Nonsense Mistake - Episode 16 by Ngozi Lovelyn

"What am I going to do now, should I cancel the wedding? I think it will be a good idea to cancel it. But what excuse will I give Oluchi, what am I going to tell her is the reason for cancelling the wedding? Chidimma, you shouldn't have put me in a tight corner like this, why switching off your phone? I have sent you a good number of messages, please Darling, switch it on and see the good plans I have for us. I have everything worked out for us" Ofoma wished in his heart, looking sad.
When Oluchi returned late in the evening, she met Ofoma looking sad.
She tried cheering him up, but he ignored her, went inside the room and locked himself up.

"Huh, what is the matter? Why did he shut me off like that, did anything happen? Haa, Lord oo, please, I don't want any problem, my wedding is next tomorrow, and my groom is acting weird, please Lord, have mercy and don't allow the wishes of my enemies to come to pass. But how do I find out what is going on with him since he doesn't allow me into his room? Let me knock first to see if he will open" she thought, knocking on Ofoma's bedroom door, but he ignored her.

"This is serious! OK let me ask his boy to know if he has an idea of why his Oga (master) is not happy, who knows, it might be business related" she then went to the apprentice room and began asking him if anything happened.

"You see, your Oga is not feeling alright, and I'm worried about it. I want to help him feel better, but he is shoving me off. There is no way I can help him without knowing what his problems are. So I'm asking for a help, do you know what could be his reasons for looking sad?" She asked nicely

"I don't know much, but I overheard him talking about a girl missing. Throughout today, he wasn't himself, he was looking worried"

"A girl missing? Do you know who the girl could be?" Oluchi asked

"I don't know oo" the boy answered.

"Alright and thanks for giving me a clue" Oluchi appreciated, leaving the room.

"Who could that be? A girl getting him moody like that? Could it be one of his sisters? I don't thinks so, otherwise I would have known about it. What is going on, I will be getting married to him next tomorrow and he is worrying about another girl? Is she her girlfriend? Who is that girl? Wait a minute, could it be Chidimma? Is she missing? No, she can't be missing.. Let me call a friend who lives in that compound" She dialled a number, but wasn't reachable.
"Ah ah! What is this now? When one needs something serious, network will be misbehaving anyhow" she irked, redialing the number, but still not reachable.
"I need to go to that place and find out myself, let it not be what I'm thinking. Does it mean that Ofoma still has a feeling for her? If she is truly missing, that means, she is planning something, she is planning to ruin my wedding. Chidimma, I show you that I'm smarter than you. Anyway, let me reach her place first before concluding on anything" she murmured, leaving the house.

When Ofoma heard the sound of the iron gate, he wondered who could be leaving the house. His apprentice always sought for his permission before stepping out.
He then opened the room and called for his boy, asking him who it was that opened the gate.

"It was Madam Oluchi, she just left"

"Did she tell you where she was going?"

"No, she did not" the boy answered

"OK" Ofoma said and went back to his room.

He was lying down, thinking about his life with Chidimma, and his friend called.

"What's up, have you heard anything?" Ofoma asked

"Not at all my friend. I'm seriously blaming myself for everything. I should have allowed you talk to her the time you wanted to, now see what is happening."

"Chucks, I am no longer myself here, her parents have been crying, fearing for their daughter's life. They are thinking that she might have committed suicide"

"God forbid! Please don't talk like that, don't even think about it. Though we made a mistake by telling her to model for a wedding gown company which will be wore the same day of your wedding to Oluchi, but for suicide... No.
I think the whole thing was too much for her, that was why she decided to leave town until things settle but as for suicide, no way, she won't dare try such a thing"

"You know there will be no point for the wedding if she is not found, so I am planning on cancelling the wedding"

"Oh my God! Another problem! What about the money you have spent already? Everything is already set, please let's hope Chidimma resurfaced, otherwise you will be going ahead with your wedding to Oluchi."

"What are you talking about Chucks? Are you listening to yourself at all? How do you want me to marry that arrogant girl?"

"Guy, I know you once loved Oluchi, if you start living with her, the love will come back again, all you need is just to open your heart for her. And besides, Chidimma has already accepted her fate, she is learning to move on with her life, that's why she left town, to ease herself the pains of loosing you. So it's better you allow sleeping dogs lie"

"You are not making sense this man"

"Ofoma, just think about it, you have spent a lot of money for this wedding, if you end up not marrying anyone now, you will be loosing millions. Have you forgotten that you have spent close to 3 million naira for this wedding, are you going to allow that huge sum of money to go in waste like that? Guy, who doesn't know that things are hard now, you will be a fool by wasting such money like that. I want you to think about it"

"Chucks, have you forgotten that that girl once dumped me, don't you think she will still do it again?"
"Ofoma my friend, were you not the one who told me the main reason she left? And that issue has been corrected, you no longer use R in place of L again, so I don't think she will be leaving you again. And can't you see how happy she is, she is feeling on top of the world that she is getting married to you. I'm sure she loves you a lot... See, I'm not asking you to haste a decision yet, but if Chidimma did not show up, then you make use of the next available lady, and besides, Oluchi is more beautiful you know.... But as for Chidimma, we will continue hoping she shows up.."

"Chucks, let's talk later because you are not making any sense at all, come on guy!" Ofoma said

"Alright Buddy, but I trust you, I know you will make the right decision.. We will talk later" Chucks said as they ended the call

When Oluchi reached Chidimma's place, she discovered that she was missing. Nobody knew her whereabouts.

"And Ofoma is feeling sad about it, but why? Does he still has any feeling for Chidimma? See me oo, I'm busy planning for the success of this wedding, and he is busy crying over her disappearance. What is going on? Are they still seeing each other? What is Ofoma planning? Heeeeeeey! Not on my watch.. Ofoma, for the fact I'm aware of this, anything you are planning with her is completely ruined. This people don't know who they are messing with.. Can you imagine?. No problem, we shall see, let me return to the house first"

To be continued..

Nonsense Mistake by Ngozi Lovelyn O.

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