Nonsense Mistake - Episode 17 by Ngozi Lovelyn

Oluchi got home and began banging harshly on the door and the apprentice rushed to know who it was.

"What the hell! Who is that foolish person knocking on my door like that, is he paying the house rent with me?" Ofoma irked from his bedroom, stepping out to know who it was.

"Who is there?" The apprentice asked

"Open the door this very minute" Oluchi rudely answered

"That's Oluchi! But why is she knocking on the door like that?" Ofoma wondered, entering the living room, to wait for her to come inside.

When Oluchi entered, before she could open her mouth to say something, he asked.
"What's your problem, why knocking on the door like that?"

But she ignored the question and began asking him why he still had feelings for Chidimma.

"Oluchi, you have not answered my question"

"Ofoma, you should answer me first, what are you still doing with Chidimma? So you have been seeing her behind my back? Wait a minute! What game plan do you two have against me?"
"But how did she find out? Oluchi is crazy, I better handle this situation otherwise, she will ruin my entire plan" Ofoma quickly thought and then spoke up.
"What game plan are you talking about and what gave you the idea that I'm still seeing Chidimma?"

"Ofoma, do you know that I have never stopped wondering why you disposed off Chidimma just like that without having any second thought, a girl you have already proposed to marry? Now, everything is so clear to me, are you planning for a payback?"

"Oluchi, are you crazy? How can I be planning for a revenge when I have already proposed to marry you? Have you forgotten that our wedding is in two days, You remember?"
"Then why are you sucking up about Chidimma's disappearance? Why is it a bother to you that she left town, Why?"

"And where did you get such ridiculous idea from?" Ofoma asked with a questioning look.

"You don't need to know my source, but just for you to know, I have reliable sources that feed me information about all your dealings. But let this be a warning, if I suspect anything fishy, that you are planning to ruin, disgrace, humiliate or even planning for a revenge, I swear, you will regret yourself for even coming up with such a ridiculous idea."

"Wait a minute, are you threatening me?" Ofoma asked, looking angry

"No my soon to be husband, how can I be threatening you? But you should know one thing, when a woman is so deep in love, she is willing to do anything to protect her love, she is willing to do anything to fight for her love. You think I am Chidimma who left without even fighting for the love she claimed she had for you. No, I can't be a weakling when it comes to what matters to me most. So don't try anything stupid."

"So this is your own version of love eeh? To impose threats on your partner? Am I making a mistake by marrying you?"

"No my Love, how can you be making a mistake? I love you so much and I'm scared of loosing you. I can't see myself living with another man. Though, I have made some series of mistakes in the past, which includes leaving you, but thank God to those mistakes, they opened my eyes to realises how special you are. So that's why I'm here, to love you with every of my being. I'm willing to stand anything just for your sake. So, if you still have anything for Chidimma, I think this is the best time to get rid of all those things. Don't be the reason for any unwanted situations that may arise in the future." Oluchi warned, looking mean and then turned to enter her room.

"What have I gotten myself into? Look at Oluchi, threatening me, like seriously? Who does she think she is, that she can ride on anyone as she so pleases? She is very stupid, this is more of the reasons why I should stick to my original plans. I will make her regret her stupid mistakes. She is so into me and scared of leaving me too, that's very good, they are reasons my revenge will be a heat sweet one. Oluchi, you will curse the day you stepped your foot into this house again. Nonsense... And you Chidimma, what is even wrong with you? Why leaving town just like that? And Oluchi is right, you did not even care to fight for the love you professed you have for me, is that how weak your love is?" He hissed, thinking about his love life with Chidimma, how calm she was, how respectful she was, how she took care of him and made him a better person. He then heaved a sigh, saying: "If not that my love for you is very strong, I would have forgotten everything about you and your friend and move on with my life. Just that your gentility and simplicity are the qualities that is turning me crazy, I haven't seen any woman as kind as you are, but where are you? Where are you Chidimma?" He rhetoric and began typing a message.

Oluchi was still fuming inside, wondering the plan Chidimma and Ofoma might be cooking up.
"I'm sure they are up to something, but who knows what it could be? I can't keep asking questions that have no answer, it's time to get into action"
She then began making calls, requesting for some men to watch over Ofoma and his every moves, without him knowing that he was been followed. She also stationed some men at Chidimma's place to kidnap her the moment they sight her.

"Yes, I'm sure this will cost me a lot of money, but it's worth it, it's better this way than getting faced with whatever thing they might be planning. It's just for two days until I'm finally in Ofoma's arms as his legally married wife. So, I can't afford to meet any surprises."

Ofoma knew that Oluchi was willing to do anything for his love, but he never knew that she could go to any length to achieve her aims. He underestimated her.

Chidimma was in a hotel room she lodged and began thinking about herself. She then remembered her brother and thought that he might be somehow trying to contact her.
"What was I even thinking? I should have called my brother and told him where I am" she then brought her phone to switch it on and then paused.
"I don't want to turn on this phone, because the moment I do, Chucks messages will start popping in. I don't want to read anything that will remind me of Ofoma again. Hmmm, But I still need to call my brother... OK, I know what to do, I will carefully avoid the messages." She said to herself switching on the phone.

When the network signal became strong, messages began popping in, but got shocked at the number she saw.
"Is that not Ofoma's number? He sent me a message? What could be the content?" She asked, opening it.
But when she read his message, she fell to the seat crying.
"Is that your plan, but why didn't you carry me among? Oh my God! I just hope my disappearance has not spoiled things for me." She then began calling Ofoma to understand clearly, his messages.

Immediately he saw her call, he rushed inside to answer it.
"Baby, where are you? Thank God you called.. I'm about loosing my mind here, thinking that something crazy has happened to you"

"Ofoma, please tell me, all I read in the series of messages you sent, do you......

Ofoma cut in " Baby, I meant everything, how do you expect me to marry Oluchi, it was all a plan to make her regret her deeds. You are the one I love, and the one I wish to marry. Please come back my love, I have missed you so much"

And Chidimma mashed in extreme joy, began shedding tears of joy.
"Oh Lord, am I dreaming? Please I don't want anybody to wake me up...
Does it mean that the wedding gown Chucks was talking about was actually my own wedding to you?"

"Yes Baby, it's our wedding. You are my woman, the woman who brought light into my life, you are the one who truly deserves that honour, and not Oluchi. Please come back, let's get you prepared, we don't have much time left"

"But how is it going to be possible? How can I be getting married without my parents consent? You should have told me on time"

And Ofoma smiled gently and said "they are all aware, they are part of the plans, they have been helping out just that your disappearance has kept things to a halt, they are worried sick. So you need to call them, and tell them that you are OK so that they will resume with the preparations, we don't have much time"

"Oh my God! I can't believe this is happening.. Please is this a dream, am I dreaming?"

"You are not dreaming my love, our love journey is about to begin. So start returning home immediately"

"Alright Baby" she said, sounding so happy.

"I love you my Queen" Ofoma professed

"I love you too my Baby... I love you so so so much.*muaah* she kissed

"Kisses" he then ended the call and began jubilating that his woman had been found.
"Lord I thank you, thank you, thank you so so much. Now let me call Chucks and give him the latest"

To be continued.

Nonsense Mistake by Ngozi Lovelyn

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