replied, looking cheerful

And smiling Dimma replied "thank you so much Mama, ezigbo Nnem... May God bless and keep you alive for me to enjoy the fruit of your labour. Mama see eeh, I will take you to America once I finish school and start making money. You will never lack anything again." Dimma promised.
"Thank you my daughter, my blessings will always be with you, our good Lord will grant all your good wishes..."


"Have you gotten all the necessary things you will need for the exam? Have you?"

"Yes Mama, everything is set now. I have arranged all of them in my back bag"

"Good. Let me leave you to eat your food quietly."

"Alright Mama, and thanks for the food, it's really delicious, like always"

And Ngozi smiled, leaving the room.

When Ugonna reached the restaurant, he asked Ebube how it happened and she began explaining.

"Sir, I am sorry that I didn't tell you how your sister has been threatening to disgrace me. I wanted to tell you but, Diogor asked me to keep mute so that I don't create unnecessary tension between you and your sister. Though, I'm not fully convinced she was the one that came here to rob us, but I saw her wrist band, and also her voice. Her voice when she was commanding me to release all the money sounded like that of your sister's. Well, she is your sister, we can't accuse her like that without any proof and even if she is the one, there is no big deal, it's the family's money. So I suggest you forget about it, and besides, nobody was hurt. Next time, we will be more careful and alert too"

"What do you mean that I should forget about it? Something like this happened in my restaurant and you expect me to keep calm? No, since Chidimma wants to show me that she has grown wings, now is the time to cut them off. She has been threatening you and now she has set it into action, you still expect me to forget about it?" Ugonna was raking bitterly

"Calm down baby, we can't be sure she was the one."

"Then who did it? Didn't you hear what Ebube said? That the robber was a lady and she was on solo? Tell me a robber that operates alone? Answer me, has this type of thing ever happen in this village before? Oh my God! I'm so convinced that it was Chidimma, she was the one. Tomorrow is her exam, instead of her to ask me for money nicely, she went and rob my restaurant. Off course, her pride won't allow her. As for that exam, it's cancelled, I won't allow her partake in it. And beside, who is going to sponsor her? That means she will resort to stealing from me. She will have to hear it from me this night. I swear, I will make her regret ever taking this dangerous step."

"Calm down Baby. Just forget about it, is she not your sister? Don't stop her from writing the exam, don't stop her OK" Diogor said, faking to be concerned.

"Yes, she is my sister, and she is supposed to act like one. But since she has forgotten that part, I will show her what fire does with rabbit ear. I will go to that house now and ask her to provide my money and as for her JAMB exam, she will have no other option than to forget about it. So, I need to get home now" he  said and then ordered Ebube to close the restaurant.

When he left, Ebube and Diogor began rejoicing over their excellent act.
"Sshh, my fellow workers are still here, so keep shut?" She said in a low tone.
After they closed the restaurant, Ebube and Diogor began heading home. They were living in the same street.

"Wow! That was excellent plan. Wow! He bought everything we said without giving it a second thought."

"Yes, he trust you that was why. And the way we were asking him to forget about it made him think that we were warmly concerned about his sister" Ebube said, laughing softly

"I'm telling you. We really did a great job.
But do you think he will stop her from writing the exam?" Diogor asked

"Yes, from the way he reacted, I think he will.."

"Good. He should, otherwise my dream of getting married to him this year will be shattered"

To be continued...

My Sugar Baby by Ngozi Lovelyn

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