The great 2018 is finally here, these are our wishes for the year

The great year, 2018 is finally here. We have victoriously matched into our year of great manifestations. Glory be to God that we made it.

I prophesy unto you now that this 2018 will bring greater joy and happiness into your life and your family! Amen!!
You will prosper in this 2018! Amen!!

Those things you failed to achieve in 2017, you will achieve them in this 2018 without any stress! Amen!

No evil plans of your enemies shall ever prosper! Amen!!

Your star must shine in this 2018! Amen!!

Get ready, greater things are about to storm your way! Amen!!

Arise and shine for your light has come and rejoice in the Lord, for your time of greater blessings have arrived! Amen

All these we pray through the mighty name of our Lord Jesus Christ, Amen

Wishing you a smooth 2018! Happy New Year Sweethearts.....

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