My Sugar Baby - Episode 1 by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

"Ugoo, I don't know what I will do without you. Your love for me is just too much." Diogor said, appreciating her lover of 1 year, who resided in the same village with her. He ran a restaurant business.

"Diogor Baby, why are you saying all these things to me? You are my love, it's my duty to take care of you. So here, this is the money you asked for. You know you requested for 15k, so I made it 20k so that it will be enough to cover your expenses" happy looking Ugonna smiled intimately, handing the money over to her.

"Really! You added extra 5 thousand? How am I going to pay you back for all this love, is it not too much?" Diogor smiled happily, feeling the cash on her hand

"You are to pay me nothing, except for your love and care." Ugonna replied.... Continued enjoying the happy smile on Diogor's face, a girl he loved more than anything.
"Come here, come and hug me tight" he requested, romantically drawing Diogor to his arms as he wrapped his arms round her.
"Yes, are in my arms, you are so beautiful and soft. You are the only thing I want in this life, you are my everything. I love you so much" he professed.

And Diogor replied...
After Ugonna returned to his restaurant, his sister who had been waiting for him began walking towards him.
On sighting the look on her face, he began murmuring.
"That look on her face shows? I just hope she is not coming to ask me for money."

On standing in front of him, she asked: "Brother, where have you been naa? I have been waiting for you"

"I am here now, so what is it?" He asked, looking straight into her eyes.

"Geez! What's that mean look? Have I said anything wrong, brother?" Dimma asked

"Dimma, you want something right? So spit it out, I don't have all the time"

"He is not in a good mood, and I don't know if it's wise to tell him about the JAMB registration that is ongoing. Maybe I should tell him later, when his mood must have been calmed" she then looked up and said: "It's nothing Brother, just nothing"

"Dimma, I know you, you definitely want something, I can tell it from your face. So you better say that thing you have in your mind now or remain silent forever"

"Hmm, OK brother, I actually want something"

"So go on"

"It's about JAMB registration that is ongoing. Remember I told you few weeks ago about my plans of partaking in the examination this year? So I just need some money to buy the form"

And Ugonna breathed deeply and began looking at Chidimma in a way that was making her uncomfortable.

"Why looking at me like that naa? Have I said anything wrong?"

"Dimma, have you ever asked yourself if we have that kind of money to sponsor you through university education?"

"Yes Brother, and I have faith that God will provide. That is why I am praying very hard for God to give me the grace to gain admission to the university, the that is in town, so that I will be going to school from home. In that way, I will be able to be helping out in the restaurant"

"Hmm, so how much are we talking about here?"

"30k" Dimma replied

"30k! You mean thirty thousand naira?" Ugonna asked with a widening eyes.

"Yes brother, it's a special centre. I don't want to repeat the exam several times, I want to have it once."

He was still discussing with his sister when Diogor called him from the market.

"Excuse me, I have to answer this call now" he then went to a good spot.

"Baby, are you done with the shopping?" He calmly asked

"I'm almost through, just that I have a little problem"

"And what is it?"

"You see, the prices of things have skyrocketed. I thought that the money you gave me would be enough, but.."

He cut in: "It should be enough my dear, that was why I added extra 5,000, so that you don't run out of cash while buying your things"

"Hmm, Baby, are you now saying that I'm lying? You are trying to get me angry now, is it because I'm asking you for more money?" Diogor flared

"Come on Baby, how can I get you angry? OK how much do you need?"

"I need extra 8k to...."


"Is it too much? I'm sure it's not. You can afford it, can't you?."

And lowly, Ugonna began narrating his sister's needs.

"So that is it. You know she is my sister, and she is doing a wonderful job keeping my business running smoothly. I owe her this obligation"

"So she wants to write JAMB? And if she pass now, he will start sponsoring her.
We all know how expensive university education can be. And when that happens, he will forget about giving me money like he used to and concentrate on her. Just ordinary JAMB Form, she is demanding for 30k, that means she will start asking for 100 - 300k once she secures an admission. This is going to be a very big problem for me.".

"Baby, are you still there?" Ugonna asked from his end.

"Yes yes... I can hear you. You were saying something about your sister, did you know that she was about exploiting you? I thought she is a good girl, why is she treating you so wickedly?"

"I don't understand?"

"You see Baby, people go to JAMB office to buy the form and the price is 4,000, there is nothing like special centres. It's a name youths created to get more money from their parents" Dimma continued, making Ugonna believe that his own sister was lying to him.

"Are you serious? But why would she do such a thing to me? I will reprimand her for this"

"Wait Baby, don't tell her that I was the one who fed you this information. You know women na, she will start keeping malice with me, and I don't want that to happen"

"OK, I have heard you. I will give her 5k for the form. 1k will be for the expenses"
"You should make it 4k, don't she have a boyfriend? She has a boyfriend, her boyfriend should be taking care of her like you are doing to me. He can't be eating her alone and won't be supportive of her financial needs. You have to teach her to be wise and make her boyfriend accept responsibilities of her financial needs." Diogor suggested.

"I don't think she has a boyfriend"

"It's a lie Baby, I have seen her with one. Don't be deceived by her Innocent looks. I know her, she has a boyfriend. Who doesn't have a boyfriend at that her age. She is even older than me, how do you expect her not to have one?"

"I can't believe she is seeing a man and has not told me anything about it" Ugonna felt bad and disappointed.

"Yes baby, so about the money, should I take a bike straight to your restaurant to collect it?"

"Yes, I'm at the restaurant now"

And Diogor smiled and began looking for a Bike to stop.

Ugonna who believed everything Diogor said, approached his sister and brought out N4500 and handed over to her.

Dimma, who thought that he was sending her on errand, asked:
"What am I buying with it?"

"That is for your JAMB. You think that I don't know that JAMB form is been sold at 4k? You thought that because I didn't go to school, that I I shouldn't know when one is trying to manipulate me financially?"

"No brother, I wasn't lying to you. I want a special centre where I can make the exam once. You know that I have been busy in the restaurant, I have lost out in some of the things we were thought in school. I finished secondary school 5years ago, how do you expect me to remember everything were been thought? And besides, because of the restaurant, I haven't gotten a chance to register for extra mural lessons.
I know that 4k can buy me the form from JAMB office, but I am not that prepared. Please brother, try to understand the point I am trying to make"

"Dimma, there is nothing like special centres. Enough with this your outrageous lies. I said enough!"

"Brother, if you like, you can make some inquiries yourself, you will find out that I am not lying to you."

To be continued...

My Sugar Baby by Ngozi Lovelyn.

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